Pet is always the most loyal friend of us, as humans. Therefore, we want to provide them the best thing to let them enjoy their life just as much as we do. Here, comes the cat house. A cat house is there to bring them warmth and comfort. It is not only a shelter but also a place for the cat to relax and enjoy. Thus, if you are looking forward to obtaining one, you have come to the right place.

This article will provide a review of the top ten best heated cat houses to help you with the selection list. Also, in the end, there is a little buying guide section that portrays the main features of the best heated cat house.

List of the Best Heated Cat Houses

10. Outdoor Kitty House, Cat Shelter by K&H Pet Products

This heated cat house from K&H comes with 4 different designs. They are barn design, cottage design, log cabin design, and olive. It is designed perfectly as a house for cats in outdoor settings. The house is equipped with a 20W powered heating bed to provide a warm and comfortable shelter, especially in the winter.

There are 2 exits, and both of them come with door flaps to secure the cat against the harsh environment outside. The standards of the house exceed the requirements of USA/CA safety standards. The quality of this product is guaranteed with a 12-month warranty.

09. Heated cat houses by K&H Pet Products

This is another model of cat house from K&H. it is made with a chocolate color frame in A-design. Even in the freezing temperature, the cat can still stay in a warm environment because the bed features a 40W motor to provide heat. It comes with 2 exits, and both of them feature door flaps to protect the cat from the freezing temperature outside.

The assembly process of this house is easy with only hook and loop fasteners needed. The safety standards of this house meet with the USA/CA requirements. Last but not least, it comes with a 1-year warranty to guarantee the consumer’s satisfaction.

08. Outdoor Heated Cat Shelter by K&H Pet Products

This is another outstanding model of K&H, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. The house is constructed of high-quality materials that are resistant to water. It is such a real plus especially in the rainy and snowy days.

There are 2 exits for this house, and each door comes with a visible window and door flap to prevent the damage from any predators or harsh surrounding environment.

The assembly process of the house does not require any tools. It also comes with a Lectro-Soft along with a removable cover.

07. Outdoor Heated Cat Houses by K&H Pet Products

This heated cat house is designed perfectly for your lovely kitty to stay outdoors and get interacted with the outside environment. The floor of this house is heated by 25 watts power to provide a warm temperature. The exterior of the house is constructed of 600D polyester which is known to be lightweight and durable. The assembly process is easy as there are no tools required for the whole process.

The safety standards of this house meet with the requirements of MET. Last but not least, it is large enough for any cat sizes, and it can be put in the garage, garden, barn or anywhere else around the house. Its quality is guaranteed with a 12-month warranty from the trustable manufacturer.

06. Heated Cat House by PETYELLA

This heated cat house from PETYELLA is designed for outdoor use. Its quality is seen with the waterproof material, and it has the maximum loading capacity up to 25 pounds. The house features a heated bed to provide a warm shelter for the cat to enjoy, especially in the cold and freezing nights.

Moreover, it features a 1-meter chew resistant cord for the cat to play with. It also comes with a heated mat for additional warmth for the cat at night. At only 6.6 pounds, the house can be put and stored anywhere easily and conveniently.

05. Outdoor Pet Cat House by Extreme Consumer Products

This heated cat house from Extreme Consumer Products is designed a bright red color, which is attractive to little kittens. It is suitable for using this house in either an indoor or outdoor environment. It is not only the best fit for cats but also for smaller dogs if you wish to store them inside. It features a heated pad for the cat bed to provide the maximum warmth for the cats to enjoy in the freezing nights.

The house is easy to clean with less time and energy needed. Users can simply work with a non-abrasive soap to maintain the cleanliness of the cat’s shelter. In the assembly process, users only need hook and loop fasteners to help with the installation.

04. Portable Water Resistant Heated Cat House by PawHut

This heated cat house from PawHut is designed to offer warmth and comfort for the cat to enjoy even in the unpleasant weather. It features a heated bed with lamb wool cover to provide more comfort, especially in the freezing winter. The house is made to be weather resistant, and therefore, it is made ideally for outdoor use for the cat to enjoy all night long.

The 2 exits are there for the cat to escape in case there are any predators who want to harm them during the dark and cold nights. Last but not least, the assembly process is easy and simple with instructions provided.

03. Weatherproof Outdoor Cat Shelter by Petsfit

This heated cat house is made to be weather resistant which suitable for any harsh elements of the surrounding. This house is constructed of wood with a higher level of quality and durability. The height of this house is 20 inches, and it comes with a stair to make it just like a house for humans. It features 2 doors for exit in case there are any predators who wish to harm them.

Moreover, the bottom floor is removable if the users need to clean it. However, the rooftop is not able to be opened. Last but not least, it comes with high feet to prevent any rain from invading the shelter of the lovely cat.

02. Kitty House Heated by Petfactors

This is the second-best heated cat house among the top ten list. In fact, its features are outstanding with 7 levels of temperature to be adjusted. The temperature ranges between 77 and 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also comes with a heating pad at a low voltage which is 100% safe and comfortable. In terms of its working modes, there are 3 different options, which are (1) standby, (2) heating and (3) constant.

Cat owners can adjust the temperature with a panel control to adjust it with 5 degrees each time. Moreover, the pad provided in this cat house is made of 100% PVC which is known to be resistant to water as well as dust.

The cover is designed to be removable, and it only requires an easy cleaning process. In the assembly process, there is no tool required.

01. Weatherproof Outdoor/Indoor Pet House by Petsfit

This heated cat house is available in 2 color choices, which are grey and green + grey. The house is constructed of solid wood, and therefore, it is sturdy and stable enough to support an adult cat and 2 or 3 additional kittens at the same time.

Even though it is made of wood, the manufacturing process has left a small gap in between to allow the maximum air circulation. The door can be left open and used as stairs to make the cat enjoy more freedom during summer.

The roof of the house is made to be weather-proof, and therefore, the cats do not have to worry even in the harsh and freezing environment. While cleaning, users can open the roof for more convenience in the cleaning process.


In short, the article has introduced the top ten best heated cat houses for you to preview and consider. With a heated cat house, you no longer have to worry about the health of your cat even in the freezing days. They can stay indoors or outdoors according to their preferences with peace of mind.

Buying Guide

The health of the cat is extremely important as the pet is also a part of our family. Therefore, we definitely want to provide it with the best life equality. As a result, before making the purchase of a heated cat house, users should consider the following features:


The exterior materials should be waterproof and weatherproof. Therefore, the cat can stay inside with the best comfort despite the outside harsh environment.

Heated bed:

It is to provide a comfortable sleep for the cat to enjoy all night long.


The assembly process should be easy without any tools required. In the process, only hook and loop fasteners are demanded.

Door flaps:

They are there at the exit doors to prevent the cat from any outside damage.

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