The best aluminum floor jack will help you repair and/or maintain your car or even SUV much quicker and easier. It has a good lift capacity that enables it to work with many different vehicles, including light-duty trucks.

It also has a good height range, which helps it lift your vehicle to the desired height so you can easily the underneath. Despite all of these, the best quality floor jack is surprisingly lightweight, and, therefore, easy to move around.

Well, this is because it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. In the reviews below, we have discussed various brands in detail so you can buy with confidence.

List of the Best Aluminum Floor Jack in Reviews

01. Powerbuilt Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack (620479E)

Whether you want to support your slammed ride or raise your low rider, the Powerbuilt 620479E is the tool to turn to. It provides a clearance of 2-3/4 inches, which is low enough to easily fit under nearly any stock or modified vehicle. The Powerbuilt 620479E also works well with unmodified stock vehicles; thanks to the 15-1/4-inch top out saddle height.

What’s more, the lifting capacity of this bad boy is 2 tons (4000 pounds). This further justifies that it can work with almost passenger vehicles. The floor jack also comes with a steel safety bar, which secures the jack in the top-out raised position by sliding under the lift arm.

The steel safety bar eliminates the need for a jack stand plus it makes this floor jack ideal for unibody vehicles. If you are an auto enthusiast who enjoys working on modified cars and/or classic cars, this floor jack should be a frontier for you.


  • Safe and secure to work with
  • The wide base improves stability
  • Perfect for roadside emergencies

02. Blackhawk 3.5 Ton Capacity Fast Lift Service Jack (B6350)

We are impressed with the lift capacity of the Blackhawk BThe 3.5 tons (7000 pounds) enables this aluminum floor jack to work with almost any vehicle. Ideally, the high lift capacity combines with a unique design to make this floor jack lifts vehicles much faster.

Well, a floor jack with such a high lift capacity is definitely well made. That being said, the Blackhawk B6350 boasts heavy-duty steel construction. The construction is so robust you will always feel safe using this floor jack. The heavy-duty construction also ensures superior durability.

Besides, this aluminum floor jack boasts a swivel saddle, which improves safety as well as providing easy jack positioning. Another amazing feature is a bypass device, which prevents damage due to over-pumping. If you plan to buy this and you are California resident, you should see Prop 65 warnings first before purchase.


  • Works well and seems solidly made
  • The lift height is excellent
  • The long handle makes the jack easier to use
  • The padding is a nice addition

03. Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack (ALJ3T)

A floor jack does not need to be heavy in order to work well. The Arcan ALJ3T boasts a 3-ton capacity yet it is made of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. This means it very convenient to use because you will not have any challenges carrying it around.

Besides, this aluminum floor jack is compliant and meets the safety standards of ASME PASE-This means the jack has been put through a voluntary and rigorous safety certification process to make sure it is of top-notch quality as well as totally safe to use.

The 2-piece handle of this aluminum floor jack allows for easy storage when you are done using it. Other features include dual pump pistons that quickly raise the jack saddle to load and a reinforced lift arm, which increases durability, strength, and chassis torsion control.


  • Lifts vehicles faster and easily
  • Much lighter and operates really smoothly
  • Built incredibly tough to serve its purpose
  • It is shipped much faster
  • Very easy to use

04. Sunex Aluminum 3 Ton Jack Pack (6603ASJPK)

Good aluminum floor jacks are very expensive and you may find yourself having to dig deep into your pocket to get one. But that’s not the case with the Sunex 6603ASJPK. It is decently priced despite falling in the category of the best floor jacks the market has to offer.

The Sunex 6603ASJPK comes equipped with Rapid Rise technology that features dual pump pistons. The role of the dual pump pistons is to quickly raise the floor jack saddle to load. What’s more, the Sunex 6603ASJPK model is made with your vehicle in mind.

It has a foam handle bumper and a rubber saddle to provide ultimate vehicle protection. Ideally, this floor jack is made in such a way that the handles can be separated to make storage quick and easy. Plus the jack comes with a pair of 3-ton aluminum jack stands to further make sure you have a great time using it.


  • Very nicely built and sturdy
  • It is worth the money
  • The foot control and twist knob for lowering are nice

05. Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

Just because you are on a budget does not mean you can’t get a decent aluminum floor jack. The Pittsburg Automotive 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack is one of the cheapest models on the market. Nonetheless, you will be wrong if you judge the aluminum floor jack based on the price point.

This is because its performance has nothing to do with its low price point. It is heavy-duty enough to get vehicles nearly 2 feet off the ground. Well, this aluminum floor jack is made of incredibly tough precision welded construction not to mention featuring an industrial-grade finish.

The industrial quality makes the Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack a perfect tool for hardcore automotive enthusiasts and professional mechanics. What’s more, this aluminum floor jack features a Rapid Pump dual parallel system that does the lifting with just a few pumps.


  • Works well both with low-to-ground cars and heavy vehicles
  • The double pump system is a nice addition
  • Lifts high despite the low profile

06. Performance W1627 Low Profile Service Jack

We don’t think you can go wrong with the Performance Tool W1627 model. It has a maximum capacity of 7,000 pounds, which is approximately 3.5 tons. Well, this high capacity enables it to work with nearly any vehicles, including trucks and heavy SUVs. The lift range, on the other hand, is 4 inches – 20-1/2 inches. It is an impressive lift range that further contributes to the exceptional performance of this floor jack.

Besides, this unit features an overload protection bypass valve that gives you the much-needed confidence to use it. Plus there is a swivel saddle featuring a rubber cushion as well as swivel wheels in the back to allow for easy positioning and maneuverability.

In other words, the swivel wheels and swivel saddle make this floor jack easy to use in confined areas. The Performance Tool W1627 is suitable both for cars and light-duty trucks.


  • The floor jack is shipped as scheduled
  • Feels sturdy and well made
  • Works nicely with a car
  • The wheels and carrying handle are a bonus

07. Arcan 2 Ton XL2T Extra Long Reach Low Profile Floor Jack

A good floor jack should be low profile so it can work smoothly with low-to-ground cars. Nevertheless, the low-profile design should not sacrifice the lift range. Well, we are proud to have the Arcan 2-Ton Floor Jack in these reviews because it is low profile but this does not come at the expense of the lift range.

That being said, this floor jack can still lift cars 24 inches off the ground despite having a surprisingly low height of 2.75 inches. Dual pump pistons quickly raise the saddle to load. By so doing, dual pump pistons help make this floor jack easy to use.

The Arcan XL2T meets ASME PASE-2019 safety standards. Well, these are the latest safety standards; hence, they should give you confidence every time you are using the Arcan XL2T.


  • Height-per-pump is good
  • The jack is low and long
  • Offers quick and easy lift
  • The lifting base is wide and sturdy
  • The jack lowers very smooth

08. NOS 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack (NSJ0301)

The lift capacity of the NOS NSJ0301 model is 6,000 pounds (3 tons). Needless to say, this aluminum service jack is great for cars and light-duty trucks. Another reason why this aluminum service jack is highly rated is that it has a height range of 3.75 inches to 18.125 inches.

The exceptional height range makes the jack a top performer and easy to use. Made of ultra-lightweight aluminum, the NOS NSJ0301 is extremely easy to handle. It weighs 58 pounds, which is much better compared to other models in the same class. Moreover, this aluminum service jack is made with safety in mind.

The safety valve helps prevent overloading, thereby, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are not making a big mistake trusting this service jack with your life. Also, there is a 2-piece handle featuring a bumper pad to further enhance the performance of the NOS NSJ0301 model.


  • The jack looks pretty
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • The weight is pretty good
  • The jack is built to last

09. Arcan ALJ2T Aluminum Floor Jack (2 Ton)

Since this 2-ton floor jack is made of aluminum, it is unsurprising that it weighs just 50.4 lbs. This is great, given that most comparable floor jacks are insanely heavy. The fairly lightweight construction makes moving around with this floor jack quite easy.

Well, the floor jack boasts a capacity of 2 tons, and this is simple proof that despite being lightweight, it is a powerhouse. The aircraft-grade aluminum it is made of is lightweight yet sturdy enough to enable it to stand the test of time. The floor jack also has a good lifting range from 3.5 inches – 19.25 inches.

With that being said, the Arcan ALJ2T works well with various vehicles. Its other features are bypass and overload valves, a side-mount handle, a reinforced lift arm, and dual-piston pumps. What’s more, this floor jack complies with the ASME PASE-2019 Safety Standard.


  • Very solidly built to hold up well to heavy use
  • Works great with various vehicles
  • Makes working on cars much easier and fun

10. NOS 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack Pro Style (NSJ0302)

Most premium aluminum floor jacks have a capacity of 3 tons. Well, the NOS NSJ0302 is no exception. It is a 6,000lb floor jack that’s more than ready to help you repair and/or maintain any type of vehicle.

Well, it’s not only the lift capacity that makes the NOS NSJ0302 one of the best – the height/lift range also plays a massive role in making it a top performer. The jack’s height range is from 3.75 inches – 19 inches. It may not be the industry’s highest at the highest point, but this does not matter because the wide height range still serves its purpose.

Furthermore, this aluminum floor jack weighs 58 pounds, which is quite heavy, but again, not as heavy as other brands made of steel. Other features of the NOS NSJ0302 are a safety valve to prevent overloading and a 2-piece handle featuring a bumper pad.


  • Setup instructions are easy to understand
  • Rolls smoothly and easily on the floor
  • Does not squeak or clank during use


A floor jack made of aluminum is the best bet. Aluminum is well-known for two properties. Property one is that it is one of the lightest metals on earth. Property two is that it is very sturdy despite being one of the lightest metals. Needless to say, an aluminum floor jack is easy to move around because it does not weigh much. At the same time, it can be relied on to finish various tasks because it delivers.

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