The function of an army duffle bag is never limited to the use of military army life. Instead, it can be used on many other occasions, including traveling and camping. The reason is that it is lightweight, durable and sturdy. Moreover, it comes with large storage to store many items inside. Therefore, if you are looking forward to purchasing one, you have come to the right place. Here, we will provide the reviews for the top ten best army duffle bags for you to narrow down the selection list. Also, at the end of the article, you will see a little buying guide section that demonstrates the features of the best army duffle bag.

List of the

10. Army Duffle Bag for Travel by Plambag

This army duffle bag from Plambag is made 100% from cotton canvas along with nylon lining. The bag features a two-way zipper for more convenience and safety. The large zipper is designed especially for users to pull them smoothly. Moreover, the compartment inside features large capacity, which is able to support a 15-inch laptop, clothes and other essentials.

The exterior part features 2 pockets to store other items for traveling. The zippers on both sides are there to extend the interior holding capacity. The grip is stitched, and the shoulder straps are adjustable. It is very convenient for traveling and other purposes.

09. Military Army Style Duffle Bag by HANKS SURPLUS

This bag from HANKS SURPLUS comes with 5 different color choices: black, olive drab, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FGX and multi cam. The bag is made of heavy duty material, which is the high quality polyester that is known to be durable and sturdy. The design of the back assembles the military or army style in US.

Also, it features outstanding shoulder straps that are made to be adjustable and padded to provide more comfort. The bag is also water resistant to be suitable for outdoor use, especially while traveling or camping. Last but not least, it also includes a side pocket and carries handle for added convenience.

08. Deluxe Duffle Bag with Shoulder Strap by Stansport

This army duffle bag from Stansport has 2 color choices: olive green and black. It is made of 100% pure cotton, which is durable and suitable for all types of purposes, including storing fishing accessories and blankets. It can also serve as luggage for traveling long distances. The shoulder straps and handles are made of the cotton web for durability and comfort.

Moreover, the design is just like a punching bag, which makes it suitable for holding gear in the military. Last but not least, all the stress points have been reinforced to offer better quality and last for many years.

07. Cargo Duffle Large Sport Gear by K-Cliffs

This duffel bag from K-Cliffs has 3 different color choices, which are camouflage, black, and navy. It is designed to be big enough to store many essential items inside. It features a removable shoulder strap for greater convenience and flexibility. Moreover, the straps are padded to provide more comfort. The bag itself is constructed of high quality 600D polyester materials which are resistant to water.

The handles are wide, thick and padded for a more comfortable grip. The bag can serve many purposes, including traveling, camping, sports, and other purposes. Last but not least, it is foldable to be flat for easy storage and transportation.

06. Double Strap Military Duffle Bag by Rothco

This duffle bag from Rothco has 3 color choices: black, coyote brown and olive drab. The bag is constructed of 100% cotton canvas which has its weight at 22 pounds. It is 38 inches high and 22 inches wide for the large capacity to store many essentials inside. The bag comes with 2 shoulder straps and a carry handle, which are adjustable and sturdy.

There are 2 side pockets with snap closure provided. These pockets are 4.75 inches and 7.5 inches respectively. Therefore, no matter how long the distance is, you can use this bag to help you with the storage of all the personal belongings that you wish to bring along on the trip. At only 3.05 pounds, it is the best option to accommodate your demands.

05. Duffle Military Shoulder Strap Travel Bag by NPUSA

This army duffle bag has many color choices, at exactly 13, and all of them are beautiful and attractive. The body of the bag is constructed of high quality 600D polyester which is known for durability and stability. The interior of the bag is coated with PVC to make it waterproof. There are 2 strap pockets and 2 zippered pockets in the front. Also, on both sides, there are 2 zippered pockets for extra storage.

The removable shoulder straps are there to add more convenience while traveling outdoors. The bag is suitable for outdoor purposes. These include military use, traveling, camping, and hiking. It is only 3 pounds, and therefore, it will not add much burden to your carrying job.

04. Army Duffle Bags by Gibson Sport

This army duffle bag from Gibson is imported, and it is made of 100% polyester for high quality and durability. The weight of the bag is the only 0.96kg, but it has a large compartment for storage with additional zippered pockets. In the front, there are 2 zippered pockets, and on the side, there is another extra. The bag is coated with PVC to increase the level of resistance to water. The zippers are all double-stitched which aims to last longer.

Moreover, the straps are adjustable for the users to adjust it to meet their preferences and demands. Last but not least, there are 3 color choices for this bag, which include black, brown and green. These colors all look cool and attractive.

03. Duffel Bag Slightly Irregular by API

This army duffle bag from API is designed perfectly for military and army use. It is made of high quality materials that make the bag resistant to water and stains. Moreover, for better loading experience, there is a fastener on the side to get the distribution more centered.

Users can choose to carry it with either shoulder straps or handle which are both designed to be adjustable and padded for comfortable gripping and carrying.

Last but not least, the weight of the bag body is only 2.8 pounds, which is lightweight enough to be ready for the storage of tons of items.

02. Army Military Duffle Bag by USGI

This army duffle bag from USGI is available in its cool green color. It is the brand new condition that aims to last for many years without frequent repairs and replacements. It is made in the USA, and it is designed to be a perfect bag to store many items, essentials, and other tools inside. These include the essentials to bring while camping, traveling, hiking, and business or other outdoor purposes.

The body of the bag is lightweight, at only 2.2 pounds, but it aims to have the loading capacity up to more than 70 pounds. Last but not least, the bottom part of the bag is made to be water resistant to protect the items inside the bag.

01. Cotton Canvas Outback Army Duffle Bag Ledmark

Being the best army duffle bag among the top ten list, it is highly recommended by the customers. It receives high rates of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is available in 3 color choices: blue, black and green. The bag is constructed of 100% cotton canvas which is known for its quality and durability. Moreover, the sliders of the bag are made to be lockable.

Also, the zipper is designed in full length to store many large items inside. The shoulder straps are made to be adjustable and padded for additional comfort and convenience. The handles of the bag are made of Velcro. While not in use, it is foldable and collapsible for easy storage and transportation.


In conclusion, the article has demonstrated the main features of the top ten best army duffle bags on the market for you to preview and consider. With such a large capacity bag, you do not have to worry about the storage of many essentials and belongings while going outdoors. A good army duffle bag aims to not only store the items but also protect them with the greatest efforts to ensure the quality of the items inside. Therefore, if you have already found your desired bag, please go ahead and get yours.

Buying Guide

It is important to look closely at the features and functions before buying any products. Below are the criteria to determine the best army duffle bag:


Most army duffle bags are made of cotton, or specifically, high density polyester. Waterproof is a plus for the material because it is mainly used in outdoor conditions.

Straps and handles:

Shoulder straps and carry handle should be adjustable and padded to add more comfort and convenience to the carrying process.


Front, side, and black pockets are there to help you get things organized, and they are there to provide additional storage.


Large, wide and smooth zippers are needed for the user’s convenience.

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