Do you venture on frequent safaris and or bird-watching escapades in your locality? To have a memorable experience, consider bringing your targets a close as possible using one of the many binoculars currently available in the market. Lightweight and with heavy-duty plastic, brass, and or aluminum bodies that withstand abuse well, they are perfect travel accessories. The advanced eyepiece and lens systems that most models come with work well in all types of environments, while their low maintenance designs and suitability for use by both adults and children have made them sought after accessories by both avid and hobbyist outdoor enthusiasts. To help you to find a model that will serve you well for years, this article has reviewed the features of tens of available products in this niche and compiled a list of the top 10 most recommended models in 2020 to consider.

10. VicTsing Pocket Size

If you are like most individuals that like to travel light whenever they are going on bird watching and or camping trips, purchasing this pocket-sized binocular from VicTsing is one of the best decisions that you can make. Compact and designed to withstand a lot of abuse when travelling, it is one of the best products in this niche. The high-density plastic used to manufacture its body is water resistant while its aesthetic black body appeals to many individuals, particularly to those shopping for stylish accessories that do not fade over time. Its red membrane design appeals to millions more while the fog proof lens (both eyepiece and objective) that it comes with improves the overall experience of hunters, campers, concert lovers, and sports enthusiasts alike. Even though smaller (8 x 21mm) than some high-end products in this niche, VicTsing Pocket Size has fully coated optics (for increased brightness) and a dedicated Instafocus lever (for rapid focusing). It also offers superior day and night vision and retails cheap in reputable stores (both offline and online) such as Amazon.

09. Nikon 7576 MONARCH 5

The MONARCH 5 7576 from Nikon is a valuable 8 x 42mm binocular with a stylish black body and an advanced system that improves the experience of users outdoors. Fitted with premium extra low dispersion (ED) lenses, for instance, it displays clearer and sharper images that most individuals appreciate when watching sports, concerts, and or bird watching outdoors. Field of view is excellent, while its lighter rubber armored plastic body (around one ounce than its predecessor) makes it an excellent travel accessory for individuals and professional alike. You do not have to worry about it cramming your backpack and or weighing you down whenever you are hiking outdoors with friends and or colleagues. All lenses (both eyepiece and objective) are multi-coated to improve visibility across the visible light spectrum. Its well-sealed body resistant water damage and fog while the plethora of advanced features it comes with makes it a valuable everyday binocular for individuals of all cadres. With an original, for instance, you get a smooth central focus knob that you can use to optimize vision, turn-and-slide rubber eyecups that do not require skill to use, and flip down lens caps that protect them from damage during storage and or transportation.

08. Tasco Essentials Compact

This compact edition of the acclaimed Tasco Essential line of Binoculars is a professional-grade accessory with a lightweight and pocket-sized design and a powerful 10 x 25mm system (magnification x objective) that improves the quality of images gotten. The advanced prism system that it uses (roof) works well in all environments. Lenses are durable and fully coated to improve the clarity and quality of images while the wide 288 feet field of view offered (at 1000 yards) improves the experience of users further. When bird watching or watching a sporting event in your local stadium, you will have a memorable experience at long distances. If you spend a lot of time in wide-open country hunting game or in a rainforest tracking birds or butterflies, the water-resistant casing that this binocular comes with protects it well from environmental elements such as dirt and water. Its rubber-armored housing also offers superior protection from bruises, bumps, and shocks, while the durable fold down eyecups it comes with protect it lenses from scratches, fog, and damage in general during storage and or transportation.

07. Bushnell H2O

Perfect for travelling and use in all environments, Bushnell H2O is a professional-grade 10 x 42mm binocular with a fog and waterproof design that withstands outdoor abuse well. When bird watching in a chilly rainforest, for instance, you do not have to worry about moisture and or water damage, as is always the case with some standard models. In open savannah, on the other hand, dust damage in virtually non-existent because of its well-sealed casing and the quality components and materials used to manufacture it. If money is a challenge, this binocular is not only affordable, but also the best of the best to purchase if quality ranks high on your list of wants. The stunning HD clarity that its sealed optics delivers, for instance, appeals to individuals and professionals alike. Its beautiful nitrogen purged body has tight sealed O-rings that deliver a reliable fog-free performance while the superior BaK-4 prisms offered improve light transmission over the entire spectrum. With an original, you also get an impressive close focus distance (12 feet), a large and conveniently placed center focus knob for making fine adjustments, twist-up eyecups for safety, and a lifetime warranty (limited) that covers defects.

06. Bushnell Legend Ultra HD

This roof prism Legend binocular from Bushnell is a professional grade outdoor accessory with an innovative ultra HD design that works well in all environments. Attainable in black, it is aesthetic and recommended for men and women. Its size 10 x 42mm is perfect for everyday travel while the integrated rain guard that it comes with and the water repellent coating used to protect its lenses enable individuals to use in wet rainy environments without compromising its performance and or quality. For those that venture on frequent trips and like to travel light, has a lightweight magnesium chassis that does not weight down users in transit. The soft microfiber carrying case that buyers get free secures and protects its further in transit, while the sturdy carrying strap fitted on its body enables users to transport and access it effortlessly during safaris and other outdoor escapades. Other notable attributes that have earned it a spot among the best in this niche are its ultra-wide band, prime ED glasses used to manufacture its lenses, and its comfortable soft touch body (with non-slip grip).

05. Bushnell PowerView

Perfect for surveillance, bird watching, and following sporting activities outdoors, Bushnell PowerView is a durable and super high-powered binocular with multi-coated optics that not only improves brightness but also improved light transmission when in use. This does not mean that you have to part with premium amounts to own one. It is affordable. Maintenance is also straightforward while the advance Porro-prism system buyers get has an impressive diameter (50mm) and magnification system (20x), which diversify the types of activities that you can engage in with this one of a kind binocular. With an original model, you also get a longer field of view (170 feet at 100 yards), a close focusing distance of approximately 45 feet, and a lightweight body (30 ounces) with a nonslip rubber armor that not only prolongs its life, but also lowers the risk of slipping when in use. This improves the productivity of users. It also minimizes the risk of dropping and damage, particularly in wet rainy environments. Purchase your today to get a patented Insta focus system (one-touch) for customizing focus on demand and a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that covers all defects.

04. Bushnell Falcon

As most Bushnell binoculars currently available in the market, Bushnell Falcon is a top-rated accessory with an aesthetic black body and an admirable 10 x 50mm system that delivers stunning HD clarity in all environments. Color balance, for instance, is admirable. Brightness and contrast levels are superior while its multi-coated optics is durable and recommended for use during the day and at night. You also get an advanced Porro Prism system that sharpens view, a long (300 feet) field of view (at 1000 yards), and a close focusing distance (approximately 25 feet) that users appreciate. Whether you are focusing on targets from close targets or those located at far distances, you will get HD quality images with an original Bushnell Falcon in hand. Among bird watchers and outdoors enthusiasts in general, many individuals prefer Bushnell Falcon to its competition because of its beautiful and extensively tested design (with a rubberized and abrasion-resistant finish), its durability, and its lightweight construction that does not weigh down nor lower the experience of users outdoors. Purchase yours today to enjoy the foregoing and many other benefits.

03. Bushnell Falcon (7×35)

A smaller yet powerful edition of the Bushnell Falcon reviewed herein, this binocular is an advanced 7 x 35mm travel accessory that with a durable case for easier transportation. The stunning optics offered deliver stunning HD clarity while its premium design is not only eye-catching but also has a water resistant rubberized casing with a textured body that lowers the risk of slipping. Designed to withstand the test of time, this binocular withstands a lot of abuse well. The focusing Porro prism it comes with works in synergy with its premium optics to deliver sharp and clear images while the impressive field of view (420 feet at 1000 yards) and close focusing distance (20 feet) it delivers satisfy the needs of individuals of all cadres. As most high-grade models, eye and pupil irritation is virtually non-existent. The InstaFocus lever it comes with, on the other hand, provides smooth feedback, while its lightweight design (21 ounces) and portable design are among the best for bird watching, stadium sports, and hunting.

02. Celestron SkyMaster Giant

Featuring a massive 15 x 70mm design and a built-in tripod adapter that enabled you to focus for hours without carrying a heavy binocular, Celestron SkyMaster Giant is a large and high-performance accessory that works as good as it looks. The durable multi-coated optics offered, for instance, generate clear and feature rich images from various distances. Its large aperture design is perfect for stargazers and individuals that bird-watch in low-light environments while its dedicated diopter adjustment knob is not only durable but also eases focusing (both coarse and fine) for the best experience. Eyeglass wearers appreciate the long eye relief (13mm that it offers). The BaK-4 internal prisms offered produce brighter and better images while the soft carrying case that it comes with not only eases storage but also transportation without compromising its functionality and or its aesthetic value over time. You will have a memorable experience every time you carry it to a football match and or the bird-watching escapades that you venture on occasionally.

01. Bushnell PowerView Compact

Even though this version of the Bushnell PowerView lacks the tripod adapter found in other editions, it is compact, affordable, and has a professional-grade design with a plethora of advanced features that better its functionality. The folding roof prism offered, for instance, works in synergy with its coated optics to improve clarity and sharpness. Its compact and folding design is very easy to store and transport while its officially licensed black-themed design has a high performance 10 x 21mm design with an impressive line of sight. Whether you are an avid concert lover, a nature observer, or a traveler, this binocular never disappoints. Its contemporary design is eye catching. The vivid and bright images that it generates (courtesy of the BK-7 glass lenses it comes with) are admirable while its rubber-armored body not only absorbs shock well but also has a water resistant and non-slip design that provides a firm grip when in use.


Recommended for hunters, bird watchers, and individuals that like to spend time in concerts and sports games, binoculars are essential must-have accessories that benefit users in many ways. By bringing action closer to your eyes, for instance, you get a memorable experience devoid of the activity that you are engaging in. Image quality is clear and sharp, and their lightweight and rubber armored bodies resist shock, water, and other environmental elements without losing their functionality over time. To get a valuable product that offers the foregoing benefits and more, one of the 10 listed herein will serve you best. Apart from offering the foregoing benefits, they are affordable and do not require special skills to use.

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