Are you moving your house to somewhere new? Are you decorating your house and kitchen as well? If you are, there will be many kinds of furniture and equipment that you will need to get. Yet, today, we will only focus on kitchen items, specifically best cabinet spice racks.

There’s probably never a day you stop buying spices. Hence, a spice rack is what you need in order to keep spices’ jars and containers in a neat and tidy manner. That said, below are the top 10 best cabinet spice racks and their much-loved qualities.

List of the Best Cabinet Spice Racks


10. Shelf Holder Spice Rack, Standing Rack by EZOware

From EZOware, you will get a very good quality product for your kitchen. This product is like a tray in which you can place the ingredients that you need to cook your food. This is a 2-tier standing rack made from solid steel which is durable for long time use. It is designed with four legs, making the rack very stable to stand on its own and to support your storage. You can put it at any corner of your kitchen so that you can have good access to your ingredients.

Moreover, all four feet are equipped with rubber that can prevent slipperily. Both shelves of this spice rack provide a comfortable space for many jars and cans. It is very easy to clean up with water and a wet towel.

09. Spice Rack Stand holder by Deco Brothers

Do you feel that your kitchen is a mess sometimes? At times, it may be a mess in the eyes of visitors to your home. Just like your living room, your kitchen has to be well organized. That starts with organizing your own food ingredients. This Deco Brothers cabinet spice rack will offer you a sense of cleanliness and well-preparedness. This one is made with 3 shelves, so you can store your ingredient cans in three rows.

The size of this rack is quite small which is super convenient to place it at any corner of your kitchen. It can store up to 18 ingredient bottles. The storing position is in a horizontal style.

08. Spice Rack Organizer, Wall Mounted Storage Rack by Sorbus

Sorbus has been long known for plenty of good quality products; especially when it comes to home décor accessories just like this one which is a spice rack that you can purchase to the deck in your kitchen. It is super useful for your kitchen decoration. In your kitchen, there are a lot of ingredients bottles that we sometimes misplace them.

With this new Sorbus cabinet spice rack, you will get to organize all of those ingredients’ cans or jars in such a tidy order. This one consists of four shelves, so you store many cans there. It is a durable, steel-made rack, so you can also mount it on the wall. Not only suitable to use in the kitchen, but you can also mount it in the bathroom wall to store toilet accessories.

07. Cabinet Spice Rack Storage by MyGift

This cabinet spice rack can be easily mounted on a wall. It is constructed from metal and also rugged for long term use. It is designed with 4 tiers, so you can store a lot of cans and jars there. Once you have every spice loaded up on the rack in order, it will be easy to find and save these goodies.

06. Cabinet Spice Rack Storage Organizer MyGift

This model is also from the MyGift brand but it comes in a different color and code. This model is created in black color along with a metal wire design. Moreover, this model also has 4 tiers for you to store a lot of jars and other food ingredients.

Made in just the right size, this one can be mounted on a wall and anywhere in your house even in your bathroom. About time you get rid of a messy kitchen counter and grab this handy spice rack.

05. Wooden Cabinet Spice Rack Allspice

This one is an appealing pick. From Allspice, this model is quite different for it is made from wood. There are 3 sizes available: for 12 jars, 30 jars and the biggest one can store up to a whopping 60 jars. Featuring a very good quality solid frame, you can conveniently place the rack in your kitchen and store your ingredients safely and in lovely order.

04. Slide Out Double Spice Rack by Lynk

Another model that we would like to introduce to you is Lynk. This top-rated cabinet rack can assist you in re-decorating your kitchen ingredients by letting you place every jar of your ingredients in a well-organized manner. It is made from steel, which makes it very durable, so there is no worry about storing heavier items.

Moreover, its design is quite different from many other picks because it can slide in and out smoothly for added ease of use. This slide function will also help reduce space consumption as well. It can be easily mounted on your kitchen wall, and it can store up to 20 jars of your delicate food ingredients.

03. Cabinet Spice Rack with 3 Drawers Vertical Spice

Vertical Spice is another option you shouldn’t miss. This model is designed with a 3 drawers’ style which you can slide in and out as well. Each drawer can put up to 10 jars. It is crafted from steel material and clear acrylic. This spice rack can serve you for such a long time, and it is very easy to clean up with just a wet towel. It comes ready to set and install. All you need to do is just install it with a screwdriver.

02. Expandable Kitchen Cabinet Spice Rack by mDesign

Do you feel like your kitchen is a mess? If you do, this mDesgin cabinet spice rack will become your helper in rearranging your kitchen essentials. It can nicely store those bottles of salt, sugar, pepper and other spices. From mDesign, you will get a top-quality cabinet spice rack made from plastic material with 3 tiers.

You can place each and every of your ingredient jars there in one place to make them look well-organized. This one is designed with an expandable style; you can slide the tiers hassle-free.

01. 4 Spice Racks with 24 Glass Spice Jar by Talented Kitchen

And, lastly, we have a stainless-steel rack. It is made with 4 shelves, so you can place many of your ingredient bottles and make them look more in tidy order. The rack is very spacious, allowing you to store up to 24 jars. You can also choose to mount the rack on a wall or you can just simply place it on a kitchen table.

Once you purchase it, the package will come along with 24 glass jars, 4 stainless-steel racks, many labels to stick on the jars, some shakers, and a silicone funnel.

Buying Guide for Cabinet Spice Rack

To ensure that you get the right product with great functionality below is a short list of things to consider before buying a cabinet spice rack:


First of all, you need to check the material chosen whether the rack is made from steel, plastic or wood, they all matter when it comes to durability and its capacity to hold your spice jars safely. Stainless-steel, wooden and plastic material are the most common materials. Besides, it’s a good thing to get a material that goes well with other furniture in your kitchen as well.

Size and Storage Capacity:

Also, get one that comes in your preferred size and desired number of tiers by measuring the available space and the number of jars you will store on the rack. Some racks can store up to 60 jars.

Sliding or Adjustable:

For added convenience, you may want to opt for a rack that has a sliding mechanism or is adjustable.


Some racks are not just suitable for mounting on the kitchen’s wall on the kitchen’s counter; they can also be put in a bathroom or bedroom as well.

Rubber Feet:

If it is a standing rack, it’s best to get one that comes with rubber feet to prevent slipperily. Spice racks with rubber feet are especially suitable for households with kids.

Ease of installation:

Most buyers go for a rack that can be easily installed.


For some brands and models of spice racks, the package even includes other complimentary items like shakers, additional jars, labels, funnels, etc.

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