Even with the diversity of floor types currently available in the market, carpets remained among the most used in homes for several reasons. Unlike wood and other hard-type floors such as tiles that cost users substantial amounts to buy and install, for instance, carpets are not only cheaper but also do not require special skills to install. In terms of comfort, carpets also score higher than their competition. The soft fabrics use to manufacture them, for instance, are non-irritant. Most materials are also naturally warm and do not require specialized insulators and or floor warmers to keep users as comfortable as possible. Finally, with the diversity of styles and prints currently available in stores, styling is never a challenge with carpets. All you have to do is buy and original one, purchase one of the foregoing carpet cleaners and use them to maintain your carpet often for the best experience.

10. Bissell 1548 ProHeat

Do you have a carpeted home? Are you having a problem eliminating the unsightly pet stains that have accumulated on it over the years? To get a durable and high-powered carpet cleaner that you can use hassle free as often as possible, Bissell 1548 ProHeat is a top rated model with a high-powered full-size design that will satisfy your cleaning needs. The two cleaning modes offered enable you to customize its performance to match your cleaning needs. In deep clean mode, for instance, it penetrates deep into carpet fibers to remove pet and other troublesome stains that have frustrated you for months. In express clean mode, on the other hand, it makes quick clean-ups of lightly soiled areas, which is perfect for routine cleaning. In both modes, you can use its advanced HeatWave technology to maintain a constant water temperature for cleaning. You can also use the plethora of add-on accessories that it comes with (upholstery tool, stair tool, and tough stain tool, for instance) to do specialized cleaning jobs. Bissell 1548 ProHeat is affordable, lightweight, and comes with one free bottle of an antimicrobial and deep cleaning formula that betters cleaning results.

09. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

Do you have a high traffic at home that you are having problems cleaning? Instead of outsourcing cleaning to a professional company or hiring a maid to do it for you, ease your cleaning experience with an original version of this Deep carpet cleaner by Rug Doctor. Even though compact and attainable cheap in stores the advanced suction-based cleaning technology that it employs delivers up to 75% more cleaning power than most leading upright carpet cleaners. Pricing is pocket-friendly. The dual cross action brushes that come built in agitate dirt and debris well for thorough cleaning while the Super Boost spray function that it comes with enhances its cleaning power further to help you to clean heavily soiled and high traffic areas with minimal effort. To keep you cleaning at full power for longer, this carpet cleaner has an advanced dual tank system (for clean and dirty water) with an easy to open cap for easier refilling and emptying. The carpet-friendly wheels and collapsible handle that it comes with ease operation and storage respectively while the upholstery tool that it comes with free is perfect for cleaning and remove stains from hard to reach areas in vehicles and household installations such as stairs.

08. Shark Sonic Duo ZZ550

This Shark Sonic Duo ZZ550 from SharkNinja is a versatile handheld carpet cleaner that doubles as a hard floor cleaner as well. Lightweight, durable, and with two scrub modes (hard floor and carpet) that you can choose on demand, it is a perfect household accessory for those that want to have positive results whenever they spare time to clean. The motor-based cleaning technology that buyers get generates up to 1000 scrubs per minute to handle the toughest of cleaning jobs effortlessly. The concentrated 7 to 1 floor cleaning solution that it uses to turbo boost cleaning results is non-toxic while the durable microfiber pads that it users are removable, washable, and have special designs that do not compromise the value and or integrity of carpets over time. Other attributes that have won it favor among homeowners and professional cleaners alike are its superior anti-glide system with a swivel steering that eases operation, built-in headlights that enable to clean bedrooms without waking occupants, impressive power cord length (22-feet), and the two years warranty offered.

07. BISSELL DeepClean 17N4 (Premier)

Popular in homes, BISSELL DeepClean 17N4 has helped tens of individuals all over the world to clean their carpets, prolong the lives of their carpets, and maintain clean homes without spending a lot of money on it and or cleaning accessories. To have a comparable experience, this premier edition offers even better results. It is lightweight, uses dual rotating power brushes (12 rows) and an advanced Heatwave technology to deliver fast and memorable results, and has impressive odor and pet stain removal properties that most homeowners appreciate. If you have a pet that stains your carpet often and all remedies you have used have failed to offer lasting results, spend a few dollars on this one of a kind carpet cleaner to enjoy immediate and lasting results. Unlike some models that only clean carpet surfaces, this BISSELL DeepClean 17N4 (Premier) has EdgeSweep brushes for cleaning along walls and baseboards. It also generates powerful surround suction that dries surfaces faster and comes with a plethora of third party cleaning accessories including a large pet hair collection basket, a three-inch tough stain brush, and a deep reach tool that you can use to clean hard to reach areas. Buy from Amazon to get a free Bissell 2X professional cleaning formula and a three-year limited warranty.

06. BISSELL PowerLifter 1622

Offering the cleaning power that most individuals know and appreciate the BISSELL brand for, this PowerLifter 1622 is an upright carpet cleaner with a powerful deep cleaning technology that breezes through carpet cleaning jobs. The four rows of Dirt Lifter power brushes that it comes with rotate for a thorough cleaning experience while the dual tank system offered (clean and dirty water) enables you to clean carpets for longer without worrying about filling and emptying its tank every few minutes. If you have a tight budget, this full-sized carpet cleaner retails cheap in Amazon store. It uses a non-toxic formula and hot tap water to clean. It also has a sturdy and long lasting design that comes backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for parts. Order yours from Amazon today to get a built in measuring cup, a removable nozzle, a lint screen, and an 8-ounce container of a free trial-sized cleaning formula that works well on all types of carpets.

05. BISSELL Little Green ProHeat

To get a compact and multi-purpose carpet cleaner that you can use to do other cleaning chores as well, this little green ProHeat-enabled carpet cleaner from BISSELL is one of the best products to use. Lightweight, durable, and with an easy to use compact body that also lowers hand fatigue, it is perfect for everyday use. The powerful suction and spray-based cleaning technology that it employs offers a thorough and deep cleaning experience without degrading carpet fibers while the unique one-step cleaning system that it employs saves you a lot of time that you can use to do other chores. You do not have to clean a stubborn spot several times, as is the case with some traditional carpet cleaners. For enhanced results, you also get a built-in water heater that keeps water at the correct temperature for cleaning, separated water tanks for clean and dirty water, and a myriad of cleaning accessories including a spraying crevice tool, a tough stain brush, and a flexible hose for cleaning under furniture, cars, and tight spaces in general.

04. Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro FH50220

With an original Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro FH50220, wave goodbye to the hours of debilitating work that you do every day to keep your carpet looking clean and smelling fresh. Featuring an advanced DualV nozzle MaxExtract technology that covers a larger area per pass and lifts dirty water excellently from carpets to hasten drying time, you will be able to work faster and efficiently with an original version of this one of a kind carpet cleaner. The pressurized edge-to-edge cleaning technology that comes built in, on the other hand, loosens dirt and stubborn stains well for faster and thorough cleaning while its advanced SpinScrub technology (60 counter rotating brushes) that agitate carpet fibers from all angles to better your experience further. Research well and order a new carpet cleaner from Amazon to get a quality product with an easy to fill and empty smart tank system and several auto conversion tools that you can use on demand.

03. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional

With this handheld 3624 SpotClean carpet cleaner from BISSELL, you get a professional-grade accessory with a lightweight and portable design that you will enjoy using daily. If you have a vintage accent carpet, for instance, that you use to improve the overall outlook of your home, you will be able to remove dirt, tough spots, and stubborn stains well without damaging and or lowering the value of carpet fibers over time. Because of its lightweight and easy to maneuver design, you are able to work efficiently for longer without worrying about wrist or elbow fatigue. The five flex hose, carpet tool, stair tool, and the upholstery tool that it comes with guarantee a thorough cleaning experience while the long-reach power cord that it comes with enables you to cover a larger area whenever you spare time to clean. Many homeowners also appreciate its cost effectiveness, the two-year warranty that BISSELL offers for it, and the free 8-ounce professional cleaning formula (deep cleaning) that BISSELL offers for it free.

02. Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics

With this Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics carpet cleaner, you get a professional-grade household and commercial accessory with a deluxe power scrub technology that does a good job every time. The brushed motor (10 amp) that it comes with generates consistent power for a thorough and memorable cleaning experience while its lightweight design is not only easy to use but also has several innovative features that will improve how you clean at home. The advanced 360-degree SpinScrub technology that it employs, for instance, cleans carpet fibers from all angles to offer memorable results. The smart tank system that it comes with, on the other hand, enables to clean longer and better while the multiple counter-rotating brushes that buyers get deliver a thorough cleaning experience devoid of carpet type. With an original, you also get an upholstery tool for deep cleaning carpets, an eight foot long ready to use hose for cleaning tight spaces, and dedicated wash and rinse selectors that better the experience further.

01. Hoover F5914900 SteamVac

Powered by a reliable 12-amp electric motor, F5914900 SteamVac from Hoover is a top rated carpet cleaner that cleans excellently using a cleaning solution and hot tap water. The five spinning brushes that it comes with deliver fast and thorough cleaning results while the advanced Clean Surge feature that it comes with temporarily boosts power for better stain removal. Hoover F5914900 SteamVac is affordable, very easy to use, and has a well-designed and power efficient electrical system that meets the recommended North American standards.


Do you have a carpet that you clean often? Are you looking to ease the cleaning experience with the aid of a new carpet cleaner? Do not let the diversity of the products currently available in stores to confuse you. To get the best product in the niche, one of the 10 products listed on this review will serve you best. They are durable, have high-powered systems that clean many types of carpets fast and efficiently, and have lightweight and well-balanced designs that do not require a lot of skill and or energy to use well. Visit Amazon today and purchase an original to solve your carpet cleaning problems.

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