To choose a professional tool for a professional job is never an easy task. It comes with many choices and features to be considered. So does a cordless grease gun. Your old cordless grease gun may have been working for many years and pacing toward retirement, and this is the reason why you are here. To help you with the selection list, our group has conducted detailed research on the subject. Therefore, this article will provide a brief review of the top ten best cordless grease guns for you to preview and consider. Also, in the end, there is a little buying guide section that will demonstrate the main features of the Best Cordless Grease Guns.

List of Best

10. 20V Cordless Grease Gun by DEWALT

This cordless grease gun from Dewalt is powered by a powerful motor that is able to deliver a maximum of 10,000 PSI. It comes with high quality pump and application to enable the pushing process up to 5 oz per minute. For every single full charge, it can reach a maximum of 16 cartridges.

Moreover, the gun is equipped with a long hose which measures 42 inches. It also comes with an LED light to help in the low light environment. The pump filter is there to secure the pump from damages by dirt and contaminants. For this gun, users can use any 20V battery to operate.

09. Grease Gun Bare Tool by Milwaukee

As a leading brand in the industry, this grease gun from Milwaukee has the operating pressure up to 10,000 PSI. The hose is upgraded to be longer and more flexible with a length of 48 inches. Therefore, it enables better access to closed space. For better and quicker priming, the gun also comes with an air bleeder to the valve.

It also comes with a trigger to switch on and off for even more convenience. Last but not least, the gun is equipped with a counter dial to pre-set for the purpose of better precision. Therefore, with this bright red gun, you can perfect the greasing job with your professional experience.

08. 18V Cordless Grease Gun by Lincoln Industrial

It comes with a box containing the gun and 2 batteries provided. The battery has its high capacity at 18V which is able to deliver at the maximum of 10 cartridges. It comes with 2-speed modes, which means users can either choose the high volume mode or the high-pressure mode for output.

The body is designed for high quality, durability, and lightweight. Also, it comes with protection for dual overload. The motor is heavy-duty, and it offers great performance for the best grease working environment.

07. 12V Cordless Rechargeable Grease Gun by Lincoln Industrial

This grease gun from Lincoln Industrial is powered by a 12v motor which aims to deliver at the maximum of 6000 PSI. This offers a more effective process for lubrication. The body of the gun is made of metal which makes it durable and last for years. The design makes it more convenient even in settings that are difficult to reach or fit in.

Moreover, the piston is made to harden, and it is powered by machine. It also comes with a carrying case that is made perfectly to store the grease gun and rechargeable battery. In addition, the hose is extended to be more flexible, which measures its length at 30 inches. Last but not least, the quality of the product is guaranteed with a 1-year warranty.

06. 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Grease Gun by Milwaukee

This grease gun from Milwaukee has its model number 2646-22CT. Just like other Milwaukee’s grease guns, this is made to deliver the power at 10,000 PSI with a maximum flow rate of 10 oz per minute. The hose of this gun has been extended to 48 inches to be more flexible and fit in the places which are difficult to reach. It comes with an air bleeder which is able to blow fast and quick.

Moreover, at one charge, this grease gun can accommodate the maximum of 10 cartridges to work longer. Last but not least, the gun comes with a carrying case to store the gun and rechargeable battery inside the bag.

05. Cordless Grease Gun with Single Battery by Lumax

This cordless grease gun from Lumax is designed for a professional career. At an affordable price, it comes with a single battery that can accommodate up to 5 grease cartridges after a single full charge. The flow rate is upgraded to be higher, which is 3.5 oz per minute. It comes with a barrel which is chrome plated to offer great protection from corrosion.

The grip is designed to be comfortable and especially non-slip to maintain the balance and minimize discomfort while holding. The construction of the gun body is both durable and lightweight.

04. 12 Volt Cordless Grease Gun by Milwaukee

This grease gun is made in China, and it is designed to be durable and easy to operate. For one charge, it can deliver a maximum of 7 cartridges. Moreover, the handle is made to be ergonomic and well-balanced. The gun is 14 inches long, and the gun body only weighs 7.2 pounds. The LED fuel is there to add more convenience to the process, and also the air bleeder aims to deliver a high low rate.

The output pressure of the gun reaches its maximum at 8000 PSI. The hose has been upgraded to be longer and more flexible, at 36 inches long. However, the battery and charger are not included in the package.

03. 18V Cordless Grease Gun by Ryobi

This cordless grease gun from Ryobi comes with a premium design for a professional job. It has the maximum operating pressure at 10,000 PSI with a high flow rate of 7.5 oz per minute. It is made to provide the best convenience and efficiency.

Furthermore, the tube of the grease gun is made of metal which is known to be durable and sturdy. At only 8.5 pounds, it is powered by 18V motor, which is known to be the largest tool system in the world.

02. 18V Cordless Grease Gun with Carrying Case by SAE Products

This cordless grease gun from SAE products is powered by an 18V motor with 2 kits of the battery provided. The motor is powerful to deliver up to 10 cartridges. It features an LCD screen to display the meters. Also, it has a 2-speed design for different purposes and demands.

The body is constructed to be heavy-duty and durable, which aims to last for many years. The hose is made to be 36 inches long.
Moreover, it comes with an LED to help with the illumination to light the areas. More importantly, it comes with a carry case to store the gun and batteries inside to carry anywhere easily and conveniently.

01. 19.2V Cordless Grease Gun by National Spencer

Being the best cordless grease gun among the top ten list, it is highly recommended by the customers. The significant feature of this grease gun is that it comes with a carry case to store the items, including a gun and 2 batteries, inside. Its operating pressure output is high, which raises up to 8500 PSI.

It has a lightweight body which is only 18.2 pounds. Last but not least, the over length, which measures from the top to the bottom of the gun, is 22 inches.


In conclusion, this article has reviewed the main features of the top ten best cordless grease guns for you to preview and consider. If you have already found you desired one, please hesitate no further. The earlier you purchase the best cordless grease gun, the more convenience, and efficiency you enjoy from the grease lubrication process.

Buying Guide

It is worth mentioning here that not all the professional tools are made equally in terms of its function and quality, and so do cordless grease guns. Therefore, it is essential to make the right decision to ensure the stability of the process as well as the durability of the product.

Below are the criteria that determine the best cordless grease gun:


For a grease gun that is operated by the battery, the operating pressure should vary between 4500 and 10,000 PSI.

Run time:

In this case, we definitely do not want to be interrupted during the job or have to charge the gun more often than our expectations. Therefore, the output range of cartridges should vary between 10 and 20 cartridges.


An extended hose is to make it longer and more flexible to reach any places which are difficult to reach.


One main component of a good cordless grease gun is not the lightweight but the balance for easier gripping. This is to prevent any types of fatigue or strains if holding for too long.

LED light:

In the low light environment, it is very hard to get the accuracy and precision no matter what type of work it is. Here, for the grease gun, light is important to be more precise while working early or late in the day.

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