Are you planning to improve how your fry several foods at home? If you are tired of your traditional pan and settled on a new deep fryer as a worthy replacement, this article reviews the 20 of the best products that will serve you best. They are affordable, safe for home use, and have well-designed systems that will improve how you cook at home. Here is a detailed review of their features and key benefits:

10. Presto 05443 CoolDaddy

Even though appreciated all over the world, deep-frying is a challenging cooking technique that revolves around heat and searing hot oil. To ease the process, maximize safety, and have a promising experience in the comfort of your home, Presto 05443 CoolDaddy is a valuable accessory to own. Durable, aesthetic (white themed), and with a safe and fully closed design that minimizes oil splatter when frying, it is a perfect cooking accessory for professionals and individuals alike. Its cool touch surface maximizes the safety of users and their pets further while the large 13-1/2 x10 x 11-1/2-inch design that individuals get prepares large amounts of food per session to satisfy the needs of medium-sized to large families. Whether you enjoy meats such as beef or chicken, seafood such as shrimp, or French fries, this deep fryer will serve you well. The locking cover and built in charcoal features buyers get contain spills and food odors well. The adjustable thermostat offered (250 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit) allows you to prepare different types of foods and recipes while its nonstick and removable cooking pot is very easy to clean after each cooking escapade. You will have a memorable experience with an original one at home or in your restaurant.

09. T-fal FR4049 Family Pro

As its name suggests, T-fal FR4049 Family Pro is a premium deep frying accessory for home use with a lightweight 2.6-pound design and an aesthetic silver-themed body that does not rust, scratch, nor lose its charm over the years. Manufactured using heavy-duty stainless steel, this fryer is durable. Its style complements those of most contemporary accessories found in kitchens while the large three-liter oil capacity offered enables you to fry several types of foods effortlessly, without refilling it often. To deliver precise temperature control and better the cooking experience of individuals of all skill levels, T-fal FR4049 Family Pro has an adjustable thermostat that guarantees professional grade results (even when using complex recipes). The indicator lights built on its body tells you when it is on and oil temperature correct for frying while its powerful 1600-watt electrical element guarantees fast and crispy results no matter the type of food that you are preparing. Other notable features are its built-in timer (1-60 minutes), its plethora of safety features (cool touch housing, magnetic power cord connector, and a lid that contains splashes), and the one year warranty offered.

08. National Presto 05461

National Presto 05461 is a stylish silver-themed deep fry with a professional-grade design (space efficient) and a durable stainless steel body with a cool touch body that maximizes safety. The immersion element (electrical) that it draws power from guarantees fast and crispy results. It is durable, does not rust nor corrode over time, and has a power efficient design that facilitates the frying of meats, vegetables, and pastries well while keeping electricity bills low at the same time. Unlike some square and rectangular deep fryers that accommodate only small pieces of food, this model has a spacious oblong basket that accommodates large pieces of food (including fish and chicken). The adjustable thermostat that comes built in allows you to customize frying temperature on demand while the bright signal indicators offered tell you when it is powered and ready for frying. You do not have to gamble nor depend on traditional accessories such as thermometers when frying. National Presto 05461 has a fitting cover that doubles as a splatter shield. It also has a filter that contains odors and an enameled cooking pot that you can remove for easy clean up.

07. Aroma Smart Fry XL ADF-232

Featuring a spacious four-quart cooking pot (enameled) and a durable cool touch body that withstands abuse well, Aroma Smart Fry XL ADF-232 is large, durable, and has a high-performance electrical system that has helped tens of homeowners fry foods as professionals. The precise digitized controls (including 10 pre-programmed frying functions) buyers get eases operation. Set up is quick and easy while the immersible heating element (1800-watts) that it draws power from is durable, super-efficient, and has an enameled design that distributes heat well to deliver crispy and consistent frying results. Aroma Smart Fry XL ADF-232 has three interchangeable frying baskets (dual regular and one extra-large) that you can customize to match the type of food(s) that you are preparing and a sleek stainless steel construction that does not stain nor rust over the years. With one, you will no longer have to spend a lot of time and money in restaurants to eat your favorite dishes.

06. Hamilton Beach 35021

Considered among the most valuable products in this niche, Hamilton Beach 35021 is an aesthetic black-themed household accessory with a cool touch stainless steel body and convenient 8.58 x 11.38 x 13.94-inch design that does not clutter kitchen space. The 8-cup oil capacity offered enables you to fry large batches of food per session. Setup and operation are straightforward while its ability to cook chicken tenders and up to 6 cups of French fries make it an ideal accessory for individuals that enjoy fried foods and want to diversify their menus without spending time in restaurants. If safety is a concern, Hamilton Beach 35021 towers high above the rest. In addition to its cool touch body, the breakaway magnetic cord offered improves its safety. The lift basket it comes with has an ergonomic and cool touch handle for safer operation while the tight sealing lid offered not only contains heat but also doubles as a splashguard. This way, when frying at home, you do not have to worry about oil spilling and buying you, as is always the case when using frying pans.

05. Secura Electric Deep Fryer

Forget about spending a lot of time in your local restaurant or paying premium amounts for the fried foods offered. To improve how you cook at home without stretching your budget, this electric deep fryer from Secura is an affordable yet high-performance accessory with several innovative features. Made of stainless steel, for instance, it is durable, very easy to clean, and withstands abuse well without overheating. Its triple basket deign (removable and replaceable) allow you to fry several types of food (of various sizes effortlessly) while the large (4.2 liters) stainless steel basket offered is durable and has a naturally BPA-free interior that does not compromise the value of food over time. Heating and cooking are fast and efficient courtesy of the 1700-watts offered. The adjustable timer (up to 60 minutes), adjustable heat control (250-375 degrees Fahrenheit) system, and its built-in odor filter work excellently while the premium oil filter offered eliminates food debris, which enables you to recycle it a few time. This ETL listed deep fryer is affordable; has a ready indicator light that eliminates guesswork when frying, and has a responsive auto shutoff feature for safety.

04. Presto 05466

To get a valuable deep fryer that delivers value every time, Presto 05466 is a recommended budget model that has carved its space among the best of all time. With an original one from Amazon, you get large oblong-shaped dual baskets for frying two types of food at the same time. Its black body is aesthetic and made of high-grade stainless steel while the pro fry immersion element (1800 watts) offered is durable, safe, and has an efficient design that distributes heat well for faster and even cooking. Unlike some models that take ages to cook or compromise the texture of foods, you will have memorable results whenever you spare time to fry. Power consumption is at the lower side. The thermostat that comes built in is durable, adjustable, and has signal lights that eliminate guesswork while the large 12-cup food capacity that buyers get makes it an excellent party accessory. Presto 05466 is affordable, has a removable enameled pot that does not require a lot of effort to clean, and has a well-engineered electrical system that meets North American standards.

03. Waring Pro DF280 Professional

Featuring an aesthetic brushed steel body (stainless) with a cool touch design that does not burn users whilst in use, this professional edition of the acclaimed Waring Pro DF280 deep fryer is a durable household and commercial accessory with a stylish silver theme that blends well in kitchens. The removable 1800-watt heating element offered is durable, powerful, and has an efficient immersion style that keeps electricity consumption low. Its stainless steel oil container is large (one gallon), removable for easier cleaning, and has a pour spot the eases emptying. The three mesh baskets offered (two small and one large) are durable and have collapsible cool touch handles that ease operation while the impressive 2.3-pound capacity that it accommodates per session makes it ideal for regular frying. As other high-end models, Waring Pro DF280 Professional has adjustable temperature control, a 60-minute digital time for customizing cooking jobs, and a fitting lid with a clear viewing window for monitoring progress.

02. T-fal FR8000

Featuring a large 3.5 liters cooking basket, a superior oil filtration system that maximizes its efficiency, and an impressive 2.5-pound cooking capacity that most individuals appreciate, T-fal FR8000 is a premium deep fryer that never disappoints over the years. Its body, immersion element (1800 watts), and baskets are made of durable and naturally BPA-free stainless steel. All removable parts are dishwasher safe while its cool touch surface and the stay-cool handles it comes with rank it among the safest accessories in this category. If you have intricate recipes that you follow often, T-fal FR8000 has an adjustable temperature system that will come in handy. It also has a simplified oil storage system that betters cost savings, a space efficient design with removable handles for easier transportation and storage, and a one-year warranty.

01. Presto 05420 FryDaddy

Do you have a tight budget? Are you on the market for a new high-performance deep fryer for personal use? The FryDaddy 05420 from Presto tops our list. Although smaller than some products listed, this oil saver (4:4 ratio) is not only cheap but also saves users significant amounts of money over time. Its electrical system and the immersible element offered meet North American standards while the preset thermostat it comes with is not only durable but also maintains a consistent temperature for perfect frying results everytime. Presto 05420 FryDaddy is nonstick (both interior and exterior), has a compact and splatter-free design that is perfect for frying chicken, French fries, and onion rings (to name a few), and has handy scoop lifts that ease draining and serving of fried foods. Most individuals also appreciate its large viewing window (for monitoring progress) and its built in charcoal filter that contains food odors well.


If you enjoy eating fried foods and want to better your cooking results whenever you have time, ditch your deep frying pan for one of the 10 deep fryers listed herein. Even though you dig deeper in your pocket to own one, their durability and the overall value that they offer make them worthy kitchen accessory. Frying speed, for instance, is impressive. The adjustable thermostat and timer-based cooking techniques that most employ guarantee value every time, while their quality construction using stainless steel (enameled on not) and the plethora of safety features offered are impressive.

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