To students, office workers, and individuals alike, desk lamps are innovative must-have accessories that come in handy in many ways. Their stylish designs, for instance, make them excellent accent pieces. Light output, on the other hand, is clean, non-glare, and directional while their power efficiency and suitability for reading and working has made them sought after accessories in stores all over the world. If you are shopping for a new model that meets this threshold, the 10 most recommended include:

10. Aglaia Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Starting our review of the 10 best desk lamps in the market, Aglaia is a well-designed seven-watt accessory with a bright and dimmable LED system and an aesthetic black body that does not scratch, fade, nor lose its aesthetic appeal over the years. If budget is a concern, power consumption is admirable. You do not have to worry about hefty electricity bills, as is always the case with most central lighting systems. The USB charging port offered charges and recharges smartphones and tablets without compromising their value over the years while its dimmable design (three levels) enables users to optimize light output to match their desired working and or reading conditions. If you have photosensitive eyes, therefore, you no longer have to strain and or worsen you existing eye condition with one of the poorly designed lamps littered in some online stores. All controls are sensitive and touch-based while the flexible arm and rotatable axis it comes with enables you to customize the directionality of light as needed. Many individuals also appreciate its impressive bulb life (50,000 hours), soothing color temperatures (5200 ~ 5800K), and quality ABS, aluminum, and silicone construction.

09. Boston Harbor Flexible Desk Lamp

Featuring a modern-styled body that blends well in homes and commercial establishments, Boston Harbor is a top rated desk lamp with a flexible design that users appreciate. Its adjustable height system (up to 12.5-inches) benefits individuals of all cadres. Its base is stable and non-slip while the high watt bulb that it uses (60-watts) illuminates well while keeping power consumption low. When reading a book, therefore, or reading one of your favorite books in bed, you will have a memorable experience without compromising eye health. Setup is straightforward (plug and use). Pricing is pocket-friendly while its overall stability and ability to orient light in all directions have made it a sought-after product among students and professionals alike. You also get a dedicated on an off button that eases operation, an impressive 14 W CFL (900 lumens) system that illuminates large areas well, and color temperatures of between 2700 K and 4000 K. Forget about the low-performance lamp that you have tucked away in your dorm room. If you have a few dollars to spend, buy an original Boston Harbor Flexible Desk Lamp to get memorable results every day.

08. Lighting Ever (LE) Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

The numerous benefits of having a dimmable desk lamp have been demonstrated over the years. Safety wise, for instance, they outmatch most non-dimmable models that are available in the market. They are also customizable and are often made of quality components that often users value over the years. If you are shopping for a new lamp and want an advanced model that offers the foregoing benefits and more, Lighting Ever (LE) is one of the best products you use. Featuring a clean and clutter-free design that works well on desks and bedside, it is one of the best products around. Its folding design eases storage and transportation while the natural white light that it generates does not glare; strain the eyes, and or compromise the safety of users in any way. The seven dimmable levels offered enable you to customize performance with a simple touch of a button and its 8-watt electrical system power efficient. If you read a lot and or spend several hours working in your home office every day, you do not have to worry about paying premium amounts as electricity bills, as is always the case with most central lighting systems. Lighting Ever (LE) Dimmable LED Desk Lamp has an adjustable arm (150 degrees), a rotatable lamp head (270 degrees), and a revolving base (340 degrees) that work in synergy to better results.

07. Globe Electric 56963

Featuring a large 32-inch swing arm design that covers larger areas whilst in use and stable base with a metallic clamp that stays snug on all types of surface, Globe Electric 56963 is a premium desk lamp with an aesthetic black finish that blends well in all types of spaces. Whether you have a contemporary home or office or a traditional one, you will never regret buying and installing one. The swing arm offered supports directional lighting. The high-density metal used to manufacture it lasts long while the dedicated and conveniently located on and off switch ease its operation significantly in all environments. Instead of grappling with complicated setups and or operation techniques common on some comparable models, all you have to do is to flip the switch back and forth to turn it on and off. It also comes pre-assembled, uses convenient A-Type E26 bulbs (65 watts) that work for years, and has a long 6-foot power cord that eases installation in both open and hard to reach areas.

06. Boston Harbor Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Measuring 26-inches, Boston Harbor Architect is a decent black-themed desk lamp with a convenient swing arm design that offers value. It has an aesthetic black theme, a sleek and minimal design that does not clutter the space on desks and side tables, and a durable metallic design that withstands abuse well without losing its shape and or functionality over the years. The flexible arm it comes with enables you to customize the direction of light while its rotary lamp holder is not only stable but also have an easy to use on and off switch that you can use to customize its functionality on demand. Once you have bought and fitted the requires A19 type bulb (60 watts) you can plug it in any regular-sized socket in your home or dorm room, orient its wherever you like, and enjoy soothing natural light whenever you need. Boston Harbor Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp is affordable, recommended for both students and professionals and has an adjustable design that you can customize to improve coverage and or satisfy your needs.

05. Boyon Portable Touch Control LED Desk Lamp

Are you shopping for a portable and functional desk lamp that you can use at home and on the road? To get a valuable product that you will enjoy using for years, this touch controlled LED desk lamp from Boyon is one of the best products to use. Durable, power-efficient (three watts) and with an advanced dual-charging system (power adapter and USB port) that boosts its functionality further. If money is a challenge, this LED desk lamp is affordable. Setup is very easy, while the sensitive touch switches that it comes with ease its operation. You do not have to turn knobs and or flick switches to appreciate the value of this one of a kind desk lamp. Boyon Portable Touch Control LED Desk Lamp also has a novel humanized design that beams light at eye height, an adjustable three level light system that you can customize to match your needs, and an energy saving LED system that not only cuts down power consumption but also save users substantial amounts of money over time.

04. Ikea 201.696.58 Jansjo

The Jansjo 201.696.58 from Ikea is a reputable work and desk light with an eye-catching black theme a power efficient LED bulb system (up to 85% lower than incandescent bulbs), and a lightweight aluminum body that also resists rust and corrosion over the years. The bulbs also last longer that several types of incandescent bulbs (up to 25 times) and generate clean and non-irritant natural light that most individuals appreciate. Measuring 12-inches (from the base), it beams light over a large area. The flat and weighted base offered improved its stability on all types of surfaces while its adjustable arm enables you to focus and customize the direction of light to better your experience when working and or reading a book. Finally, the toggle (on and off) controls mounted on its power cord eases operation in all environments. The 6-foot power cord offered eases setup in homes and offices, while its wipe clean design is very easy to maintain using a damp cloth. Buy a new one from Amazon web store today to enjoy up to 20,000 hours of clean and soothing light.

03. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

With an original version of this LED desk lamp from TaoTronics, you get a valuable household and office accessory with a power efficient 7-watt system, convenient touch controls, and seven brightness levels that you can customize to meet your needs. The natural light that it generates does not glare nor irritate users as some comparable poorly designed ones. It is also flicker-free, non-ghosting, and therefore one of the most recommended for working, reading, and studying in all types of environments. Forget about the eyestrain and or fatigue that you grapple with often because of your poorly lit office or bedroom. If durability is a major requirement, on the other hand, the flexible metal and hard shell plastic used to manufacture this one of a kind desk lamp are professional grade. They will serve you well for many years without scratching, denting, breaking, and or losing their aesthetic appeal over the years. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp is affordable, naturally fits into all types of spaces, and has a flexible gooseneck that you can orient as needed to satisfy your needs.

02. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

When shopping for a new desk lamp, clarity and eye safety are among the many attributes that you must never sacrifice at all costs. These are among many reasons why this LED desk lamp from TaoTronics remains one of the most sought-after products in this niche to date. Its aesthetic black themed body blends naturally in homes, offices, and dorm rooms. The natural and flicker-free light that it generates does not ghost when reading, studying, or working, while its 12-watt dimmable design also has convenient touch controls that ease setup and its operation significantly. You also get five color modes for customizing your lighting experience, a built-in USB charging port that you can use to power your smartphone and or tablet as you work, and a sturdy and modern-looking design made or a high-grade aluminum alloy and durable plastic. Even with the low price charged, power savings are impressive (up to 75% less than incandescent bulbs) while the manual and cleaning cloth that it comes with free ease operation and maintenance.

01. LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

A valued brand in the desk lamp niche, LAMPAT is home to some of the most functional products that continue to influence the lives of millions of people positively. This dimmable LED edition, for instance, is a valuable model with a plethora of novel features that will improve how you work and or study at home or in your dorm room. The four lighting modes offered, for instance, enable you to customize its performance depending on the activity that you are doing (bedtime, relaxation, studying, and reading). The USB output port that comes built-in (5V/ 1A) enables you to charge your smartphone and or tablet effortlessly, while the five-level dimmer offered enables you to customize its brightness on demand to match your needs. If style ranks high on your list of needs, this desk lamp scores high. Its piano black body blends well in all environments without cluttering personal space. You also get an auto timer for programming its functionality, non-irritant natural light, and an impressive 25-year lamp life.


Are you shopping for a new desk lantern for everyday use at home, in your dorm room, or in your office? While tens of valuable models are currently available in stores, the 10 models listed herein are among the most recommended for everyday use. With an original model, you get a durable and well-designed product that will serve you well for many years.

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