The best double wall ovens give you the luxury to cook for a large group in no time. With them, you will not have to do the math about which temperatures are needed to cook different foods.

In other words, these double wall ovens make life in the kitchen and during such special occasions as Christmas and Thanksgiving a breeze. They are normally arranged vertically or side-by-side plus their installation type is built-in for quick, easy setup.

Well, these different designs mean you will surely find what fits perfectly in your kitchen. To know more about these ovens, go ahead and check the reviews below.

List of the Best Double Wall Ovens in Reviews

01. Frigidaire 27” Wall Oven-Convection (FGMC2765PF)

What we love about this double wall oven is that it takes the guesswork out of convection cooking. It is an extremely easy-to-use double wall oven that provides consistent results. Well, it does that by automatically adjusting the temperatures of standard baking to convection temperatures.

Another reason why we believe that Frigidaire FGMC2765PF is one of the best is that it has a quick preheat function. As its name suggests, this function allows you to preheat in a few minutes only. Besides, this unit has an extra-large microwave, which offers 2.0 cu. ft. of cooking space.

And this incredibly large cooking space promotes ultimate convenience. Frigidaire has constructed the wall oven-convection with smudge-proof stainless steel. It is an innovative construction that resists fingerprints, thereby, making cleanup a breeze. Moreover, there is the manufacturer’s quick self-clean cycle that allows you to clean the oven within a couple of hours.


  • The price is great
  • Customer support is very responsive
  • The oven is easy to install
  • The finish looks amazing

02. Frigidaire 27” Double Wall Oven – Convection (FGET2765PF)

This double wall oven has lots of good features, and that’s why we are glad to have it in these reviews. One of these features is an auto shut-off function. It is an amazing feature because it gives you peace of mind knowing that the oven is capable of shutting off on its own.

Ideally, the auto shut-off function helps conserve energy, which, in turn, allows you to save some money every month. Another excellent feature is a quick preheat function. Because of this feature, you will be able to preheat in no time.

It is an important feature as well because it helps save time. The Frigidaire FGET2765PF model also boasts Delay Start and Steam Cleaning. It is a high-performance double wall oven packed with numerous features to meet all your needs. That being said, we are certain you will love it.


  • Fits properly and looks beautiful
  • Shipped nicely with no damage
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Baked goods turn out nice
  • Preheats quickly and is very easy to use

03. Frigidaire 30” 9.2 cu. ft. Double Electric Wall Oven (FGET3065PF)

The third product on our list is the Frigidaire FGET3065PF model. Well, it has made the cut because it is a fairly large double wall oven. Needless to say, it is the perfect purchase for anyone who loves baking in bulk. It also makes a relevant purchase for those with a big family.

Unlike the first two double wall ovens in these reviews, the Frigidaire FGET3065PF is obviously larger, and, therefore, comes with a lot of conveniences. Better yet, this double electric wall oven is equipped with plenty of wonderful features. For instance, it has an auto shut-off function for easy operation.

It also has Quick Preheat and Delay Start. Additionally, this double wall oven boasts a stainless steel finish that makes it look attractive in the kitchen. The finish makes it appear modern and at the same time plays a huge role in extending its lifespan.


  • The unit has lots of good features
  • Looks nice in the kitchen
  • Appears to be of top-notch quality

04. GE Electric Double Wall Oven (JT3500SFSS)

This is another large double wall oven you should seriously consider if you value convenience. It offers a full 5.0 cubic feet capacity per oven. Having said that, expect to have an ample cooking surface with this electric double wall oven by GE. Nonetheless, GE knows that a large cooking surface alone cannot make a double wall oven the best in the industry.

As such, the manufacturer has equipped the JT3500SFSS model with electronic touch controls. These controls are simple and help ensure much easier operation. The GE JT3500SFSS also features a thermal broil in each of the ovens.

The thermal broil allows you to broil both small and large dishes evenly and until they turn brown. Plus there is a hidden element that distributes heat uniformly throughout the cavity of the oven. From these pieces of information, it is clear why the GE JTS3500SFSS is preferred by the majority.


  • The oven is delivered in super protective packaging
  • The fan is very quiet
  • Bakes nicely and has a beautiful look

05. GE Double Wall Oven (JK3500SFSS)

With a full capacity of 4.3 cubic feet, the GE JK3500SFSS provides you with an amazing cooking surface. Well, the large cooking surface means you can bake larger goods easily and without any issues. It is a nice feature that makes the GE JK3500SFSS one of the most popular or rather preferred double wall ovens on the market.

The steam clean option is another feature that puts this unit up there with top-notch models. It allows you to effortlessly wipe down loosened, baked-on foods. Furthermore, this double wall oven boasts a large view oven window, which lets you see your food while it cooks.

The large view oven window eliminates the need to open the door, which is highly discouraged because when you do that, a lot of heat is lost. This double wall oven also features a control lockout function that prevents unsupervised or unintentional use, thereby, promoting safety.


  • The steam clean function is a plus
  • Arrives well packaged and free of damage
  • Installation is fairly easy

06. Frigidaire 7.6 cu. ft. 27 Inch Electric Double Wall Oven (FFET2726TS)

The self-cleaning technology is a feature that cannot go unnoticed. It makes the Frigidaire FFET2726TS very easy to clean and maintain. Besides, this electric double wall oven has an ample cooking surface. Its capacity in total is 7.6 cubic feet. That means the upper section is 3.8 cubic feet and the lower section is 3.8 cubic feet as well.

The large cooking surface will make your work easier by letting you bake large quantities of food in a cakewalk. The performance of this double wall oven is further improved by even baking technology. It ensures the oven delivers exceptional results every time.

Plus there is a Vari-Broil temperature control that makes it easier to achieve the desired temperature. Like most Frigidaire double wall ovens, the FFET2726TS is constructed with stainless steel. The stainless steel is very durable plus it makes this double wall oven look super attractive.


  • Heats uniformly at an accurate temperature
  • Very easy to install
  • Arrives in good packaging
  • Nice for the price and works great

07. Frigidaire 30” Double Electric Wall Oven

If double wall ovens were to be ranked based on capacity, the Frigidaire 30-Inch Double Electric Wall Oven would be one of the best. It has a total capacity of 10.2 cu. ft. This means the upper cavity is 5.1 cubic feet and so is the lower cavity.

Well, with such an enormous cooking surface, expect nothing to stop you when it comes to preparing or baking various foods. Another cool feature of this double electric wall oven is a temperature probe. The temperature probe provides you with accurate information about the temperature of the food you are baking.

By so doing, the temperature probe helps you get super accurate results all the time. Moreover, this double wall oven has true convection as well as Quick Preheat. Plus it is made of stainless steel that significantly improves its durability as well as enhancing its look.


  • Very easy to install
  • The convection functions work great
  • Cooks evenly and looks great
  • Has an incredibly large capacity
  • Has a quick preheat function

08. Electrolux Frigidaire 30 Inch Double Wall Convection Oven (FPET3077RF)

The dimensions of this double wall oven are 30 inches wide by 50-7/16 inches high by 24-3/4 inches deep. The double-wall convection oven is made of stainless steel, and this gives it much-needed durability. It also improves its look, making it appear more attractive as well as ensuring that it blends nicely with other appliances in the kitchen.

Like most models, the Electrolux 30 Inch Double Wall Convection Oven features PowerPlus temperature probe. Well, this is a crucial feature that makes the Electrolux FPET3077RF very convenient to use. Other features of this high-performance double wall oven are PowerGlide Racks and PowerPlus Convection.

They work together to make sure this electric double wall convection performs as anticipated. That being said, if you are after ultimate convenience, the Electrolux FPET3077RF is exactly what you should pick.


  • Looks nice and appears to be of good quality
  • Great for those who love double wall ovens
  • It is perfect for the price
  • The size is just fine

09. Frigidaire 27 Inch 7.6 cu. ft. Double Wall Oven with 2 Oven Racks (FFET2726TB)

The upper section of the Frigidaire FFET2726TB is 3.8 cu. ft. The lower section is also 3.8 cu. ft. In total, the Frigidaire FFET2726TB has a capacity of 7.6 cubic feet. Needless to say, it is a fairly large double wall oven that will help you bake in bulk.

It is great for big families or those who simply enjoy the convenience of baking everything in one round. The Frigidaire 27 Inch 7.6 cu. ft. Double Wall Oven also features even baking technology that enables it to produce outstanding results every time.

Furthermore, it has Vari-Broil temperature control that makes it easy to come up with accurate results on a consistent basis. The double wall oven also has a self-cleaning function that makes it easy to keep clean after each use.


  • Both ovens work well
  • Even baking technology is a nice feature
  • The unit has a nice capacity
  • The black finish blends well with the existing kitchen décor

10. Frigidaire White Electric Double Wall Oven (FFET3025PW30”)

A good double wall oven is equipped with amazing technologies and the Frigidaire FFET3025PW30” is not an exception. It has even baking technology that, as the name points out, enables it to bake uniformly every time. Besides, this double wall oven is equipped with great features.

One of these is bright lighting that makes it easy to see the cooking progress. There is also a large capacity that makes this double wall oven very convenient to use. To be more precise, this double wall oven has 2 large capacities to provide you with more room to cook and bake all kinds of foods at once.

Another fascinating feature is a self-cleaning function. It enables the oven to clean itself, thereby, eliminating the need of having to do the cleaning yourself. The self-clean options include 2, 3, and 4-hour cycles.


  • Heats up very quickly
  • The temperature is accurate
  • The controls are simple, making the oven easy to use
  • Heating is consistent and even
  • The price seems reasonable


Double wall ovens are the real deal for anyone who wants to have a fun time in the kitchen. They make life super convenient by allowing you to bake different goods at the same time. Ideally, double wall ovens tend to work independently, thereby, significantly cutting prep time. These ovens are also sleek; hence, they will look great in your kitchen.

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