Designed to take slow cooking to the next level, Dutch ovens are innovative household and outdoor activities that currently rank among the must-have household and outdoor accessories for several reasons. Their durability, for instance, is impressive. The quality cast iron used to manufacture most models not only heats up fast and distributes heat well but also fortify foot with iron while their non-stick interior and the slow cooking techniques that they employ have made them sought-after accessories for use in homes. If you enjoy cooking at home and want to enjoy the foregoing benefits and much more, this article reviews 10 of the most recommended products to purchase in 2020.

10. Camp Chef Deluxe

A recommended camping accessory for individuals that like to cook outdoors, this deluxe Dutch oven from Camp Chef is a durable kitchen accessory with a large 12-quart design that can satisfy the needs of a medium-sized to a large family. Manufactured using heavy-duty cast iron in black, it heats up fast. Heat distribution is impressive while its non-stick interior not only prevents food from sticking but also improves the quality of food overall, no matter the type of recipe that you are following. You do not have to season this oven manually, as is always the case with most types or pots and pans. For easier and safer operation, Camp Chef Deluxe has a free lift tool that minimizes the risk of burns whilst in use. The thermometer channel that comes built-in enables you to monitor its internal temperature in real time without removing its lid while the deep lid dish that it comes with doubles as a serving trivet and skillet that you can use on demand. Buy an original to get a beefed up cast iron skillet that will serve you well for years.

09. Cuisinart CI670-30CR

Christened the Chef’s Classic, Cuisinart CI670-30CR is a valuable round themed covered Dutch oven with an aesthetic cardinal red theme that does not fade over time. Manufactured using heavy-duty cast iron, this one of a kind oven withstands abuse well without losing its shape and or functionality over the years. Its interior is naturally non-stick while the spacious 7-quart cooking space offered enables users to prepare enough food for small to medium sized families with minimal effort. Instead of cooking several small meals, as is always the case with some brands of ovens, you can handle the challenge effortlessly while offering your bundle of joy value at the same time. To improve its style and longevity, this one of a kind Dutch oven comes enameled and ready to use. Heating and heat distribution are impressive while its versatile stovetop, induction, and broiler safe design rank it among the best of the best products in this niche. Cuisinart CI670-30CR is dishwasher-safe, affordable, and has wide cast iron handles that grip securely in the hands for easier transportation and serving.

08. Le Creuset Signature

Liked all over the world for its stylish cherry red cerise design and a durable and enameled body that heats up fast and distributes heat excellently for a slow and perfect cooking experience, Le Creuset Signature is a renowned kitchen accessory that never disappoints. If you cook often, for instance, and are tired of the poorly designed cooking pot in your possession, it is durable and has a convenient 5.5-quart design that users appreciate. Handles are larger (up to 45%) and designed to improve grip during usage, transportation, and serving. The thick and well-designed base that individuals get offers superior heat retention and distribution while its enameled body is not only easy to clean, but also resists scratches and or chips that plague some poorly designed models. If budget is a challenge, this Dutch oven is attainable cheap on Amazon and other reputable web stores. The fitting lid it comes with is durable and has a heat-resistant composite knob (500 degrees Fahrenheit) that works well in ovens while the built-in lid stabilizers that buyers get maximize personal safety when cooking and during transportation.

07. Lodge L8DO3

Attainable pre-seasoned and ready to use, Lodge L8DO3 is a professional-grade Dutch oven with an impressive five-quart design and a durable cast iron body that fortifies food with iron. The material is also naturally BPA-free and has a naturally non-stick interior that does not burn food, leech nutrients, nor lower the value of food in any way when cooking. Heating, heat distribution, and heat retention is impressive while the tight fitting lid it comes with is durable, heat resistant, and keeps food moist, unlike some models. For easier serving, it also has a special cool-touch handle that eliminates the need for cooking gloves and or towels. Lodge L8DO3 measures 4-inch deep and 10.25-inch diameter. Its multifunctional design work well on various types of stovetops while its convenient hand washable design (using hot water and a stiff brush) is valuable, particularly to those that cook on a daily basis. Purchase yours today to get a brutally tough kitchen accessory that you can use to sear, braise, simmer, saute, roast, bake, and fry several types of foods.

06. Utopia Kitchen Dutch oven

Recommended for light duty cooking, this red themed Dutch oven from Utopia Kitchen is a well-built 3.2-quart kitchen accessory that works as well as larger models that are available in the market. The enameled cast iron used to manufacture it is durable, aesthetic, and offers non-stick convenience when cooking and or cleaning. Its sturdy and meticulously designed body resists soaring temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It also heats up well, distributes heat better, and retains heat longer to cook well. Because of its cool touch design and high aesthetic value, Utopia Kitchen Dutch oven doubles as an excellent serving bowl. Its ability to improve iron intake by up to 20% makes it an ideal accessory for individuals with medical conditions such as iron deficiency anemia while its easy to clean design (hand washable using soap and water) works well for individuals that cook fresh meals on a regular basis. Shop for and purchase an original model from Amazon or any other reputable web store to get a money back guarantee (30 days).

05. Lodge L12DCO3 Deep Camp

Featuring a convenient 8-quart design that most people appreciate and a non-stick cooking surface that comes seasoned and ready to use, this Deep camp edition of the acclaimed Lodge L12DCO3 line of Dutch ovens is a large and durable accessory that is perfect for cooking on campfires. Its deep design maximizes coverage of fires while the heavy-duty cast iron used to manufacture it is not only aesthetic but also fortified food with iron to better their healthy over the years. This is interesting, particularly if you have grapple with iron deficiency anemia for some time. You also get sturdy handles that ease cooking and dispensation of food, a durable cast iron lid with an innovative convertible design that doubles as a griddle, a convenient 12-inch wide and 5-inch deep design that not only heats fast but also distributes heat well for a better cooking experience. Lodge L12DCO3 Deep Camp is USA made, attainable cheap on Amazon and other reputable stores, and a limited lifetime warranty that covers all parts. You will appreciate the value of Lodge L12DCO3 Deep Camp oven.

04. Simply Calphalon Dutch Oven

With an original edition of this Dutch oven from Simply Calphalon, you get a durable 7-quart accessory with a convenient non-stick interior that does not burn food. The hard-anodized aluminum used to manufacture it is naturally BPA-free. It does not leech flavors nor nutrients and has a durable cover that contains heat and moisture well to keep food juicy and palatable. Apart from its well-designed interior, this oven’s relative ease of use has earned it a spot in many reviews. With its comfortable and cool touch handles, for instance, you do not have to worry about irritation and or burns when cooking and serving food. Its lightweight design is also easy to maneuver when cooking, while its oven safe design (up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) diversifies your cooking options at home and in a commercial establishment such as a restaurant. Simply Calphalon Dutch Oven is affordable, designed to work well on several types of heat sources, and has a convenient lidded design that comes backed by a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

03. Lodge L8DD3 Double Dutch oven

Measuring approximately 10-1/4-inches by 13-inches by 5-1/2-inches, Lodge L8DD3 is a conveniently sized five-quart Dutch oven with a unique double design that most individuals appreciate. Recommended for cooking several types of food under slow and controlled temperature, it is an ideal day-to-day cooking accessory. The skillet cover that it comes with lasts long while the impressive five quarts offered enables users to cook large batches of food for family and friends. As most Lodge products, this L8DD3 Double Dutch Oven not only comes pre-seasoned and ready to use but also has sturdy integrated side handles that ease cooking and serving. This cookware is multifunctional. You can use it for frying, sautéing, and baking without compromising quality. Its lid secures excellently for a secure and safer transportation, while its hand washable design is also oven safe, non-stick, and works well with a plethora of heat sources including induction, electric, gas, ovens, and ceramic-glass top.

02. Lodge L8DOL3

With an original Lodge L8DOL3, you get a durable Dutch oven with an innovative dual handle design that is not only easy to use but also safe to use indoors and outdoors. Manufactured using high-density cast iron, it is durable, professional-grade, and has a non-stick and naturally BPA-free interior that cooks well. The 5-quart storage space offered is impressive while its self-blasting domed lid is large and has a tight seal that preserves moisture well to keep food juicy. Out of the shelf, this Dutch oven comes seasoned and ready to use. All you have to do is clean in and thrown in your favorite ingredients to enjoy a sumptuous meal in a few minutes. Clean up is also simple while its rugged cast iron construction not only withstands abuse well but also heats up and distributes heat better that most comparable materials. Purchase one today to get an affordable and high-performance kitchen accessory that you will enjoy using on an everyday basis.

01. Lodge Color EC6D43

A popular six-quart accessory in homes and restaurants, Lodge Color EC6D43 is a top-rated Dutch oven with a stylish Island spice red theme and an enameled cast iron construction that withstands abuse well without losing its value over the years. Designed to withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, it is perfect for frying, sautéing, stewing, and baking applications. Maintenance is easy (by hand or machine), while its dual coated non-stick interior (cream colored) is not only scratch proof but also prevents food from sticking during preparation for the best experience. This accessory is oven and stovetop-safe. Heat retention and dissemination are admirable while the fitting lid that it comes with keeps foods juicy and palatable no matter the type of recipe that you are using. Lodge Color EC6D43 is affordable, has a stylish design that is perfect for serving food, and has a well-constructed body that does not rust, chip, dent, nor lose its functionality.


For those that cook fresh meals often and want to enjoy good results, the quality of kitchen accessories used is vital. While standard aluminum pots and pans work, for instance, purchasing and using one of the 10 Dutch ovens listed herein is a good decision. They are larger, made of high-density materials such as cast iron that offer better heat retention, and have a non-stick and BPA-free interior that do not burn food, leach nutrients, and or lower the value of food in any way (both nutritional and structural). Cleaning is also easy while their ability to withstand abuse well without breaking or bending has made them sought after accessories by individuals and professionals. Buy one today to have a memorable experience.

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