If you have some old films lying around and would want to view the images, you no longer have to go and have them produced in a photo studio. All you need to do is to invest in the best film to digital converters, and you will be able to view and even save your photos in a digital format for printing later on.

Film to digital converters will use a special technology that allows them to read the contents of a film and display them in a more modern format that you can be able to view from other devices and even edit if you want to. They can be very handy at restoring your long lost photos and old memories captured in film.

And contrary to what some might assume, these are quite popular equipment that is widely available in various models from different brands. Here are some of the lading ones currently on the market.

List of the Best Film to Digital Converters in Reviews

01. KODAK RODFS35 Digital Film & Slide Scanner

With adapters to scan a wide variety of negatives and films, the Kodak RODFS35 will be very handy at restoring your long lost memories by helping convert the films into digital images. Also, there is a nice 3.5-inch LCD screen that provides then perfect platform to view your images.

Also, there are 14MP sensors that will allow you to capture images in superior clarity, and there is a built-in interpolation that provides optional image-enhancing up to 22 megapixels.

The large one-touch buttons make operating this film converter more effortless, and they are also more intuitive to allow the first-timer to easily figure them out.
This scanner will also provide TV, USB, and HDMI outputs to allow for more connectivity options, and you will also get the cables and other extras included in the package.

Key Features

  • 3.5-inch LCD screen
  • 14MP sensor
  • Built-in interpolation
  • One-touch buttons
  • Multiple adapters
  • TV, USB, and HDMI outputs

02. Magnasonic FS50 All-in-One Film Scanner

The all-in-one Magnasonic FS50 film scanner provides the ultimate solution to scanning your films as you will not need a computer to edit things like brightness or rotation. Also, you get to choose from pre-installed profiles for excellent color rendition.

This digital converter also provides high resolution 22 MP images to ensure you get some fantastic quality images. And with the 128MB built-in memory, you can get enough storage for more images.

The 2.4-inch LCD screen makes it easy to view your images in a good size, and with this screen and the more intuitive buttons, this will be an easy scanner to use. Also, it will work with a wide variety of films and slide types, and there is also a fast scanning tray to speed up the job.

Key Features

  • All-in-one scanner
  • 22MP high-resolution images
  • 2.4-inch LCD screen
  • Wide rang film/slide compatibility
  • Fast scanning trays
  • 128MB memory

03. KODAK RODFD20 Mini Digital Scanner

Kodak RODFD20 is a highly versatile film and slide scanner that comes with different adapters to handle a wide variety of film sizes and types to allow you to restore old photos in a digital format. And you will not have to worry if some of the films are old and worn out, and hence have lost some of their colors as one of the key traits of this converter is effective color correction.

And it also has a variety of connectivity options including USB and TV outputs to allow you to view the images on different devices. With this scanner, you will never have to worry about not placing the negatives correctly as it has some handy flip and mirror tools to help correct this.

And with the simple and more intuitive control, this scanner will not take a lot of effort to use. When you buy it, you will also get several accessories including a cleaning wand for ease of use, and this is also a more compact scanner for increased portability.

Key Features

  • Versatile scanner adapters
  • Color correction functionality
  • Variety of connectivity options
  • Flip and mirror tools
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Compact portability
  • Comes with several accessories

04. KODAK RODMFS50 Mobile Film Scanner

The Kodak RODMFS50 provides one of the easiest ways to bring back old memories stored in your films back to life. It is a simple scanner to use that will only require you to pair it with your smartphone and start scanning.

This scanner comes with a free mobile app that will allow you to easily edit your images straight on your mobile phone. And this is also a widely compatible scanner that will be able to scan almost any film type and size.

You can also easily carry and use this scanner from anywhere as it is easily collapsible. Because this is a battery-operated model, it will be possible to use it from anywhere, and the operation is more straightforward as it has a built-in LED lamp for easy scanning and simple on/off switch.

Key Features

  • Built-in LED lamp
  • Convenient and wide compatibility
  • Free mobile APP
  • Convenient collapsing design
  • Battery-operated design
  • Simple on/off switch

05. Wolverine F2DTITAN Film to Digital Converter

Wolverine F2DTITAN is a relatively smaller film-to-digital scanner, but it still comes with a larger 4.3-inch color screen that will make it easy to view the scanned images.

This scanner also makes scanning much faster as it uses some unique speed-load adapters that will scan the films in as little as 3 seconds. And operating it is also fast and effortless thanks to the highly intuitive button controls.

Because this is a stand-alone scanner, it will not need any software or computer to scan the films, which is highly convenient. Also, it has an HDMI output to allow you to view the images straight on your TV, and it can also scan a wide variety of film sizes and types.

Key Features

  • 4.3-inch color screen
  • Speed-load adapters
  • Stand-alone design
  • HDMI output
  • Wide film compatibility
  • Simple button operation

06. Wolverine F2D Film & Slide Scanner

Besides the sleek look and more compact design, the Wolverine F2D also does an amazing job when it comes to scanning films and slides. Better yet, it has been designed to handle a wide variety of film types. You can view then scanned images easily and clearly on the 4.3-inch screen while the simple and clearly-labeled buttons will make the scanner straightforward to operate.

For more user convenience, this film scanner can work as both a stand-alone model and also with a computer. And when using it with your computer, it will be compatible with both Windows and MAC operating systems.

This scanner has an SD memory slot that will allow you to expand the memory up to 128 GB using an SD card. When you buy this digital converter, you will also get cables and other extras.

Key Features

  • 4.3-inch LCD screen
  • HDMI output
  • Converts a wide variety of film types
  • Windows and MAC OS compatible
  • Cables and other extras provided
  • SD memory card slot

07. Magnasonic FS71 22MP Film Scanner

Magnasonic FS71 provides a larger display than most other models on our film to digital converter reviews and also most others in its class out there. This 5-inch LCD screen is also bright and clear enough for the perfect image view.

This scanner will provide 14-megapixel high-resolution images and with optional 22-megapixel interpolation to make the quality even better. And besides the display, you can also view the images in multiple other ways like on your TV using the HDMI output.

Scanning is also fast and more effortless and will take under 5 seconds thanks to the fast loading trays. Because there is also RGB color correction, you can also correct the colors easily, while the 128 MB built-in memory will hold lots of images.

Key Features

  • Larger 5-inch display
  • 14MP resolution
  • Multiple ways to view
  • Fast and effortless scanning
  • RGB color correction
  • 128 MB built-in memory

08. Wolverine 20MP Film to Digital Converter

This Wolverine film to digital converter delivers up to 20megapixel resolution to ensure that you get superior quality photos. And you can view them easily and clearly on the 4.3-inch LCD display.

To make sure that the digital converter is ready for immediate use, it will come with a bundle of everything that you will need to start using it from the adapters to the cable.

The design also includes an HDMI output that will make it possible to view the images on your TV, which is quite convenient. And because it is a stand-alone model, you will not need to install any software or use a computer and the simple push buttons make operation effortless.

Key Features

  • 20MP resolution
  • 4.3-inch screen
  • Complete bundle with all accessories
  • HDMI output
  • Simple push-button operation
  • Stand-alone design

09. Zonoz FS-Five Film & Slide Scanner

Zonoz FS-Five not only looks good but also delivers superior film and slide scanning capability with an impressive 22MP resolution to ensure you get the finest quality photos.

And with the larger and high-quality 5-inch TFT color screen, you will get an excellent view of the photos. Also, operating the scanner is made effortless by the large one-touch buttons that are also strategically placed to give you an even easier time.

The stand-alone design eliminates the need for software and computer, while the internal memory and SD card storage provide more than enough memory for all your images. Lastly, this scanner also comes with all the accessories that you need to use it effectively.

Key Features

  • 5-inch TFT color display
  • Big one-touch buttons
  • 22MP resolution
  • Stand-alone design
  • Internal memory and SD card storage
  • Complete set of accessories provided

10. Magnasonic FS60 Film & Photo Scanner

Magnasonic FS60 delivers 14-megapixel photos to allow you to bring back all your long lost memories. And this is also a versatile model that will not only scan a wide variety of film types from 35mm to 126 films but can also be used to scan photos.

Because this is a bottom scanning model, you will not even need to remove the films or photos from the album as you simply need to place the scanner over them, and it will scan them fast and easily.

There is also an SD card slot to allow you to store your scanned images, and because this is a stand-alone model, you will not need any computer to use it. Also, it will take less effort to set up, and using it is also hassle-free.

Key Features

  • 14MP image resolution
  • Bottom scanning
  • Scans a wide variety of films
  • SD card port
  • No computer required
  • Simple setup and use


With the best film to digital converters, you will not have to discard your old films as you can easily scan them to view the photos and bring back your long lost memories. These scanners are also more economical than producing films in a photo studio.

From our highlighted models above, there is something that will work for a wide variety of users. And from this list, the Kodak RODFS35 is our best overall model, but if you are looking to save some cash on your film scanner purchase, the Magnasonic FS50 is a more affordable but still great quality option.

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