Heating your outdoor space whether it is a porch, deck, or patio does not have to be a complicated or even expensive affair as you only need to have an efficient heating system. That said, the gas fire pit tables are one of these highly efficient methods that you can use to keep your outdoor space warm so that you can enjoy sitting there even on colder days.

With the best gas fire pit tables, you also get a cleaner heating system as it will not produce a lot of smoke, which further makes the space even more comfortable. Because these fire pits will also not burn any wood, they will not produce ash, and hence less cleanup work for you afterward.

And to crown all this up, they will also come in a stylish design that will complement the space. But, not just any will work for you. To make sure that you choose a good model, check out our reviews of some of the best ones below.

List of the Best Gas Fire Pit Tables in Reviews

01. Tacklife Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table

You do not have to complicate your outdoor heating to get the best service because something as simple as this model by Tacklife will still do a fantastic job. And it will also provide more than enough heat as the 50,000 BTU output will be good for most users

The fire pit uses propane gas to deliver stable and hot enough burning, and you will not have to struggle with the ignition as it has an automatic ignition system that will make it even more convenient.

Durability is also guaranteed by the sturdy steel construction and rust-proof paint that will ensure it can withstand the elements without rusting. Also, it has a nice copper art finish that will look good in any space and has a nice cover lid for covering it when not in use.

Key Features

  • Automatic ignition pit
  • 50,000 BTU output
  • Strong steel build
  • Rustproof surface
  • Cover lid included
  • Copper art finish

02. Bali Outdoors 50,000BTU Firepit

This 50,000 BTU fire pit by Bali Outdoors is designed to make sure that you will not only have an easy time heating the outdoor space but also get enough heat for most outdoor spaces. You can be confident that this gas pit will serve you well for a long time as it has been built with some stainless steel burners that will deliver a long service life and an equally durable and stable steel body.

There is also a reliable electronic ignition that will make it easy and safe to fire it up. And to ensure that the combustion is much better, you get a more spacious cabinet to allow more air in.

When it comes to the appearance, this fire pit also does not disappoint as it will include lava rock that spices up the fire effect, and the control panel is also hidden to create a more pleasant look.

Key Features

  • 50,000 BTU output
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Durable and stable steel body
  • Spacious cabinet
  • Electronic ignition
  • Hidden control panel
  • Lava rock included

03. Bond Manufacturing 51228 Stone-Look Morgan Hill Fire Column

Looks are always essential when it comes to choosing a gas fire pit. Hence, the sleek look of this one by Bond Manufacturing means it will impress most users and will also complement any space regardless of the theme.

One of the key elements that spice up the look is the lovely granite top, which besides being attractive is also very handy at preserving the heat generated. And while 40,000 BTU might not be the highest, it is still more than enough.

This fire pit is also built to last as it has a sturdy Envirostone base, and it uses some highly durable stainless steel burners. Also, these burners will be super easy and fast to power up thanks to the pulse ignition system.

Key Features

  • Lovely granite top
  • Envirostone base
  • 40,000 BTU output
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Pulse ignition system

04. Endless Summer 30-Inch Gas Fire Pit Table

It is hard not to like this fire pit table as it is not only more affordable but also looks nice, and it is designed to work well with any theme that you might have in your outdoor space.

This fire put table delivers up to 30,000 BTU, which should be enough heat for most typical decks, patios, and balconies. Also, it has 12 pounds of blue fire glass that will help make the fire more attractive.

You will also never have any trouble firing up this fire pit as it has a reliable piezo ignition and safety valve for easy starts. And with the sleek steel panels, you will also get a nice way to keep the gas tank out of sight. Lastly, this is also a quick and easy fire pit to assemble.

Key Features

  • 30,000 BTU output
  • 12-pound blue fire glass
  • PVC vinyl cover
  • Piezo ignition and safety valve
  • Sleek steel panels
  • Simple assembly

05. BALI OUTDOORS 60,000 BTU Fire Pit

If you have a larger space to heat up with a gas fire pit table, this one by Bali Outdoors will be a fantastic choice. It is designed to deliver up to 60,000 BTU and comes in a more spacious rectangular shape that will be handy at ensuring the heat covers larger areas.

This fire pit table is also designed to be highly decorative as it will include 6-piece tiles that you can easily remove when you want to change the color. Also, there are 15 pounds of blue fire glass that besides also spicing up the looks also helps preserve the fire.

The base is made from a sturdy steel material that is also stamped to enhance the look. And with the automatic ignition system, you will not have any difficulties firing up the pit.

Key Features

  • 60,000 BTU output
  • Spacious rectangular table
  • 6-piece table tiles
  • Steel stamped base
  • 15-pound fire glass
  • Automatic ignition

06. Giantex OP3623 30-Inch Gas Fire Pit Table

There is hardly anything about the Giantex OP3623 that you will not love as it will not only produce more heat but also looks fantastic anywhere you place it.
The fire pit can produce up to 50,000 BTU, and it is also designed with a black tile surface to allow it to go with any décor. Also, this is a highly durable fire pit made with a steel body that can withstand the outdoor elements for a long time.

With the reliable electronic ignition, you will also have an easier time firing up this gas fire pit as you will only need to push the button. When you buy the fire pit, you also get a multipurpose cover that will allow you to use it as a regular table and a rain shield to protect it from the elements when not in use.

Key Features

  • 50,000 BTU output
  • Black tile surface
  • Electronic ignition
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Multipurpose cover
  • Rains shield provided

07. BALI OUTDOORS 28-inch Fire Pit Table

The multifunctional design of this Bali Outdoors fire pit table makes it very handy to have around the house as it will be ideal for use as an outdoor table besides its main function as a fire pit.

Also, it delivers up to 50,000 BTUs to allow you to heat larger areas easily. And you can easily fire up the burners as it has a reliable Piezo ignition system that delivers consistent and fast ignition.

This fire pit has a beautiful antique brown finish with a black faux hint, that will ensure it will complement your space nicely. To help enhance the appearance of the fire, it will also include some nice lava rocks. And users will also appreciate the straightforward assembly as it will ensure setup takes less effort.

Key Features

  • 50,000 BTU heat output
  • Piezo ignition system
  • Multifunctional design
  • Beautiful finish
  • Lava rocks included
  • Straightforward assembly

08. TACKLIFE GFP01 Gas Fire Table

Being a multifunctional product that will work well both as a fire pit and outdoor table, the TACKLIFE GFP01 will be very useful for your outdoor spaces. And to make it even better, it has a sleek look to complement the space. This fire pit delivers up to 50,000 BTU to heat larger areas, and the flame is also adjustable to allow you to fine-tune it to suit your specific environment.

You can also be confident that this fire pit will provide great service for a long time as it will include a sturdy metal tabletop and metal switch for firing it up. Also, the burner is made from a highly durable stainless steel material.

To give you even more assurance of its quality, this fire is ETL approved. And one more thing that users will love is the volcanic stones as they create a very pleasant look.

Key Features

  • 50,000 BTU
  • Adjustable flame
  • Sturdy metal tabletop
  • Multifunctional design
  • Metal external switch
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Volcanic stone included
  • ETL approved

09. U-MAX 32-Inch Gas Fire Pit Table

This 50,000 BTU U-Max fire pit table also has a multifunctional design that will allow you to use it as both a fire pit and an outdoor table. It is also designed to give you an easier time when it comes to ignition as it has an automatic electronic ignition.

U-max makes this fire pit with durability at the heart of the design as it is made with a powder-coated aluminum frame that combines with the hand-woven PE rattan panels to deliver a sleek and highly durable product.

Using this fire pit will be hassle-free as you can be confident the flames will never go out as there is a nice glass wind guard. Also, the fire effect will be more impressive as there are some nice glass rocks that will help spice it up.

Key Features

  • 50,000 BTU
  • Automatic ignition system
  • Glass wind guard
  • Clear glass rocks
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Handwoven PE rattan

10. Endless Summer GAD15257SP Gas Fire Table

If durability is what is at the top of your mind when shopping for a fire pit table for your home, the Endless Summer GAD15257SP will be a fantastic choice. This is a super sturdy model made with a stamped steel base.

The burner is made from a durable stainless steel material to ensure you get to use this pit for a long time. Also, firing it up is more effortless with the electronic ignition system.

This 50,000 BTU burner will deliver enough heat for larger outdoor spaces, and you can also be confident it will look good anywhere you place it. Besides the lovely black finish, there is also black fire glass and a hidden control panel, which are factors that further help to enhance the appearance.

Key Features

  • Stamped steel base
  • 50,000 BTU output
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Electronic ignition
  • Hidden control panel
  • Black fire glass


Besides being a reliable and consistent source of heat for your outdoor space, the gas fire pit tables are also very useful for spicing up the style and appearance of the area. What’s more, with the best gas fire pit tables, you will also get a multifunctional appliance that doubles up as an outdoor table.

Finding the right model for you is all about considering the space you have, the heat output you need, and other things like the style. But, our reviews already do the hard work for you. From these reviews, the Tacklife Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table is what we recommend as our top overall model, and the BALI OUTDOORS 60,000 BTU Fire Pit is what you need if you want more heat output.

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