The best large cooler with wheels is what you need if you like to go out with friends or family. It has a large capacity that enables it to carry multiple cans plus ice. Best of all, this cooler is very easy to transport despite the high capacity.

Well, this is because it comes equipped with wheels. The wheels are normally nicely made and move smoothly on various terrains, including tricky ones such as sand and grass.

Furthermore, this large cooler has extra thick insulation in the walls to enable it to keep ice cold for several days. The reviews below talk more about top-notch quality coolers to make your work easier in choosing a suitable brand.

List of the Best Large Cooler with Wheels in Reviews

01. Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Day Rolling Cooler with Wheels

Coleman is a well-known company that helps outdoor enthusiasts with various products. They manufacture sleeping bags, camping tools, stoves, tents, coolers, and lighting units. Their main is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible every time you are outdoors.

Well, one of Coleman’s products is the 50qt. 5-day rolling cooler with wheels. It is a product worth having in these reviews because it has Xtreme technology. The technology features an insulated lid as well as extra-wall insulation. The two features work together to keep ice up to 5 days in temperatures soaring up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides, this 5-day rolling cooler has a large capacity that enables it to hold up to 84 cans. It also has heavy-duty wheels that roll effortlessly over any terrain. Another excellent feature is a telescoping handle that allows you to pull the cooler effortlessly to any place you want.


  • Great for weekend trips
  • The size is perfect
  • The lid is very secure
  • Solidly built and has a good handle

02. Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler with Removable Liner & Wheels

What’s amazing about this soft cooler is that it is treated with antimicrobials. These antimicrobials prevent odor, fungus, mildew, and mold from forming on the removable liner. This means you will always have a clean-looking and super hygienic large cooler with wheels. The removable liner is very easy to clean, and it offers packing flexibility. Ideally, this cooler is large enough to carry up to 42 cans.

Needless to say, it is the ideal cooler for anyone who wants to spend some time outdoors with family or friends. The wheels are durable and will help you transport this cooler from one place to another with ease.

There is also a telescoping handle that makes this cooler easy to move from place to place. Other features include a front zippered pocket to provide extra storage and side handles to offer more carrying control.


  • Keeps beverages, snacks, and food cold for long
  • The plastic, removable insert prevents leaks
  • The bungees on top are a great addition

03. Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Cooler with Wheels

The insulated lid of this cooler with wheels combines with extra insulation in walls to help keep ice up to 5 days at temperatures of up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This means when you have this 5-day heavy-duty cooler, you will be less inconvenienced every time you are outdoors.

The wheels of this cooler are heavy-duty and, therefore, make transporting the cooler quick and easy. The cooler also features a large tow handle that makes it easy to pull as well. Plus it has 2-way side handles to ensure effortless and quick carrying.

The cooler is made in the US with low carbon dioxide to help reduce the emissions of carbon from foam manufacturing. Furthermore, this 5-day cooler holds up to 160 cans, and this makes it a genuine cooler for a large family. The molded cup holders on top of lid keep drinks close as well as preventing them from spilling.


  • Airtight for efficient performance
  • The wheels and handle are great additions
  • Arrives fast and without blemishes

04. Igloo 60 Quart Ice Cube Roller Cooler

What we like about this ice cube roller cooler is the Cool Riser Technology. It gives the cooler an elevated design, and this, in turn, helps improve cooling performance. We also like the recessed drain plug, which makes melted ice very easy to empty. Another feature we would like to bring to your attention is a telescoping handle. It makes the roller cooler very easy to pull.

There are also wheels that make transporting the cooler easy as well as molded side handles for easy lifting in and out of the vehicle. Besides, this roller cooler is well sized and carries more than enough to make sure everyone is refreshed while outdoors.

The self-draining drink holders keep beverages within easy reach, thereby, promoting ultimate convenience. Well, this is a nice ice cube roller cooler that you will find very handy every time you are outdoors.


  • The cooler is easy to pull
  • Perfect for the price
  • Keeps ice for a long time
  • The little spout at the bottom to drain water is great

05. Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Cooler with Wheels

This cooler with wheels is made in the USA, and it holds up to 95 cans. It is a reliable cooler that every outdoor enthusiast should seriously consider. It keeps ice for 5 days at temperatures up to 90 deg F. That being said, this cooler with wheels is perfect for long trips and camping adventures.

Additionally, the cooler has a leak-resistant drain that allows you to get rid of water without the hassle of having to turn it upside down. The cooler also boasts low carbon dioxide insulation, and this means there are reduced carbon emissions from foam manufacturing.

The extreme technology uses extra insulation in the walls and an insulated lid to greatly improve the overall performance of this large cooler with wheels. Furthermore, the lid of this cooler is sturdy enough to carry up to 250 pounds. It is a have-a-seat lid.


  • The drain works as promised
  • The cooler keeps ice longer
  • Wheels roll smoothly on any terrain
  • Large and holds a lot of cans

06. Igloo EA Glide Pro 110 Roller

Igloo has made this roller cooler with infrared technology and UV inhibitors. Well, we must say that this is a smart move. The infrared technology and UV inhibitors protect the cooler against damage by the sun. With that said, expect a long-lasting and reliable roller cooler. Igloo has also made the body and lid of this roller cooler with thick ultratherm foam.

Well, the solidly made body and lid provide MaxCold 5-day performance. Additionally, this roller cooler features a horizontal handle that makes it require 5-percent less effort to be lifted. The handle is telescopic, and this improves convenience.

The cooler also has wheels for a smooth ride and easy transport. Plus it is ergonomically designed in the sense that it has a cushioned grip on the handle for comfortable, fatigue-free towing. Other features are stainless steel hinges, which are virtually indestructible, and a threaded drain plug for easy draining of melted ice.


  • The price is affordable
  • Extendable handle and wheels are convenient to use
  • Lightweight yet carries a lot

07. YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler

It is almost impossible to go wrong with a cooler by YETI. That being said, we are very confident you will love this highly portable wheeled cooler. It has rotomolded construction, and this makes it virtually indestructible. In other words, this wheeled cooler can take all kinds of beatings and abuse. It is important to note that this is YETI’s first cooler on wheels.

While making it, YETI considered the toughness and high insulation power of Tundra. Well, the result is a rugged, high-performance cooler that can easily be moved from one place to another. The wheels of this cooler will never go flat.

And this is because each of them features solid, single-piece tire construction, which is both puncture- and impact-resistant. What’s more, this wheeled cooler has a durable welded aluminum arm that, in turn, boasts comfortable grips for pain-free pulling.


  • Keeps food and drinks cold for days
  • The build quality is amazing
  • Perfect for parties, sailing, and camping
  • The wheels are of excellent size
  • The heel of your feet will never hit the cooler

08. Rubbermaid 75 Quarts DuraChill Wheeled 5-Day Cooler (1836574)

For a cooler to deliver as expected, it must be well insulated. Well, the Rubbermaid 1836574 model has extra thick insulation, and this is enough proof that it will not disappoint. The extra-thick insulation helps it keep ice frozen up to 5 days at temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, this cooler has a large size that accommodates up to 130 cans plus ice.

It also has rugged wheels that make it easy to maneuver on various surfaces. The wheels make this 5-day cooler highly portable. So, whether you are going on a camping trip or picnic, this is what you should consider. It is also ideal for parties and tailgating.

The extendable tow handle is another feature that improves the portability of the cooler. Moreover, there is a drain system for easy draining of liquids and built-in cup holders that fit both 12oz cans and 20oz bottles.


  • Has a high capacity
  • The price is reasonable
  • Appears compact and easy to handle
  • The extra-long handle is convenient for tall persons

09. Igloo Trailmate Journey

The exterior dimensions of this large cooler with wheels are 34.59 inches long by 19.7 inches wide by 23.61 inches high, while the weight is 34.7lbs. From these dimensions, it is safe to say that the Igloo Trailmate Journey is well sized and, therefore, very convenient to use. Furthermore, this cooler has ultratherm insulated lid and body that provide 4-day ice retention performance.

It also has a butler tray that utilizes the handle to serve drinks and snacks. When the butler tray is not in use, it conveniently stores under the lid. The handle of the cooler is telescopic to fit users of different heights.

Additionally, this cooler boasts oversized 10” wheels that will never go flat and are well adapted to move smoothly on the sand and other tricky terrains. The cooler also features a couple of bottle openers to make sure enjoying refreshments is never a daunting task.


  • The cooler holds ice nicely
  • Pulls and pushes easily on hard surfaces
  • It receives a lot of compliments
  • The price is great

10. Igloo Maxcold Cooler

Companies such as Igloo, Coleman, and Yeti make quality products. With that being said, we are happy to have the Igloo Maxcold Cooler on these reviews. It has a 40-quart capacity, and this enables it to hold up to 56 cans. This means it is worth considering if you like going out with friends and family. The reinforced swing-up handles featuring a tie-down loop make this large cooler with wheels very easy to pull.

There is also ultratherm insulation in lid and body to help keep your snacks, beverages, and foods cold for long. The wheels are durable and combine with the tow handle to make the cooler easy to transport from place to place.

Caring for this cooler is a cakewalk, as all you need to do is to wipe both the interior and exterior surfaces between uses and before storing. Also, you should be keen enough to empty the content of the cooler after use. Well, this helps prevent odors and stains.


  • Suitable for camping trips
  • Light and easy to carry
  • The cooler rolls great


A large cooler with wheels is a nice purchase for outdoor enthusiasts. The wheels make it easy to transport, and this means the large capacity will not bother you at all. However, not all large coolers with wheels work the same. So, before you buy one, make sure you go through reviews such as the ones we have here. They are well-researched and will no doubt provide you with what you are looking for.

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