The best luxury shower head will instantly transform your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious 5-star spa. It is equipped with lots of settings, including Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Eco Mode, and Pause Mode, among others.

The pause mode is great for hair conditioning or shaving, while the eco mode comes in handy when you want to save water and money.

The best quality luxury shower head is also stylishly designed, and, therefore, will take the look of your bathroom to a whole new level. To help you get it, we have written comprehensive reviews about different top-selling brands.

List of the Best Luxury Shower Head in Reviews

01. SparkPod High Pressure Rain Shower Head

A normal shower will be your last resort once you try out this luxury shower head. It jets out high-pressure rain of hot water, thereby, making sure you enjoy every moment in the bathroom. Besides, this shower head is universal, and, therefore, can quickly connect to any standard shower arm. To be more precise, only 5 minutes are required to have the shower head nicely set up and functional.

A free Teflon tape and an additional water filter are included to help you carry out the installation process immediately the shower head arrives. Ideally, this high-pressure rain shower head is constructed with rustproof ABS plastic. This sturdy construction helps extend the lifespan of the shower head.

The 90-powered rubber jets are included in this package plus they are very easy to clean. They get rid of hard water deposits, such as limescale, to ensure you enjoy the services of the shower head to the fullest.


  • The tool-free installation is incredible
  • The construction feels durable
  • The shower head looks nice in the bathroom

02. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set

Customer satisfaction is AquaHomeGroup’s priority. And to prove this, the manufacturer provides lots of bonuses and a stylish gift box when you buy this filtered shower head set. These bonuses include a Teflon tape and 5 awesome shower caps. Moreover, the gift box is of premium quality and makes it easy to buy this shower head as a present for a loved one.

Made of metal as well as featuring an internal filter cartridge with vitamin C + E, this luxury shower head will take you by surprise. It has the latest design as well as high-performance shower water filtration technology so it can provide you with the results you are looking for.

Additionally, this shower head boasts a water purifier that reduces heavy metals, sand, rust, chlorine, and other sediments. It is extremely easy to install, as all that’s needed is a hand-tighten connection.


  • Customer service is amazing
  • No bothersome chlorine smell
  • It is worth the price
  • The spray is soft and gentle
  • The spray pattern is outstanding

03. Aqua Elegante 6 Function Adjustable Luxury Shower Head

Shower heads with a water flow exceeding 1.8 GPM are not allowed in California. Unfortunately, this 6-function adjustable luxury shower head does not cut it. But that does not mean it is a bad luxury shower head. On the contrary, this unit is packed with lots of exceptional features, and it works as advertised.

So, unless you are in California, this is the go-to shower head. It is made of a thick layer of solid ABS BPA-free thermoplastic resin. This is impressive because it means the shower head can take anything thrown at it.

Since the construction is thermoplastic, expect this shower head to withstand physical impact as well as to stay rust-free. Also, expect it to be very lightweight and easy to handle. The self-cleaning nozzles are made from mineral-resistant silicone, and they help eliminate clogging up.


  • Easy to install and looks good
  • The price is hard to beat
  • The shower head works extremely well
  • The super powerful massage setting is incredible

04. Hotel Spa AquaStorm 30-Setting HIGH PRESSURE Luxury Shower Head

Hotel Spa knows that it is not just results that matter but the process as well. As such, they have undertaken this luxury shower head through rigorous tests to make sure it is of the highest US quality and performs to the required standards. As if that’s not enough, the manufacturer has independently tested the shower head to make sure it meets the latest US compliance standards.

This is great because not all shower head manufacturers subject their products to the aforesaid rigorous tests. Away from that; this unit features a 2-in-1 head/handheld showerhead combo. Well, the shower head features 6 settings and so is the hand shower.

Moreover, this unit has a patented three-way water diverter that allows you to direct water flow with a turn of the switch. Plus it comes with a hassle-free lifetime US warranty to protect against defects.


  • The shower head looks beautiful
  • Comes with everything needed for installation
  • Installs quickly with no tools required
  • The price is inexpensive

05. Dream Spa Ultra-Luxury 9” Head/Handheld Combo

This head/handheld shower combo does not only top the list for the cheapest luxury shower heads but also it is worth recognizing where the easiest-to-use shower heads are. To operate it, just push the flow-control button and you are good to go. The unit’s ease of use is further enhanced by the fact that the handheld shower can be placed anywhere in the shower to allow for maximum convenience and easy reach.

What’s more, the shower head features an extra-large 9” face to allow for shoulder-to-shoulder coverage. It also has rub-clean jets that ensure easy cleaning as well as an angle-adjustable solid brass ball joint nut to allow for a leak-free, reliable connection.

The limited lifetime warranty gives peace of mind both during purchase and when using the luxury shower head. Whether you want to enjoy aeration massage, high-power rain, or luxurious waterfall, this shower head/handheld combo has it.


  • The instructions are relatively good
  • The rainfall head works as promised
  • Easy to install and looks great
  • The angle is adjustable for convenience

06. ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series 4.5 inch Hand Held Shower Head

Most people think that luxury shower heads are for luxury hotels only. But this is not the case. As a homeowner who does not settle for less, these innovative shower heads are for you. The ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series 4.5” Hand Held Shower Head is one of them.

It is designed to impress you not just with its peerless performance but also with the deluxe design and long-lasting craftsmanship. Better yet, this luxury shower head is within an affordable range.

So, if you want to transform your home bathroom into a luxurious 5-star hotel spa without spending through the nose, this is what you should pick. It has multiple settings, including High Pressure, Light Mist, and Power Spray. Furthermore, this luxury shower head comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.


  • Extremely easy to install
  • Instructions are detailed and can be helpful
  • The price is reasonable
  • The shower head is of amazing quality
  • The water restrictor is simple to remove

07. Hotel Spa 7-Setting AquaCare Series Handheld Shower Head

One main reason why you should try the Hotel Spa 7-Setting Luxury Handheld Shower Head is that it is an all-in-one shower convenience set. It has 7 flow settings, and this makes it a popular choice in the market. These settings include Water-Saving Economy Rain, Power Rain, Hydrating Mist, Pause, Pulsating Massage, and two mixed modes.

The oversized chrome head measures 4 inches and boasts advanced high-pressure three-zone spiral dial. It also features anti-clog jets that deliver superior flow reliability and performance. The water-saving on/off pause switch ensures you have instant flow control at your fingertips. In pause mode, the water flow is reduced to a trickle and not shut off completely.

This helps prevent the build of water pressure and high temperatures, thereby, keeping you protected from bursting water lines and scalding. What’s more, this handheld shower head comes with a super long 6-foot stainless steel hose. The hose is very flexible and allows for easy reach and mobility.


  • Works exactly as promised
  • The water flow is perfect
  • The handheld shower head is of great quality

08. RongMax Chrome Finish Rain Shower Head Kit

We love the concept behind this rain shower head kit. Well, the rainfall shower head is designed to provide the experience of showering in the rain. As such, it delivers unparalleled performance both at high and low water pressure. Furthermore, this rainfall shower head is solidly made to stand the test of time.

It has an integrated brass joint, which lasts a lifetime. Moreover, the rainfall shower head comes with a removable water restrictor that helps reduce water flow in the shower head to 2.5gpm. By so doing, the water restrictor will help you save money on bills and water.

If you live in a region where the water pressure is low then removing the water restrictor will help return the shower head pressure to normal. Everyone likes a gentle, soothing, and relaxing shower. Well, the RongMax Chrome Finish Rain Shower Head Kit provides it in plenty, and that makes it a worthy investment.


  • The size is perfect – not too large, not too small
  • The extra long shower arm is adjustable
  • The water flow is fabulous

09. Voolan 12 Inches Large Rainfall Shower Head

One key benefit of a large shower head is that it covers the entire body. Another benefit is that a large shower head will continue to perform even when the water pressure is low. The Voolan 12-inch Large Rainfall Shower Head is one of the largest units on the market. So, if you are looking for a large luxury shower head, it is worth giving more than enough attention.

It has all the benefits of a large rainfall shower head and even goes the extra mile to combine ultra-thin and air-in technology to create ultimate rainfall experience. In a nutshell, the technology helps save water without sacrificing luxury.

However, it’s not just luxury this rainfall shower head brings – it also changes the look of the bathroom for good. The polished stainless steel mirror finish and the luxury modern chrome look make this shower head a piece of art in your bathroom.


  • Installation is quick and easy
  • The 12-inch square head looks beautiful
  • Covers a large area

10. DreamSpa 36 Setting Large Luxury Showerhead and Hand-Shower

With this unit, you can use two shower heads together or separately. It is a 3-way multi-shower packed with 36 full & combined water flow patterns. Each shower head features 7 full settings, including Power Rain, Rain/Massage, Pulsating Massage, Rain/Mist, Eco Rain, Hydro Mist, and Pause Modes.

Besides, both the shower head and hand shower are 4 inches, and this is just fine. The combo features a patented three-way water diverter that makes it very easy to operate. It also has an extra-long 6” stainless steel shower hose that improves convenience by allowing you to reach every area of the body.

Installing the combo is a cakewalk and no tools are required. Moreover, this model comes with a lifetime limited warranty for a hassle-free purchase. It has all the tools in its locker to exceed your expectations. Best of all, this luxury shower head & hand shower combo is affordably priced for 100-percent satisfaction.


  • The long hose is very handy
  • The water pause mode is a plus
  • The 3-way diverter works well


A luxury shower head is a decent replacement to the normal shower head. It has lots of settings and patterns to make sure all your needs are met. Additionally, this shower head is available in unique designs, such as a shower head & hand shower combo. It is also affordable not to mention being very easy to install.

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