Did you know that poor financial management is one of the major reasons why most start-up businesses fail within the first year of their inception? Financial losses due to poor counting skills, for instance, are rampant, particularly in high traffic establishments. Fake currencies and con persons compound the problem further with disastrous effects, as a result. To stem such problems and run a profitable establishment as a result, a quality money counter will come to your aid. Compact and with high-speed designs that count money accurately every time, they work well in all business environments. Operation is also simple while the counterfeit detectors that some models come with protect business owners from fraudsters looking to prey on unsuspecting businesspersons. For the best experience, here is a detailed review of the 10 best counters to purchase in 2020:

10. GSI Electronic Money/Cash Bill Counter

Featuring an excellent quality and ultras-safe design that works well in business establishments, this electronic money/cash bill counter from GSI is a valuable accessory that has improved how individuals manage their finances. Its space-efficient design does not clutter personal space. Its screen is large and LED backlit for easier setup and review while the universal and high-speed money counting technology that it uses works well with all major currencies without compromising accuracy. It also detects double and half notes accurately and has a novel auto start, stop, clearing, self-examination, and batching functions that improve its performance significantly. For those with large businesses and or count large batches of money every day, its high 1000 bills per minute counting speed counts faster and efficiently. The MG and automatic UV counterfeiting technology that it comes with detects fake notes accurately (100%) while its affordability and user-friendly design have made it a sought after money counter by institutions, offices, and retail stores alike. Instead of counting money manually or predisposing your business to the numerous fraudsters that target institutions and stores, purchase an original GSI Electronic Money/ Cash Bill Counter and fully understand the instruction manual that it comes with to better your experience over the years.

09. Pyle Automatic Banknote Bill Counter

A reputable brand among millions of people all over the world, Pyle has manufactured several functional products that have bettered the experience of users over the years. In the business niche, for instance, the quality money counters that it has manufactured have helped individuals as far as counting money and avoiding frauds are concerned. If you are tired of losing money because of your poor counting skill or the numerous fraudsters in your locality, Pyle Automatic Banknote Bill Counter is a worthy solution to consider. Compact, durable, and attainable cheap in most reputable stores, it is perfect for use in offices, institutions, and business establishments. Its digitized system, on the other hand, is fast and super-accurate while its reliability guarantees users value every day devoid of setting. Pyle Automatic Banknote Bill Counter works well with US dollars, British pounds, Canadian dollars, and Euro bank notes. The top loading bill feeder is large and easy to use while its high counting speed (1500 bank notes per minute) breezes through counting jobs in both small and large establishments. Finally, if money fraud is a major challenge in your locality, the integrated counterfeit note detection technology that it comes with will benefit you immensely. It is easy to use, combines UV, infrared and magnetic thread detection technologies to maximize accuracy, and has a beeping alarm notification that warns you of fake notes.

08. IMAGE Bill Money Counter

In the money-counting niche, IMAGE is an acclaimed brand among both individuals and institutions because of the valuable products in its arsenal. If counting is not your major strength, for instance, the numerous counting modes that this one of a kind machine offers will benefit you immensely. In count mode, for instance, you can count an unlimited amount of money by placing as many bills as possible on its top loading feeder. In preset mode, on the other hand, you can set it to count a specified number of notes without worrying about accuracy. If counterfeit notes is a threat, on the other hand, the advanced counterfeit detection technology that it employs (magnetic (MG) and ultraviolet (UV) will help you to sift fake notes on demand and spare your business the losses associated with such frauds. IMAGE Bill Money Counter supports high-speed counting. Its compact design (280*240*160mm) and quiet roller friction feed system appeal to office workers, while its advanced self-check technology (with automatic clear and reset) and support for multiple currencies (US dollars and Euros, for instance) has made it a sought-after money counter all over the world.

07. Kolibri Bill Counter

Forget about the money counting mistakes that you make whenever you are handling large batches of cash or the inefficient counters that do users more harm than good. If you have saved a few dollars to spend on a money counter and want an accurate and reliable model that will serve you well for years, Kolibri Bill Counter is one of the best. Compact, durable, and designed to work excellently in all settings, it is a perfect personal and office accessory. Its counting speed (1000 notes per minute) breezes through large batches of notes without compromising accuracy while the auto start, auto stop, and error-clearing features buyers get not only ease its usage but also its performance significantly. The full suite of counterfeit detectors it comes with (UV, CHN, DBL, and HLF), on the other hand, sifts counterfeits accurately to spare users the losses associated with such bank notes. Kolibri Bill Counter measures 9 x 11 x 5-inches. The heavy-duty metal used to manufacture it is aesthetic and long lasting while the one-year warranty offered for it covers all defects. Make sure that you purchase one from a reputable store such as Amazon, however. The imitations that are attainable cheap in some aftermarket stores do not qualify for such add-ons.

06. Cassida Digital Bill Counter

A bestselling brand in America and Europe, Cassida is a digitized bill counter with a high-speed business grade design that counts up to 1300 bills per minute. Cash handling is super accurate. Set up and operation are also easy while its low-cost design works well for business start-ups and or established institutions looking to cut down their expenditure. Even though this model has a manual start and stop system, its accuracy has won the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Its support for batch, add, and add+batch-counting modes have improved its performance further while its aesthetic steel construction is durable and designed to withstand abuse well in busy office and business establishments. If fraud is a major concern, Cassida Digital Bill Counter has an innovative Tiger UV technology that uses both standard and magnetic markers to identify fakes. You do not have to worry about losing money to fraudsters, as most starting and established business persons often do. Purchase an original today to get a 30-day defective policy and a one-year Cassida warranty.

05. BlueDot Trading Currency Counter

Featuring an electricity-powered 110-volt system, a compact and durable design, and a versatile system that counts several types of bank notes accurately, BlueDot Trading is an acclaimed personal and commercial currency and bill counter that offers value. Featuring a convenient plug and use design, setup and operation are straightforward. You do not have to assemble complicated components or grapple with annoying settings to get it working to your standards. It also supports batch and adding functions and has an innovative self-examination function that identifies errors and productivity issues on demand. Whether you are handling US dollars, Euros, and or British pounds, you will have a promising experience with this one of a kind currency counter with minimal effort. You even get an automated half-note detection feature that identified folded and torn notes and an automated magnetic and UV counterfeit detection feature that identified fake notes accurately, even when mixed with real notes. You no longer have to feel notes and or user other unorthodox techniques that people have used to identify fakes over the years. BlueDot Trading Currency Counter is affordable, readily available in the Amazon web store, and is perfect for personal and commercial use.

04. CARNATION Bill Counter CR180

Gone are the days when businesspersons had to spend several minutes counting money and making mistakes as a result. With the development of advanced bill counters such as this CR180 model from CARNATION, the process has eased significantly for several reasons. The high-speed counting technology that it uses, for instance, breezes through 1000 notes (of various sizes and currencies) in one minute. You no longer have to waste several productive hours counting money manually on an everyday basis. Its style, on the other hand, is aesthetic, space efficient and recommended for use in institutions, offices, and stores while the counterfeit detection technology that it comes with uses magnetic and ultraviolet rays to identify fake note that fraudsters often slip between authentic ones. As such, instead of feeling notes and or using visual cues to identify fake ones manually, all you have to do is run all suspect notes into the machine and let it do the legwork for you. Other interesting attributes that most individuals consider invaluable are its accuracy, longevity, diverse counting systems (Add and pre-set, for instance), and the free one-year warranty offered for it.

03. Cassida 5520UV Currency Counter

Featuring an advanced design that counts up to 1300 bills per minute (including the new 100 dollar bill), Cassida 5520UV is a top of the line currency counter that combines speed and accuracy to offer users value every time. If you handle large batches of money on an everyday basis, spare yourself the numerous counting mistakes that you make every day when making final tallies. With this machine, you will get fast and accurate results on demand without special skills and or grappling with complicated setups. The four operating modes offered (count, add, batch, and add+batch) diversify your options, while the advanced sensors that come built in flag half, double, and chain notes accurately to better your experience further. You also get self-lubricating bearings that dampen noise whilst counting, a self-diagnosing system that keeps it working optimally for years, and an advanced 5520 UV/MG counterfeit detecting technology that authenticates all bills that run through its system. This spare you the trouble of physically scouring for fake notes, as most small-scale businesspersons often do. Cassida 5520UV Currency Counter is affordable and has a sturdy and space-efficient design with a snap open front cover and simple and intuitive controls that individuals of all cadres find easy to use.

02. Cassida 6600UV Currency Counter

As the Cassida 5520UV currency counter listed herein, Cassida 6600UV is a professional-grade machine with a convenient top-loading hopper that holds up to 400 bills (at full capacity) and a reliable and high-speed system that counts up to 1400 notes per minute (including the new 100 dollar bill). Manufactured using high-density materials, it is durable and designed to withstand abuse well. The plethora of operating modes offered (add, count, batch, and add+batch) improve its performance further, while the innovative ValuCount technology that it uses improves its accuracy and reliability significantly devoid of the types of bank notes in your possession. If cash is a challenge, this money counter is affordable. Setup and operation are straightforward while the 6600 UV/MG sensors that come built in authenticate all notes using ultraviolet technology to filter out fake ones. This is admirable, particularly if you work in a crime prone areas where counterfeit notes are rampant in the market. Purchase an original one to get a nicely designed currency counter that is not only super accurate but also has a convenient plug and use design.

01. G-Star Technology Money Counter

Money counting is a tedious and often time-consuming task. If you are grappling with a similar challenge and want an affordable and reliable solution, consider purchasing this G-Star Technology Money Counter. Featuring a power efficient 3-watt electrical system, it is perfect for commercial use. Speed is also admirable (1000 notes per minutes) while its quiet system counts money accurately without irritating users. If filtering counterfeit notes is a major challenge, the sensitive 1/100000 counterfeit detection rate that it achieves (via magnetic (MG) and ultraviolet (UV) sensors) is admirable while its user-friendly design benefits individuals of all cadres. You also get an automated self-testing feature that keeps it working in top condition and a space efficient design that does not clutter personal space.


Are you shopping for a new currency counter that you can use effortlessly on an everyday basis? While purchasing the cheapest product in the market or an endorsed model that you identify in an advertisement sounds like a good idea, the model that you choose should be durable. Operation should be simple and its system designed to count notes faster and identify counterfeit bills that might compromise your productivity over the years. The 10 products reviewed herein offer the foregoing benefits and more. Instead of gambling or buying on impulse in your local store, consider buying one or more to have memorable results in your business establishment.

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