For motorbike riders, unlike cars, can have some challenges as there is not enough space to store a number of their items. In today’s world, a tool bag that can be attached to the motorbike is available to help make our life easier and more convenient. However, with so many options available in the world these days, it can be challenging to choose one. We recommend that you take a look at 10 Best Motorcycle Tool Bags that have received mostly high ratings from consumers. For first-timers, we also have a buying guide to help you with what to consider when searching.

List of the Best Motorcycle Tool Bags


10. Leather Motorcycle Tool Bag by NBOMOTO

NBOMOTO motorcycle tool bag has two holes that are 11.9cm apart from each other. This bag is made a hundred percent out of superior quality authentic leather and its handy fastener is made out of plastic. Furthermore, it has a universal design that is compatible with almost all models of motorcycles.
However, just to be sure that it will perfectly fit, please carefully check the size before buying the product. It can be set up at places such as the front forks, handlebar, and other places. Lastly, when purchased, consumers will be receiving two mounting fasteners along with the bag in the package.

09. Waterproof Leather Motorcycle Tool Bag by 2Fit Your Fitness Partner

2Fit Your Fitness Partner motorcycle tool bag is made out of polyurethane leather, which is a man-made leather imitating the look as well as the feel of genuine leather. Furthermore, it is designed to have a vintage style, which is great for people who love vintage style products.
In addition, the leather is resistant to water, so users would not need to worry about their belongings getting soaked on rainy days. Moreover, it features a double mounting fastener with needle buckle strap. Lastly, it is simple and quick to set up and can be set up on all sides of a motorcycle.

08. Thick Leather Motorcycle Handlebar Bag by Hide & Drink

Hide &Drink motorcycle tool bag is made out of simple but lasting leather materials. Each material was handled with care and good craftsmanship plus they are handmade to fit the highest standard of quality. Furthermore, the leather is full-grain leather that is soft to the touch, sustainable and long-lasting. Even after a long time of usage, the leather will remain in a good shape with its one-of-a-kind patina appearance.
Moreover, each stitch of the bag is hand-stitched by the people of Guatemala, which is a town that is known for its dedication to creating leather products. The loose ends of the stitch on the bag are circulated by flame so that the stitches would not unravel. Lastly, the belts on the bag, each has a 10-year warranty. If you are not satisfied or if there are any issues, immediate contact Hide & Drink.

07. Motorcycle Fork Bag by Fenjar

Fenjar motorcycle tool bag is made of out a superior quality polyurethane leather with an inner lining that will surely sustain during long-distance trips. Furthermore, as a result of the high-quality materials as well as the fine craftsmanship, the tool bag is not only water-resistant, but it is also wear-resistant. Now, you can use it without having to worry about it getting damaged easily or water leaking through, getting your belongings all soaked during rainy days.
Moreover, the bag has two plastic buckle fasteners that will keep the bag firm in the place and make zipping it open and close easily. Lastly, it has a universal design, meaning it is compatible with almost every model of motorcycles.

06. Leather Motorcycle Handlebar Tool by Issyzone

Issyzone motorcycle tool bag is perfect for storing your small belongings such as water bottle, driver’s license, sunglasses and many more. Furthermore, with the fasteners provided, it can be set up at various places of the motorcycle such as the handlebar or s front fork. In addition, it comes with flaps on both sides to keep the items inside in the firm in place as well as shielding the bag from some rainwater.
Moreover, it is designed with an easy and fast release buckle making it comfortable for users to reach in and take out some items. Lastly, if you face any problems regarding the bag, please send the company an email.

05. Motorcycle Storage Bag by The Nekid Cow

The Nekid Cow motorcycle tool bag features a double quick-release fastener buckles that makes reaching for items inside easy and quick to do. Furthermore, on both sides of the bag, there are two flaps that keep your belongings inside from falling out of the bag when the road is bumpy. In addition, it is designed to keep away the rain and snow, so you would not have to worry about your belongings getting soaked. Lastly, its mounting fasteners are adjustable, which makes installing onto your motorcycle easy.

04. Motorcycle Tool Bags Waterproof Saddlebag by ElaineStore

ElaineStore motorcycle tool bag has two holes that are approximately 4.7 inches apart from each other. This bag is made out of superior quality authentic leather material that makes it durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, it is water-resistant, a beneficial feature that helps keep the rainwater away and keep your belongings dry.
Additionally, it has a pocket with dual fastener flap covers. In the middle of the bag, there is a skull design on it. Lastly, it is designed to fit almost all models of motorcycles.

03. Middle Size Bag for Scooter Honda Suzuki Yamaha by ISSYZONE

ISSYZONE motorcycle tool bag has a large capacity for storing your items. Although it may not be as large compare to most leather bags found in the market, however, it is large enough to store items such as coat, gloves, and some other items. It is not limited to motorbikes, but it can also be used for bicycles. Furthermore, it features two individual bags that have different closure. One is with a zipper and the other one is with a buckle for quick storing and taking out.
Additionally, it has two additional compartments for small things like water bottles. One of the compartments has a Velcro and rubber band, and the other compartment has a drawstring. Lastly, it has an adjustable mounting fastener extending from 2.2 inches to 5.5 inches.

02. Goat Leather Messenger Satchel Motorcycle Tool Bags by Vintage Crafts

Vintage Crafts motorcycle tool bag has an interior made entirely from heavy-duty canvas and an interior made using authentic goat leather. On the front of the bag, there is a compartment for storing small items.
As for the interior, there are three pockets with two zipper ones. Vintage Crafts motorcycle tool bag features authentic brass accessories.

01. Bags Box Fork Saddlebags by Jackets 4 Bikes

Jackets 4 Bikes motorcycle tool bag has a universal design which means it is suitable for almost every model of motorbikes. It is black in color and it weighs 1 pound. Furthermore, its capacity is decent for storing small items. In addition, it is sturdy on the motorbike and will secure your belongings in place during your rides.

Buying Guide

To avoid purchasing a tool bag that is not suitable or is not what you are expecting, it is extremely important that you consider a few factors before deciding to buy it.


If your motorbike is not that big, it is recommended that you choose a small one, however, still big enough to store your daily and needed small items such as your phone, water bottle, sunglasses, etc.

Buckle Design:

Make sure that the buckle provided is easy and quick to release because we all have many things to do in a day, we do not want to spend a lot of time or stress out trying to release the buckle whenever we need to take an item out or put an item in. If it is easy and quick to release, it would be convenient for us whenever we need something right away.

Compatible Models:

Before buying, you ought to check if the bag is compatible with your motorbike or not as you would not want to purchase one that is not suitable. Some bags are designed to fit universal models, which lessen the likelihood of wrong purchase, however, some are suitable for specific models.


Make sure you check to see if the fasteners are long and sturdy enough to hold the bag in place and for a long period of time. If it can hold out for long, then you can use it either when you are traveling a short distance or long distance.


Having read through the descriptions regarding each motorbike tool bag and the buying guide for the product, it would be awesome if you were able to come across one that you are considering buying or have taken an interest in. If you have, please do not forget to check for further information regarding the product and feel free to purchase one for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones. Enjoy riding safely and efficiently.

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