With most cities growing and becoming crowded by the day, safety has become a major challenge to many people, particularly to women that walk to work or return home late after partying all night. While spending most of your time indoors and or hiring personal security sound promising, individuals that want an effective and rational solution should consider purchasing a pepper spray. Compact, lightweight, and with portable designs that you can carry along to work and or school, they are perfect travel accessories. The burst of paper sprays that they eject disable users on contact while their ease of use makes them ideal accessories for both men and women of all ages. Unfortunately, the diversity of products currently available in the market confuses most first time shoppers with a majority opting for the cheapest in their store of choice or celebrity endorsed models that they identify in advertisements. To spare you from making such a rash decision and increase your chances of finding the best, this article reviews the 10 most recommended pepper sprays to buy in 2020.

10. Mace Brand Pepper Spray

Considered among the best personal self-defense accessories for both men and women, pepper sprays are among the most recommended because of their effectiveness and their relative ease of use. While most available brands offer the foregoing benefits, Macy Brand is one of the best products in this nice. Manufactured using lightweight plastic (17 grams), it is durable, portable, and recommended for everyday travel. Its hot pink theme eases its location in the dark while its ease of operation ranks it among the best personal defense sprays for both men and women alike. Instead of grappling with pull pins and other complicated technologies present in some comparable safety accessories, all you have to do is point at your target and press its trigger to deliver a stinging dose that he or she will not forget for many weeks to come. The OC pepper formula offered also have UV dye that law enforcement can use to track your threat. The stream pattern that it generates, on the other hand, has an impressive range of up to 10 feet while the five sprays offered will keep you safer longer.

09. SABRE RED Pepper Spray

Do you live in a crime-prone neighborhood? Are you shopping for an effective pepper spray that you can conceal, travel with, and use easily when needed? To maximize safety without compromising any of the foregoing attributes, purchasing this SABRE RED pepper spray is one of the best decisions that you can make. It is lightweight, has a portable pink lipstick design that fits comfortably in the hand, and contains a stinging dose of police-strength formula that disorients and disables targets immediately it hits the face. This way, when under duress, it will spare you sufficient time to either escape from your attacker or call out for help. Unlike some models with low powered designs that require users to be as close as possible to targets to work, SABER RED has a high-powered and ISO 9001:2008-certified design that produces a powerful ballistic stream at distances of up to 10 feet. The stream lacks blowback (which protects users from dowsing themselves) and ranks among the most effective for its ability to protect users at a safe distance. Made in the USA, this pepper spray is popular among people and law enforcement officers worldwide and has an impressive shelf life of up to four years.

08. Police Magnum Pepper Spray

Attainable as a package of four three-ounce flip top pepper sprays, Police Magnum is a handy safety accessory for individuals and law enforcement with several innovative features that have earned it a spot among the best. Manufactured using heavy-duty black plastic, for instance, it is durable, aesthetic, and very easy to conceal during transit. Weight is negligible while its safe design lowers the risk of accidental discharge and therefore injury. To distract and or disable threats, each pepper spray used as a non-flammable and non-toxic Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) solution (17%) that works effectively without long-term damage. The ultraviolet identifying dye that comes integrated eases identification of suspects while its easy to use touch-based design improves the response time of users, which better their safety further. Whether you are dealing with a carjacker, a rapist, a mugger, or vicious animal, that burning sensation that this one of a kind accessory induces will disorient them, grant you sufficient time to make a hasty retreat, and live to tell your tale. Purchase an original and unexpired set from Amazon to better your overall experience.

07. SABRE RED (Max Protection)

Designed for professional use, this Max Protection edition of the acclaimed SABRE RED brand of pepper sprays is a top rated safety accessory that delivers up to five times more shots (25) that most standard pepper sprays. With an original pack, therefore, you will never have to worry about running out of pepper spray or spending a lot of money on many smaller packages, as most individuals often do. SABRE RED is USA, preferred by New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago law enforcement, and has helped many people all over the world fight off breast cancer via the donations that it gives out for each accessory bought. It has also helped millions of people all over the world fight off human and animal attacks because of the valuable product got. Purchase an original one, for instance, to get a lightweight ISO 9001:2008 certified accessory that produces effective one-second burst each with an impressive one-foot range. The ballistic stream that it generates has low blowback (which optimizes user safety, while the long four-year shelf life offered is impressive, considering its pocket-friendliness.

06. SABRE RED Pepper Gel Spray

Featuring an immediately accessible lightweight design with an integrated hand strap for stability and better control, this pepper gel spray from SABRE is an advanced safety accessory with many novel features that people like. Its stylish design, for instance, is not only appealing but also easy to conceal in your bag and vehicle. The lightweight plastic used to manufacture it does not weight down users during storage of transportation while the 35-burst capacity offered is impressive, considering that most contemporary brands have 1/6th of its capacity (five bursts). This, however, does not mean that you have to part with premium amounts to own one. SABRE RED Pepper Gel Spray is affordable and recommended as an everyday safety accessory. Apart from its convenience and high capacity, this gel paper spray is popular among individuals and law enforcement alike because of its impressive range (12 feet). As such, you can use it from a distance without worrying about blowback and or compromising its effectiveness. Tested for strength and reliability, it reduces safety risk. The non-flammable OC formula that it uses also has an impressive 4-year shelf life.

05. SABRE Red Spitfire

Ranked among the most compact, advanced, and rapid firing pepper, SABRE Red Spitfire has helped millions of people to ward off animal and or human threats without harming themselves. Unlike some inconvenient single-use models that individuals relied on in the past, this model has a convenient refillable case that cuts down operation costs significantly. The deploying key ring it comes with lowers the risk of accidental deployment while its reliability has made it a sought-after product by individuals and law enforcement alike. To maximize your safety outdoors, therefore, it is one of the most recommended products to use. Even though the eight burst offered is minuscule considering the capacity of most SABRE RED pepper sprays, all you need is a single one-second burst to choke and increase the respiratory effect on threats in all environments. The plethora of laboratory tests that it has passed also attests its reliability while the impressive 8-foot range buyers get enables you to operate it safely from a distance without worrying about back draft. SABRE Red Spitfire is affordable, ISO 9001:2008 compliant, and has a shelf life of up to four years.

04. SABRE RED Pepper Gel (with Belt Holster)

To get a valuable safety accessory that will serve you well over the years, SABRE RED Pepper Gel (with Belt Holster) is one of the bestselling products in this niche. Lightweight and made of heavy-duty plastic that lasts long, it is perfect for outdoor travel. The police-grade OC formula that it uses is stable and has fast-acting ingredients that better the safety of users while its unique flip top design is not only easy to use, but also lowers the risk of accidental discharge in storage. This minimizes wastage. It also ups the safety of users significantly devoid of skill level. In terms of performance, this pepper spray outmatches most comparable models in several ways. The 18-foot range offered, for instance, enables you to operate it safely from a distance in all environments. Its lightweight design (1.8 ounces) does not require a lot of effort to operate while its enhanced Gel delivery technology not only lowers the risk of cross-contamination but also improves its effectiveness indoors. Buy a new one to get an impressive four-year shelf life and a free holster for easier transportation.

03. Police Magnum OC Pepper Spray (Twist Top)

As most products listed herein, Police Magnum pepper spray is a professional-grade accessory that retails as a pack of four high-end twist top sprays that work well. Their safety rating, for instance, is admirable. The portable key ring design that individuals get is lightweight (0.5 ounces), portable, and very easy to use while the advanced OC pepper formula (17%) that it uses is non-flammable, non-toxic, and works fast on both humans and animals to offer sufficient time for escaping. It even contains a unique UV dye that stays active on the skin for easier location of threats. Police Magnum OC Pepper Spray (Twist Top) is affordable, non-flammable, and non-toxic. Operation is straightforward while its concealable key ring design and the impressive range offered (10 feet) is also stylish and designed to maximize the experience of both male and female users. You will never regret purchasing an original pack of this USA-made pepper spray set.

02. SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray

With this 3-in-1 pepper spray from SABRE, you get a compact police strength safety accessory with a built-in safety clip that prevents accidental discharge. Its lightweight design is immediately accessible in the event of a threat. Operation is touch-based (which improves its performance further) while the advanced three in one formula that it uses is a combination of CS military tear gas, pepper spray, and a UV marking dye that works in synergy to better the safety of users. Apart from disabling your threats, you will also have an easy time identify your threat whether he or she baths or not. Each original SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray produces up to 35 bursts of protective spray. The 10-foot range offered allows you to operate it safely and effectively from a distance while its ISO 9001:2008 certified design is not only safe but also has a longer shelf life (four years). Many people also appreciate its affordability, effectiveness against multiple threats, and the reduced blowback ballistic jet stream that it generates.

01. Sabre Pink Pepper Spray

Featuring a convenient quick release key ring design and a high-capacity design that delivers up to 25 bursts at full capacity, Sabre Pink Pepper Spray is a valuable safety accessory that could save your life the next time you encounter a robber, rapist, or a wild animal outdoors. Even though its pink body has a girly outlook that most individuals confuse for a weakness, the OC paper spray formula that it uses offers immediate results without irritating users. Its quick burst design is effective from distances of up to 10 feet while the reduced blowback and the straight ballistic stream that it generates has made it a sought-after product all over the world. Pricing is decent. Operation is very easy while its durable and safety-certified design is perfect for everyday use.


Are you tired of the numerous safety threats that you grapple with regularly? To maximize safety whenever you are heading home from work or from a social event such as a party, purchasing one of the 10 pepper sprays listed herein will serve you the best. They are light, compact, and easy to conceal in transit. They are also easy to use, use a stinging OC formula that delivers immediate results and are certified safe for personal use and long distances.

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