When you need to have a reliable source of power on the house or want a power source that you can easily carry and use in different job sites, the portable generator is unbeatable. Besides providing more consistent and reliable power than other types of portable power sources, they are also smarter and deliver more power to power up almost anything.

Ultimately, the best portable generator for a house for you will depend on your specific needs, and also other things like how much cash you are willing to spend. However, before settling on any model, it is always important to consider things like capacity, safety, ease of use, and functionality.

Because we know you do not always have the time to compare various models using these important parameters, we have done most of the hard work for you. Here we showcase some of the most amazing portable generators out there to make it even easier to narrow down your choices.

List of the Best Portable Generator for House in Reviews

01. DuroMax XP12000EH Portable Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH does not make the top of our list by chance as it is one of the best performing portable generators out there. It is a powerful 18-horsepower and 475cc generator that will deliver enough power for a wide variety of applications.

It has a starting wattage of 12,000-watts and an impressive 9,500 running watts. Also, it is built to work for almost any situation as you can choose to use it either at 120 volts only or at both 120 and 240 volts simultaneously.

The all-metal build also makes this a highly durable unit that will provide a long service life. The CARB and EPA approvals further provide confidence that this generator is designed to last many years. And to make it even better, it has a user-friendly keyed electric start to ensure more effortless and fast startups.

Key Features

  • Dual fuel tech
  • 18-horsepower engine
  • 120 and 240-volts simultaneous operation
  • All-metal build
  • Keyed electric start
  • 12,000 starting watt and up to 9,500 running 3watts
  • CARB and EPA approved

02. Rockpals WCE001 250-Watt Portable Generator

If you prefer a more affordable but still powerful and useful portable generator, the Rockpals WCE001 is just what you need to buy. It is also a convenient model with 3 ways of recharging for more user convenience. You can recharge it by connecting to a power outlet, car charger, or with a compatible solar panel.

Also, unlike many other models out there, the inverter is a pure sine wave, which means it will deliver clean power like what you get from your utility electricity, and hence allowing your appliances to run more smoothly.

This portable generator is also only 5.5 pounds, which means it will be easier to carry around. Better yet, it has a high capacity battery that when full can recharge various devices before draining out. And with the universal socket design, it will work with any charger adapter across the world.

Key Features

  • 3-way rechargeable
  • Inverter is a pure sine wave
  • 5.5-pound lightweight
  • 2 Built-in USB ports
  • High capacity battery
  • Universal socket
  • Smart and silent cooling fan

03. Westinghouse iGen2600 Portable Inverter Generator

One of the main drawbacks of many generators is often noise. However, with this model, noise is hardly an issue as it has a 52 dB noise-rating, which ensures it will operate much quieter than most others out there. And besides being quiet, it is also a powerful enough model that delivers up to 10 hours run time. Also, this portable generator will include a couple of 20-amp outlets, 2 USB outlets, and a DC outlet to allow you to use it to power a wide variety of devices.

The rotating digital display makes it super easy to operate by displaying important information such as the total power output, fuel level, the remaining runtime you have, and also the voltage output.

This generator also uses up less fuel as it is quite fuel-efficient, and because it is USFS, EPA, and CARB compliant, you can be confident you are buying a superior quality product.

Key Features

  • Powerful enough to run several appliances
  • Rotating digital display
  • Super quiet operation
  • Highly fuel-efficient
  • CARB, USFS and EPA compliant
  • 10-hour runtime

04. Westinghouse WGen7500 Generator

With a run time of at least 16 hours, the Westinghouse WGen7500 will not only be an effective backup power supply but it can also work well enough as your main source of power at home. And it has more than enough power for all your devices as it peaks at 9,500 watts.

Unlike the traditional generators, you will never have to struggle with tedious starts as you will simply need to push a button to fire it up. And connecting it to your home will also take little effort as it comes in a transfer switch ready design.

The 420cc 4-stroke engine is not only powerful but also requires little maintenance while the 6.6-gallon fuel tank will hold enough fuel for continuous operation. Better yet, this is also an EPA and CARB compliant portable generator.

Key Features

  • Up to 9,500 peak watt
  • 16-hour run time
  • 420cc 4-stroke engine
  • Transfer switch ready design
  • CARB and EPA-compliant
  • Push-button start
  • Large 6.6-gallon fuel tank

05. AIMTOM SPS-500 540Wh Power Station

You do not have to be out camping or trekking to enjoy the services of the AIMTOM SPS-500 as it will come in handy for a wide variety of applications around the house. This powerful portable generator can charge various devices at a go thanks to the 9 convenient power outputs.

Also, it has 3 different charging options, which are solar, wall outlet, and carport. Better yet, it will come solar-ready to ensure you will not need to buy a conversion kit. And with the advanced BMS, you can be sure that your battery and devices will have full protection from short-circuiting.

The power that you get is also clean and safe even for the most sensitive electronics as the inverter is a pure sine. And with the 3-level LED, you get a nice illumination, while the LCD screen makes monitoring more effortless.

Key Features

  • 3 different charging methods
  • Solar-ready design
  • 9 convenient power outputs
  • Advanced BMS
  • Pure sine wave output
  • 3-level LED lights
  • Nice LCD display

06. Rainier R4400 Generator

For those that prefer a more traditional style but portable generator, the Rainier R4400 will be a fantastic choice. This generator runs on a 212cc 4-stroke engine that will deliver enough power to power any appliance.

Also, it has 4,400 peak watt and a 4-gallon gas tank that will ensure you have enough fuel for up to 18 hours runtime. And many users will also appreciate the electric start as it will ensure you have an easy time starting this generator.

There is also a VFT display that will make it easy to monitor the functioning of your generator. Also, many users will love that it comes RV ready with a wheel kit and a pair of 8-inch wheels and that it is both CARB and EPA compliant.

Key Features

  • 18-hour runtime
  • 212cc 4-stroke engine
  • 4,400 peak watts
  • Easy electric start
  • VFT display
  • RV ready design
  • CARB and EPA compliant

07. Champion 100263 Portable Inverter Generator

With the dual-fuel operation, the Champion 1000263 will allow you to use either gas or propane without having to do any conversion. To make this an even more convenient portable generator, it also comes RV ready to allow you to use it on your RV immediately without having to buy several other accessories.

When it comes to starting it, you will have an easier time as it has a convenient electric start that fires it up instantly. And you will also not need to worry about noise as this portable generator has a 59 dB noise rating, which means it provides a super-quiet operation.

If you power it with gas, you will get up to 7.5 hours of run time and when using propane, a 20-pound container should provide more than 14 hours of run time. Also, in case the power is still not enough, this generator comes ready for parallel connection to allow you to connect two of them for extra power.

Key Features

  • Dual fuel operation
  • Convenient electric start
  • Super-quiet operation
  • RV ready design
  • 7.5-hour runtime
  • Parallel connection ready

08. Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

Portable power stations like this one by Jackery are a quieter and more efficient way of getting power when compared to the traditional generators. And this model is also made with a pure sine wave inverter that will help ensure you get clean and safe power for your devices.

There are 3 USB ports and both AC and DC outputs, which means you can use it to power almost any device that you have. Besides charging, it will also be handy for illumination as it also includes a nice LED light.

The inclusion of a carry handle ensures that this will be a more portable power station that is easy to carry around, and you can be sure that monitoring will be easy as it has an easy read display.

Key Features

  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • 3-way charging
  • DC, AC and multiple USB ports included
  • Carry handle included
  • LED light for illumination
  • Clear, easy read display

09. ROCKPALS 500-Watt Portable Power Station

Here is yet another portable power station that will be an excellent power source for anyone looking to break away from the monotony of traditional generators. It is a powerful model with 50Ah lithium batteries that will deliver continuous power supply for many hours.

Also, it is designed to cater to all kinds of users with a wide variety of outputs that include 4 USB ports including 1 quick charging one and a type C port, 2 DC outports, and one AC port. Hence, there is hardly any device that you cannot charge with this power station.

The clear display makes monitoring more effortless, while the super-bright LED light will come in handy for emergencies. And because this power station has a pure swine inverter, you can be sure it provides safer charging, while the foldable carry handle makes it even more portable.

Key Features

  • 50 Ah lithium batteries
  • 3-way rechargeable
  • Ultra-bright LED light
  • Clear display
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • Foldable carry handle
  • Multiple power outputs

10. BALDR 330-Watt Portable Power Station

You will hardly ever get enough of the portable power stations as they come in handy for a wide variety of situations. And top models like this one are also made for user convenience as it can be charged by the solar, carport, and even your regular wall outlet. Hence, you will never run out of power.

Also, it has some multifunctional ports that will allow it to charge almost any device whether it uses AC/DC or any type of USB port. Because this power station has BMS, your battery will be protected, while the pure sine inverter helps protect the devices being charged.

There is also LED lighting on the power station for illumination, while the LCD display makes it easy to monitor the status of the power station easily and correctly.

Key Features

  • 3 easy charging methods
  • Multifunctional ports
  • Safe BMS function
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • LED lighting for illumination
  • LCD display


A portable generator is one of the best ways to power your devices when in areas where power is hard to access. Also, it is a great power backup and will also allow you to charge multiple devices at a go, which means it is very useful when you do not have enough power outlets.

But, because you need the best ones to get the best service, here we make it easier to narrow down your choices. And for those that prefer not to go through everything, the DuroMax XP12000EH is our best overall model, while the Rockpals WCE001 is what we recommend for budget shoppers.

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