For those that are trying to improve cardiovascular health, improve aerobics, or improve their upper body strength, rowing machines are among the best equipment to use for several reasons. The flowing and smooth motions that they generate, for instance, deliver enjoyable low impact workouts that tone muscle groups well without injuring and or aggravating joints. They are also space efficient, are attainable cheap in stores, and have durable and easy to use designs that work well for both men and women. If you are tired of spending a lot of time in your local gym, this article reviews the top 10 most recommended rowing machines that you will enjoy using at home. If you have a few dollars saved up and purchase an original version from a reputable store such as Amazon, you get a valuable product that will help you to stay fit while making your workout experience fun at the same time.

10. Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II

Starting our review of the best rowing machines in 2020, this Deluxe Conversion II edition of Stamina 15-9003 is a professional-grade recumbent and rower with a sturdy steel frame that does not break nor lose its shape over time. Measuring 75.4 x 25.5 x 10-inches (W x H x D), this one of a kind workout accessory accommodates and works well for adults of various stature. Its smooth reclining system is perfect for doing total body workouts while the integrated top bar that buyers get is perfect for doing upper body workouts such as triceps kickbacks and bicep curls to name a few. If space is a limitation, the low profile machine that buyers get does not clutter personal space at all. The eight levels of smooth magnetic resistance offered challenges the endurance of users for a better workout experience while the hand pulse sensor and the built-in computer (including an electronic monitor) track and display workout metrics such as calories burnt, speed, distance, and time spent accurately. This enables you to plan and customize your workouts to meet your goals. Stamina 15-9003 is affordable, folds for easier storage, and has a well-balanced body that supports up to 250 pounds.

09. Concept2 Model E

A recommended indoor rowing machine for professionals and hobbyists alike, Concept2 Model E is a feature rich workout accessory with several impressive features that have earned it global acclaim. Manufactured using heavy-duty steel, for instance, this 9-foot by 4-foot accessory is sturdy and designed to withstand abuse well without compromising the safety of users. It also has an aesthetic black theme and a low impact flywheel design that rolls smoothly without making the clunking and or uncharacteristic noise that most poorly designed models often make when in use. Whenever you are working out in your basement or in your bedroom early in the morning, you do not have to worry about irritating your guests and or disrupting your young one’s sleep, in your bid to enjoy a fulfilling workout experience. You also get an ergonomic design with adjustable footrests, a comfortable 20-inch high seat, an ergonomic handle, and a quiet nickel-plated chain system, a built-in activity monitor that reflects your usage habits, and a foldable 500-pound capacity body with smooth rolling caster for easier transports and 5-year warranty for defects.

08. Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

Forget about the numerous hours that you spend running outdoors and or the hefty gym subscriptions that you pay to stay active. If you have adopted a healthy and active lifestyle and want to have a promising time whenever you have spare time at home, purchase this Kettler Favorit rowing machine to have a promising experience indoors. It is durable, space-efficient, and has a sturdy steel frame (49 x 31 x 10-inches) that supports up to 250 pounds. The smooth and low impact rowing motion that it generates has helped thousands of people train and stay in shape without aggravating joints. The two hydraulic cylinders that it comes with, on the other hand, offers continuous resistance for a challenging and productive workout experience while its ergonomic seat orients the body naturally to maximize comfort on the machine. Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine is affordable, programmable (stroke speed and distance) and has a built-in training computer that generates information on the speed of strokes, number of strokes, distance covered, and time measurements.

07. WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

Unlike in the past when people had to spend substantial amounts of rowing machines to meet their daily workout needs, cheaper and effective models such as this WaterRower have improved the experience of millions. Lighter, durable, and manufactured using sturdy ash wood, for instance, it is a perfect indoor accessory for individuals of all skill level. Its handcrafted design features a sturdy water wheel that replicates the rowing motion accurately while the smooth, low impact and self-regulating resistance that it generates make it one of the best accessories for doing complicated and heavy-duty workouts at home. Measuring 84 x 21 x 22-inches, this machine accommodates adults weighing up to 117 pounds. Storage is simple (upright) while its solid and stained body absorbs vibrations and sound well for a quieter and enjoyable workout experience. You also get a sensitive Series 4 Performance Motor that tracks and displays that stroke rate, workout intensity, and the heart rate of workout enthusiasts. An original one will serve you excellently for several years.

06. Stamina 1205 Precision Rower

Featuring an extruded 32.5 x 27.75 x 48-inch extruded aluminum frame that weighs a paltry 47 pounds and a precise rowing system that delivers memorable results every time, Stamina 1205 is an advanced precision rower that retails for a few dollars in stores. The thickly padded footplates that it comes with are durable and have ergonomic pivoting designs that maximize comfort. The deluxe ball bearing-based rolling system that buyers get, on the other hand, rolls smoothly with minimal noise while its smooth hydraulic cylinder features adjustable tension controls that you can use to customize resistance on demand, challenge your endurance, and therefore, work towards achieving your goals. For optimal comfort and goal tracking whilst rowing, Stamina 1205 Precision Rower has a thickly padded seat that orients the body naturally to minimize fatigue and a built-in multi-function monitor that tracks the distance traveled, rowing speed, the number of strokes, and the number of calories burned per session, to name a few. Forget about your gym subscriptions.

05. Stamina 1215 Orbital

By far one of the most advanced products in this niche, Stamina 1215 Orbital is stable, space-efficient, and has free motion arms that not only improve the stability of users but also their performance. Rowing, for instance, is smooth and fulfilling. Its compact design supports a range of motions (both simple and complicated) while the smooth rowing technology that it employs mimics rowing on water accurately to better the experience of users significantly. The adjustable resistance levels (hydraulic cylinder-based with adjustable tension controls) that it comes with enable you to customize your workout routines on demand. Its convenient single button monitor, on the other hand, enables you to track time, distance, row counts, miles rowed, and calories burned per session and make the needed changes to your workout routine (s) for the best experience. If you are trying to lose weight, therefore, you will be able to monitor the number of calories that you burn per session and make changes that will bring you closer to your goals. As most models listed, Stamina 1215 Orbital is affordable and does not require a lot of skill to setup and or use. You also get a thickly padded seat and footrest, a 90-day warranty on parts, and a 5-year warranty on frame.

04. Stamina Air Rower

Apart from its stylish black and chrome theme and the superior wind resistance that it generates, the Air Rower from Stamina is a premium rowing machine with a sturdy and foldable frame that supports up to 250 pounds. The performance-grade multi-function motor that it comes with tracks and displays speed, time, calories burned, and distance metrics accurately while the padded and upholstered seat that buyers get is comfortable, orients the body naturally, and is designed to roll smoothly on its frame without screeching or grinding metal as some poorly designed one often do. This way, apart from enjoying the superior wind resistance that it generates you will sit comfortably, workout for longer, and has a memorable time overall. Other desirable attributes that have made it a sought-after rowing machine are its foldable design with wheels for portability, built-in floor protectors that lower the overall risk of skidding and injuries, and the plethora of warranties that individuals get (90-days parts and three-year frame warranties).

03. Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

Designed for professionals and novices that want to enjoy a fulfilling experience whenever their spare time to exercise, this rowing machine from Sunny Health and Fitness is durable and recommended for individuals of all skill levels. The 12 levels of adjustable resistance offered are also innovative while its sturdy steel body supports colossal weight without crumbling or losing its shape over time. Whether you enjoy doing light workouts to stay active of heavy duty one to lose weight and or sculpt your body, this rowing machine is one of the best equipment to use. It is affordable. The smooth running set has a thickly padded design that maximizes comfort while the pivoting footplates offered are stable and designed to orient feet naturally for optimal comfort. You also get adjustable foot straps for added stability, cushioned handle for doing upper body workouts, and an electronic display monitor that tracks and displays the time spent, calories burnt, and stroke counts per workout session. While some individuals consider the foregoing metrics unnecessary, they will help you to monitor and plan your workout routines for the better.

02. Concept2 Model D

This Model D rowing machine from Concept2 is a durable black themed machine with a sturdy flywheel design that is perfect for doing low impact full body workouts. Its premium design reclines smoothly without grinding or making noise. The weighted flywheel that it comes with is durable and improves resistance significantly while the comfortable 14-inch seat and the durable nickel-plated chain that it comes with work in synergy to better that performance and overall experience of users further. With an original model, you also get and ergonomic handle and adjustable footrests that maximize comfort and easy to assemble two-piece design that measure approximately 9 x 4 feet, and a professional-grade design (500-pound capacity) that you can use hassle free without worrying about your rower crumbling and or compromising your health over time. Buy an original one to get a Performance Monitor 5 that generates accurate workout statistics and a five-year frame warranty that covers all defects.

01. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050

A perfect accessory for home use, Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 has a compact X 46-inch footprint that benefits individuals with small spaces. This, however, does not mean that you sacrifice its performance. With its sturdy steel construction and the gas shock resistance (adjustable) that it offers, you will be able to do light and heavy-duty workout routines as needed, wherever and whenever you please. If you travel often and like to carry your workout equipment along, this rowing machine folds conveniently for easier storage and transportation. Assembly is straightforward while the multi-functional electronic monitor that comes built in monitors a full range of workout metrics including the number of strokes and distance traveled. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 is affordable, supports up to 250 pounds, and has a 90-day warranty on parts and one-year warranty on frame.


Did you know that working out regularly is one of the best strategies for losing weight and living a productive life? If you are conscious about your looks, it is also an excellent strategy for toning muscle, improving cardiovascular function, and improving strength over time. To stay active and enjoy the foregoing and other benefits, consider purchasing one of the 10 rowing machines listed herein. They are space efficient, manufactured using durable and high-quality components, and have comfortable and steady designs that you will enjoy using every day in the comfort of your home. Research in Amazon and purchase an original for the best experience.

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