After a long day of stressful work, we may want to take a relaxing warm bath. However, because of our tiredness, we would certainly want to avoid any unwanted accidents in the shower, especially since it is so slippery. To help lessen the chances of accidents happening, a shower bench is a great item that you may rest on to easily slide into the bath.

Furthermore, the shower bench can also store small toiletries that can easily be accessed. With so many available shower benches in existence, it may be difficult to find one that is most suitable. For this, we may be able to help. Start off by looking at the top 10 Best Teak Shower Benches that have received high ratings from consumers.

List of Best Teak Shower Benches

10. Teak Collection Bench by Redmon

Redmon shower bench is built out of sturdy teak, also known as Tectona grandis, a tropical hardwood tree species in the flowering plant family Lamiaceae. Thanks to the materials used to construct this bench, it is naturally waterproof, which is the perfect type of bench that you can use in the shower without having to worry about having to constantly change for a new one.

In addition, teak is known for its extreme resistance to mold and mildew as a result of the density of the wood and the naturals oils as well as the resins of the wood. Moreover, this shower bench has a lower shelf compartment that can be used to conveniently store your shower items. Lastly, it has a one-of-a-kind design that may be to your interest.

09. Bamboo Shower Bench by OasisSpace

OasisSpace shower bench is made a hundred percent out of high quality bamboo. It is capable of sustaining a maximum weight of 250 pounds. Furthermore, this shower bench provides a stable and comfortable seat for users to sit upon to do their businesses such as shaving legs, relaxing their feet or back and many more.

For safety purposes, it has 4 skid resistant pads preventing any unwanted accidents from happening when coming into contact with water, which is great as a shower bench. Not only that, but it is also designed to be child friendly with its rounded corners and thoroughly sanded edges.

There are also no screws penetrating out of the surface of the bench. What’s more, is that its usage is not limited to that of a shower bench, but it can be used as furniture indoors or outdoors. Lastly, it is easy to assemble, which takes no more than 10 minutes to assemble, and it is small and compacted, which is easy to transport from one place to another.

08. Portable Spa Bathing Stool, Shower Bench Seat by Songmics

Songmics shower bench is a great product for you to sit on in the shower to relax your mind or to clear your head after a long day of work or after a stressful day of work. Furthermore, this bench is stable and comfortable to rest upon and it can support a weight of up to 220 pounds. For users to feel comfortable sitting on top, unlike another shower bench, it is made into a shape that fits the body.

In addition, it features handy sidebars that users can conveniently hang their towels and a shelf that users can place their shampoo and other items for quick access. The sidebars can also be used to grab to easily transfer the bench from one spot to the other.

07. Tranquility Shower Bench by EcoDecors

EcoDecors shower bench is constructed using an authentic teak grain tone meaning it is resistant to water, to mildews or mold. With its resistance to these two things, it is a great product to use in the shower as users would not need to worry about having to constantly buy a new shower bench to replace it. Furthermore, it has an adjustable foot that users can use to adjust to best suit their individual height. The bench not only provides a comfortable seat, but it only provides stability as well as safety.

Additionally, there are hand-grips for safety purposes as well as an add-on to the elegance. Lastly, when purchasing EcoDecors shower bench, consumers will be provided with additional items such as towels, toiletries and many more.

06. Asia Teak Shower Bench by AquaTeak

AquaTeak shower bench includes stainless steel corrosion resistant hardware and rounded rubber beneath the feet to create stability. Furthermore, it is recognized as one of the products that have a first-rate design.

What’s more, it was one of the highlights in Architectural Digest Magazine, which is the international design authority that features only the work of top architects and designers. In addition, it is waterproof and long lasting. Lastly, it can be used indoors or outdoors as décor or functional furniture.

05. Teak Shower Bench with Shelf by AquaTeak

AquaTeak The Original shower bench, the same as AquaTeak shower bench, includes stainless steel corrosion resistant hardware and rounded rubber beneath the feet to create stability. However, the rubber of this bench is adjustable. Furthermore, it has a unique and first-rate design that makes it one of the highlights in Architectural Digest Magazine. In addition, thanks to its teak material, it is waterproof and durable meaning not only is it functional, but it is also efficient and stylish.

Lastly, upon purchase, AquaTeak will provide consumers with a five-year warranty as well as a thirty day satisfaction guarantee to ensure the consumers of the quality of the product plus erasing any doubts the consumers may be harboring.

04. Teak Corner Shower Bench with Shelf by Decoteak

Decoteak shower bench has already been assembled in advance, so consumers can directly use it right out of the box. It is 18 inches high, which is a great height for users to rest upon when shaving. Furthermore, it is designed to be small enough to perfectly fit in the corner of the room.

In addition, it can also act as a storage shelf either in the bathroom or in other rooms such as the living room as an organizer or simply as a place to place their items. Moreover, its foot is adjustable, which is a great feature, especially if you have uneven, tilted, or sloping style floors.

03. Bamboo Shower Bench Stool with Shelf by Sorbus

Sorbus shower bench has two levels and is constructed using bamboo. Not only is it stylish, but it is also versatile as it can act as a shelf for placing shower necessities for easy access or as feet rest during the shower, sauna, or other things. Most grown adults should not have to worry about breaking the bench if their weight is placed on the bench as Sorbus shower bench is capable of a maximum weight of 220 pounds comfortably and steadily.

For this reason, it is a great product for handicapped who are in need of support. Moreover, it has non-slip rubber feet to add to the stability and prevent unwanted accidents on wet floors. Lastly, it is environmentally friendly as it is renewable.

02. Shower Bench Waterproof Wood Shower Chair by Langria

Langria shower bench is capable of supporting a weight of up to 330 pounds. It has an elegant design that was made out of bamboo resulting in it being water resistant, renewable and durable. Not only is it designed to be stylish and good looking, but it is also designed to be efficiently functional.

Everyone, including handicaps, can sit comfortably on this bench to finish their necessities in the shower room. Furthermore, it is user friendly as a result of its round corners to prevent the bench from inflicting injuries when bumped into.

In addition, it features a shelf at the bottom at acts as a convenient storage compartment that can be easily and quickly accessed. Lastly, it is a multipurpose product. Users can use it as an organizer, a plant stance, a bathroom bench, or many more.

01. Teak Shower Bench with Shelf by EcoDecors

EcoDecors Oasis shower bench is naturally waterproof thanks to the material used to build it, which is teak. It comes with foot smoothing pads made especially for uneven floors. Furthermore, it is designed to be a multipurpose product, which can be used both indoor and outdoor. In addition, it has a bottom level that can be used to store items for easy and quick access.

Buying Guide

To minimize the chances of buying an unsuitable shower bench, there are a number of factors that you ought to consider before deciding to purchase the item.

Weight Capacity:

Since you are placing weight onto the bench, it is extremely important that you check the weight capacity of the product. Each bench has a different weight capacity. If you are planning on storing small items, then it is no problem, however, if since you may be using as a bench, then its weight capacity should be higher than you to ensure that it would be durable.


Different products come in various shapes. If you have a specific space in mind that you would like to place the bench such as the corner, you ought to look for a bench that has a shape that is most suitable for such location. Furthermore, different benches have different feet. If the surface of your floor is uneven, then there are some shower benches that are specially designed to fit it. Otherwise, many benches are created for even floors.


After having read the details of the products and the buying guide, we hope that you were able to find one that you think is most suitable for you.

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