With the diversity of tennis shoes currently available in the market, choosing the best remains a challenge particularly to first-time buyers. To help you to wade through the diversity and increase your chances of finding value for money, this article reviews the 10 best running shoes for men worth buying. Read on for an analysis of their features and benefits.

10. Nike MeZoom Vapor 9.5 Tour

Featuring a stylish white and black then and a classic high cut design that supports the foot well for optimal performance, Nike MeZoom Vapor 9.5 Tour is a professional-grade tennis shoe made of a lightweight mesh and synthetic material. The material is durable, resist abrasion and stress well as you go about your gaming routines, and has a well-finished design that looks better that some comparable ones. If you want to enjoy optimal performance, therefore, without compromising style, this shoe is one of the best around. The rubber sole it comes with is durable, flexible, and designed to improve traction on all surfaces. The advanced adaptive fit technology that it employs guarantees a custom and comfortable fit whenever you are planning to play while its innovative Nike Zoom heel technology not only cushions the foot well but also offers superior impact protection to keep users as comfortable as possible. Other novel attributes that have made it one of the most sought-after products in this niche is well-oriented flex grooves that orient the foot naturally to optimize movement, multi-directional lugs that improve support and stylish synthetic overlays that also boost stability.

09. New Balance Mc786v2

A globally endorsed sports brand by athletes and individuals alike, New Balance has many innovative products, a majority of which remain sought after in both online and offline stores. If you enjoy tennis, for instance, and want a valuable pair of shoes that will improve your performance on the court, New Balance Mc786v2 is one of the best products to purchase. Featuring a lightweight and aesthetic (white and blue themed) synthetic and textile construction, its ability to normalize movement makes it an ideal everyday tennis shoe. Its durability is impressive while the plethora of advanced features buyers get has made it one of the most sought-after products in this niche. Its rubberized sole, for instance, is lightweight, comfortable, and flexes to normalize motion. The C-cap midsole offered improves comfort further while its advanced Abzorb heel is not only stable but also absorbs impact well to maximize safety and the performance of users on the court. You also get a high traction non-marking outsole that improves stability and a high endurance design with a long wear drag tip that enables you to engage in rigorous activities without worrying about it tearing or losing its aesthetic value over time.

08. Nike Vapor Court

Popular among both individuals and professionals, Nike Vapor Court is a well-designed tennis shoe with an aesthetic black-wolf gray and white theme and a lightweight textile body that flexes for speed and optimal performance. This does not mean that you sacrifice durability. Its stability and ability to withstand a lot of abuse outdoors have made it the preferred options of tens of individuals all over the world. Comfort levels are impressive while its supportive and custom fitting design does not slip nor lose its shape over time devoid of your playing style. Whether you use relaxed and well thought out motions to outmatch your competition or explosive speed and power to pummel them into submission, this one of a kind pair of tennis shoes never disappoints. It is breathable; grips both gravel and hard-type surfaces well, and supports the heel and arch well to maximize stability, comfort, and safety when playing (recreationally or professionally). You will never regret purchasing an original one on the Web.

07. K-SWISS Vendy II

Featuring a sturdy man-made design, an aesthetic white and navy blue theme, and a high impact synthetic sole that withstands abuse well, K-SWISS Vendy II is a valuable tennis shoe with a fitting lace-up design that is perfect for competitive gameplay. If comfort is a major requirement, this shoe has many innovative features that will improve how you play. Its padded collar and tongue, for instance, are comfortable and designed to protect your foot from injury whilst playing. The EVA cushioned insole that it comes with maximizes safety further while its rubberized Aosta outsole is not only durable and flexible but also grips surfaces well to maximize the stability of players. Unlike most comparable models in the market, you do not have to break into this shoe for several days before it fits comfortably. Most available products are true to size. Lace-up is straight forward while the convenient heel pull-tab that comes built in eases wearing when planning for workouts. K-SWISS Vendy II is affordable and designed to offer users value for years.

06. Adidas Performance Barricade

This 2020 edition of Adidas Performance Barricade is a professional-grade white, black, and bright yellow tennis shoe for men made of a durable textile, leather, and synthetic leather material. Even though slightly expensive that some models listed, the overall value that individuals get has made it a sought after for both personal and professional use for individuals of all cadres. In addition to its aesthetic and durable body, for instance, the rubber sole offered is lightweight, durable, and designed to maximize the comfort and safety of users on all types of surfaces. Wearing and removal are very easy while the ballistic mesh used to manufacture its upper is flexible, comfortable, and breathes excellently to keep the foot cool and dry. This enables you to play for several hours on your local court without compromising personal safety. You also get full-length ADIPRENE cushioning (foam) that maximizes comfort, a stabilizing and supportive barricade chassis that improves the performance of users, and a high impact Adiwear outsole that works for long on all surfaces.

05. Prince T22

Manufactured using a durable and breathable blend of mesh and synthetic fabrics, Prince T22 is a lightweight and comfortable pair of quality tennis shoes for men, recommended for training and competitive gaming. For those that live in temperate environments and or spend a lot of hours outdoors during the weekend, it ability to regulate the temperature of feet while keeping them dry at the same time make them ideal for use in temperate environments. Styling (silver, navy, and white) is eye-catching, while its rubber sole is not only durable but also has a lightweight and impact absorbing design that maximizes safety on the court. For added support, safety, and comfort, you also get a built-in shock eraser that works well and a convenient 4-foot wrap that stabilizes the foot well whenever you are engaging in rigorous workouts. The well-cushioned sockliner (PU), supportive TPU shank, and a dynamic traction PRC1000 outsole offered also improve comfort and the safety of users further.

04. ASICS GEL-Dedicate 4

Considered among the best brands in the sporting niche, ASICS delivers perfection without charging enthusiasts the exorbitant amounts that some brands charge for their products. Designed for tennis enthusiasts, for instance, ASICS GEL-Dedicate 4 is a versatile accessory that combined both durability, comfort, and functionality in a stylish and affordable package. The quality leather used to manufacture it, for instance, withstands abuse well without tearing and or losing its aesthetic value over time. Seams are flat and sturdy while the synthetic sole offered is not only durable but also flexible and designed to orient the foot naturally whilst playing. As most models listed, ASICS GEL-Dedicate 4 has a stylish white, silver, and black theme. The mesh upper and perforated mesh overlays that buyers get improve its breathability and therefore comfort levels while its advanced gel cushioning system (forefoot) and solid rubber sole maximize comfort and stability respectively. Whether you are an entry-level tennis player or a professional that plays competitive games often, ASICS GEL-Dedicate 4 is one of the best tennis shoes to purchase.

03. ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed 2

Offering the value and performance people like the ASICS brand for, ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed 2 is a lightweight white, black, and flash green tennis shoe for men designed to enhance the performance and abilities of players whenever they spend time on the court. The synthetic material used to manufacture it aesthetic and designed to last as long as most natural ones. Its synthetic sole is also durable while its cushioned midsole (Solyte) and the foam lined (two layers of memory foam) collar that it comes with not only maximize the comfort levels of users but also their performance. With an original pair, therefore, you will be able to exercise and play worry-free on all types of terrain. ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed 2 also has a convenient lace-up design that guarantees a snug fit whenever you are playing, read and forefoot gel cushioning for added comfort, and a breathable flexion fit upper (full length) that normalizes the motion of users for greater performance. Purchase an original one to get a built in toe protector that (Pguard) that enhances durability and safety of users further.

02. New Balance MC806 Stability

To novice tennis enthusiasts, stability is not only a challenge but also of the leading causes of injuries. To counter the problem and increase your chances of having a productive experience on the court, purchasing New Balance MC806 Stability is one of the best decisions that you can make. Lightweight, durable, and with an aesthetic black theme that most individuals appreciate, it is an excellent day to day tennis shoes. White leather and synthetic materials used to make them are professional grade, while the rubber soles offered are durable, flexible, and designed to orient the feet naturally and comfortably while playing. New Balance MC806 Stability tennis shoes have convenient lace-up designs that fit comfortably on various foot shapes and types. The C-Cap midsoles and ABZORB cushioning offered last long, while their sturdy side panels and the perforated toe boxes that this pair of shoes has improves stability and safety further. Even with your tight budget, this pair of shoes will help you to stay productive and achieve your goals on the tennis court.

01. Nike Son of Force

Featuring a comfortable low-top design and a stylish metallic silver, black, obsidian, and white-themed body, Nike Son of Force tops our list of the best tennis shoes in Lightweight and with a stable body that maximizes user comfort, it is perfect for professional and personal use. The rubber soles offered are comfortable and durable, while its well-finished seams will never irritate you when playing. Even with its high aesthetic value and unmatched performance that it offers, Nike Son of Force is attainable cheap in reputable web stores such as Amazon. Purchase yours today to improve how you look and play on the tennis court.


Tennis is a popular sport, enjoyed by thousands of men and women all over the world. If you are part of this group and would like to have a memorable experience on the court, consider purchasing one of the 10 tennis shoes for men listed herein. Designed to maximize the productivity, safety, and comfort of users, they are perfect everyday accessories. Construction is durable while their advanced features and components have made them sought after accessories by professionals and hobbyists alike.

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