For avid gamers, the benefits of using wireless gaming mice over the traditional wired ones are too good to ignore. If you have a small gaming station, for instance, and are tired of the clutter your wired mouse creates whenever you are playing, a wireless model is an excellent replacement. Because of their ergonomic designs, advanced technologies they come with, and their ability to connect reliably to several types of computers have made them must-have accessories by both avid and hobbyist gamers alike. To help you to get the best of the best products in this niche, this article reviews the 10 most recommended wireless gaming mice to consider:

10. VicTsing MM057

Recommended for both light and heavy-duty gaming, VicTsing MM057 is an advanced 2.4GHz wireless gaming mouse with a compact and portable design and a powerful optical sensor that tracks well on rugged surfaces. Designed for the agile player, the five adjustable DPI levels offered (2400, 2000, 1600, 1200, 800) allow you to customize its sensitivity to match your desired speed and the type of game that you are playing (high DPI for fast action games and low DPI for slower strategy-based games). The plug and play USB micro receiver it uses is small, powerful and works well with both laptops, Notebook, computers, and MacBook while the six programmable buttons offered enables you to customize the layout of your controls on demand to match your needs. If durability and reliability are major attributes that you are looking for, VicTsing MM057 will never disappoint you. The heavy-duty plastic used to make it durable. Its buttons withstand up to 5,000,000 strokes over their lifetime, while its long working distance (up to 50 feet) benefits gamers of all cadres. VicTsing MM057 draws power from an energy saving and long life battery that keeps it powered for 15 months.

09. Zhizhu 2000DPI

Featuring a striking read and black-themed body and a stable 2.4GHz wireless technology that connects reliably via a USB 2.0 receiver, Zhizhu 2000DPI is an aesthetic and functional mouse that has improved how people play. Apart from eliminating clutter, for instance, this backward compatible (USB 1.1) wireless gaming mouse has won the hearts of both hobbyist and professional gamers because of the value that it offers. The switch life that its buttons have (five million), for instance, makes it an ideal accessory for competitive gaming. The micro receiver-based wireless technology that it employs is not only comfortable to use but also responsive over a long distance while its adjustable resolution 500-1000-15000-2000CPI enables you to customize its sensitivity with a simple touch of a button. You no longer have to grapple with the single preset resolution that traditional wired mice offered. Zhizhu 2000DPI is battery-powered (1AA). The power switch off and power saving modes buyers get maximize its efficiency while its ergonomic design not only feels comfortable in the hand but also has a conveniently-placed seven button configuration that lowers hand fatigue when playing for hours. Purchase from Amazon today to get a free solid plastic case for easier storage and transportation.


Recommended for use with computers, laptops, and personal computers (PCs), HAVIT HV-MS976GT is a professional-grade 2000DPI gaming mouse (wireless) with an advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology that creates a reliable connection. Designed to work at distances of up to 15 meters without dropping signals or connection, it is a perfect gaming accessory. Instead of sitting close to your computer’s screen, as most wired mice often force gamers, you can sit on your couch or anywhere within its vicinity and have a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience as a result. The plug and play USB receiver that it connects to has an easy to use plug and play design that remembers your mouse automatically. Its low profile design enables you to store and transport your computer with it connected while its compatibility with both Windows and Mac OS (without installing extra software of drivers) appeals to many people. Other desirable attributes that have earned it a spot among the best wireless gaming mice are is comfortable fit snug body that is easy to control in game, programmable function buttons that offer a convenient and enjoyable gaming experience, and its energy-efficient battery system that includes both auto power off and smart sleep features.

07. TeckNet Volant

By far one of the most recommended brands in the computer accessories niche, TeckNet uses the latest advanced technologies to develop dependable and high-performance accessories that continue to influence the lives of people positively. If you are shopping for a new wireless mouse, for instance, and choose this volant edition, you get a programmable 2.4GHz wireless gaming mouse with a plethora of interesting features. The adjustable DPI (2000/1500/1000dpi/500) technology offered, for example, enables you to customize its sensitivity and therefore performance when playing your favorite games. Buttons (5) are durable and programmable to better the experience of users while the five user profiles offered enable users to customize gameplay to maximize their efficiency and overall performance. If space is a concern, TeckNet Volant connects to a compact and space-efficient micro USB receiver that works well. Its low profile design fits snug in the hand for easier control while the impressive working distance buyers get (up to 10 meters) enables you to play from wherever you like without compromising performance. TeckNet Volant is battery-powered (18-month life) and comes backed by a limited 18 months return warranty.

06. Mad Catz R.A.T.9

Purchase an original Mad Catz R.A.T.9 to get a durable and high-performance Mac and PC gaming mouse with a stylish matte black theme and a lightweight aluminum chassis that withstands abuse well. If you are a rough player, therefore, and want a dependable gaming mouse that can withstand your abuse without falling apart, this is one of the best products to use. This is not all it offered, however. Designed to connect to laptops and PC s via a USB 2.0 micro receiver, the reliable connection that it creates enables users to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay whenever they have time. The six gaming buttons offered (including its scroll wheel) are durable, programmable, and have smooth beveled designs that do not irritate fingers when playing for long while its customizable DPI settings (25 to 6400 via a dedicated button) enables users to customize its sensitivity on demand to suit your gaming style or the game that you are playing. You also get an advanced laser sensor with a staggering one millisecond (ms) response time and a stunning polling rate of approximately six meters per second.

05. DLAND ZELOTES Professional

As its name suggests, DLAND ZELOTES is a professional-grade wireless gaming mouse with a high-performance 2.4GHz LED optical technology that connects reliably to laptops, PCs, notebooks, and computers. Its seven-button layout (programmable) is versatile and its intelligent plug and play design that works excellently every time. The four levels of adjustable DPI offered (600 -1000 -1600 -2400, default is 1000) satisfy the gaming demands of individuals of all cadres. It also has a dedicated button that eases customization and an associated LED color system that changes hue whenever you change DPI up and down. Instead of gambling, therefore, you will know whenever its DPI changes. DLAND ZELOTES Professional has two polling rates (250Hz and 500Hz). The impressive key life buyers get (five million clicks) ranks it among the best for heavy-duty gaming while its durable, smooth, and ergonomic body fits comfortably in the hand for better control. People also appreciate its precise tracking system (optical), its ultra-precise scroll wheel, and its lightweight Windows and Mac compatible design that minimizes operator fatigue.

04. Razer Mamba

Razer Mamba is a competition-grade wireless gaming mouse with an ergonomic Chroma design that fits comfortably in the hand. Even though compact, it is durable, has a versatile design that you can use wired or wireless, and has a competition-grade 16,000 DPI sensor that delivers the smooth and precise gaming performance that most individuals crave when playing online. You do not have to worry about screwing your moves because of the low sensitivity gaming mouse in your possession. The innovative click force technology offered, on the other hand, generates a personalized click feedback that most individuals appreciate while its unsurpassable accuracy (0.1ms) and durable plastic construction make it one of the best products in this niche. With an original one, you also get an ergonomic form factor design that lowers irritation and hand fatigue and an innovative Chroma lighting technology (with 16.8 million customizable options) and an inter-device color synchronization feature that creates stunning visual effects using your preferred colors.

03. Logitech G602

Offering a stunning 250-hour battery life is a compact and fun to use package, Logitech G602 is a gaming grade wireless mouse with an accurate Delta Zero technology that improves the performance of users significantly. Manufactured using heavy duty plastic, it is light and durable. Its ergonomic body fits comfortably in the hand while the gaming grade connection that it creates does not lag nor compromise the performance of users in any way, as come comparable products often do. If you have a tight budget, this wireless gaming mouse is affordable. Battery life is impressive in both normal and endurance modes, while the long-life buttons (11 programmable) it comes with (20 million clicks) have smooth bevels and a well-configured layout that minimizes user fatigue. Logitech G602 is easy to setup (plug and use), connects to a tiny USB micro receiver with an impressive two-millisecond report rate, and works excellently with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

02. Logitech G700s 910-003584

To experience zero delays when playing and improve your performance significantly without spending a lot of money, Logitech G700s 910-003584 is a valuable wireless gaming mouse that you will never regret purchasing. It is light, ergonomic, and draws power from a high capacity and rechargeable battery pack that keeps it powered for several hours. Usable in wireless and wired modes, the full speed USB performance that gamers enjoy (up to eight times faster than most standard USB mice) improves response time. Controls (13) are programmable to perform both simple and intricate commands while its onboard memory offers sufficient storage space for ready to play game profiles (up to five) that you can load and use on demand. Recharging is very easy (via the USB data cable provided). The accurate laser sensor that comes built in better the performance of users over the years while the convenient Logitech gaming software that buyers get free eases customization (of both button configuration and settings) effortlessly. Logitech G700s 910-003584 connects to a USB nano receiver with a transfer rate of approximately 1000 data reports per second.

01. E-Blue Mazer II

Featuring an aesthetic LED illuminated scroll wheel, a durable black body, and an adjustable DPI system (500 / 1200 / 1800 / 2500) that takes wireless gaming to the next level, E-Blue Mazer II tops our list of the best. Designed specifically for right-handed gamers, the unique Air Wing concept that it employs maximizes control and comfort. Its high-performance Avago 5090 optical sensor improve precision and overall performance of users while its micro receiver-based connectivity generates stable and lag free signals at distances of up to 30 feet. Tracking (3000 frames per second) and its anti-delay polling rate (250Hz) are also impressive, while the OMRON micro switches that its buttons use have an admirable lifespan of up to 5 million clicks.


Do you enjoy playing video games during your free time? To better your experience whenever you spare time to play, purchasing one of the 10 wireless gaming mice reviewed on this list are among the best to use. Durable, ergonomic, and with reliable wireless technologies that eliminate lags and performance issues, they are perfect for both personal and professional use. The wireless technologies that they use eliminate clutter while their powerful sensors (optical or laser) and programmable buttons better the experience of users further.

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