In recent years, there has been a rising concern regarding the quality of air that humans are inhaling in due to the constant pollution. There is a high risk of getting serious health consequences such as asthma, non-stop coughs, and lung diseases. Many studies have also shown that such a causal link exists for all ages. One of the misconceptions that most people have is that they often overlook air quality in their own homes. They often think that even if the outdoor air quality is poor, the air indoors remains clean and fresh. However, in fact, we are all surrounded by many small particles such as dirt and bacteria that we could see with our naked eyes.

So how could we ensure that we inhale clean air? Fortunately, owing to technological improvements, it is now possible to clean out the air before we breathe in by using air filters. In this article, we will recommend ten Best Carbon Air Filters that you may need to own one for your home. You will also find some tips as well as a buying guide at the end of the article too.

List of the Best Carbon Air Filters


10. Air Carbon Filter with Premium Australian Virgin Charcoal by AC Infinity

Coming with three different lengths and sizes to choose, this air filter does a perfect job in getting rid of the pungent smell in your house, so most people like to use it in a kitchen or smoking area. It prevents foul odors from spreading around in your room.

Not to mention its good-looking appearance, the product is also designed with high-quality materials such as decent Australian Virgin charcoal inside and covered by aluminum at the outside. This carbon filter is very easy to install and works fast in freshening up the air. Having this cool thing in your home will help you ease down and relax better.

09. Carbon Filter Odor Control 4 in Air Scrubber by AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME

This silver air purifier weighs for almost 9 pounds, but it is an excellent product in filtering and purifying the airborne particles and smell. The filter is equipped with Australian virgin charcoal with 55% of stainless mesh covering up the whole item, allowing better and faster airflow.
This air filter is almost 12 inches tall and the duct’s length is 4 inches. Not only is it durable, but it also can be used as both intake and exhaust purifier. Most importantly, the machine does not produce any irritating sounds at all; it works quietly. With this filter at home, you do not have to worry about the strong smell from the grow rooms or from your pets anymore.

08. Air Carbon Filter Odor Control by VIVOSUN

One of the greatest brands on our list is VIVOSUN. The filter comes in silver color and is made from great-quality charcoal which is capable of eliminating unwanted smells from indoor grow tents, restrooms, kitchens, and smell from your pets.

Similar to the previous one, this device is both an intake and exhaust filter and it comes with several setups such as fans, ducts, and other small parts. However, the instructions on how to install are very clear and simple and it does not take a lot of time to build this one. Now you can get a decent air filter package which also includes pre-filter and belts to hang to the ceilings at a reasonable price.

07. 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter with Australia Virgin by G-HYDRO

G-Hydro is an inexpensive yet efficient product that most consumers have satisfied experience with. The purifier is 6 inches in width and 18 inches tall. It comes with black color and a pre-filter that could efficiently block almost every single particle, keeping the actual filter from being completely clogged. It is a premium item that is well-known for its odor control.

G-Hydro filters undesirable smell from anything in your house – whether it is smoke from your kitchen or smell from your pets or dust in your basements or even chemical irritants in the bathrooms. The machine will guarantee no bad smell could be detected. What’s more, is that it also comes with a pair of belts that you can use to hang on the walls or ceiling.

06. 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter Indoor Plants by iPower

Another good pick recommended by many people is iPower air filter, which is capable of getting rid of foul odors up to more than one year. However, the package includes a changeable flange and base, allowing customers to extend the filter’s life expectancy to another additional year. It also comes with a pre-filter that should be changed after using it for more than a half year.

Not only will the item absorb the awful smell, but it will also release lots of fresh and pleasant smell. Having this one at home is like having a big tree that provides fresh oxygen 24/7.

05. G-HYDRO Air Carbon Filter with Hexagonal Hole

This is another upgraded model from G-Hydro. Unlike the previous one which has round mesh, the mesh of this filter has a hexagon-shaped both inside and outside, enhancing the filter process as more areas are exposed to space. Although G-Hydro has reduced the size and length of this one, the ventilation rate is upgraded to perform better. At the same time, the charcoal’s quality is also improved.

This version can last longer than the normal one as it has a changeable flange and base. Regarding the color, you have two choices to choose – bright silver and matte black. Make a smart decision by purchasing a G-Hydro air purifier!

04. TerraBloom Air Carbon Filter by TerraBloom

Coming up next is TerraBloom which is a well-known manufacturer of inline duct fans. There are several reasons behind the fact that this product exists in our list. One of them is that the top-grade quality of the filter and fan allows the machine to have a high-performance rate with longer life expectancy. Designed to fit in any settings, this one could help you financially since it has two washable pre-filters.

The instruction of how to install is uncomplicated and you can set it up by yourself effortlessly. Another special thing is its excellent customer service. You will get a three-month warranty once you buy this one. A cool product that you could not ask for more, indeed.

03. 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter with Reversible Flange Odor Control by GROWNEER

This four-inch purifier is designed for removing bad smell in an enclosed surrounding. It takes in unpleasant smell and releases out cleaner air. More importantly, it also absorbs hazardous smoke and chemicals so that the air quality you breathe in is perfectly guaranteed.

The package is sold at a reasonable price which also consists of one pre-filter and one belt. Now you do not have to spend more money on buying any aerosol anymore! This filter will replace unnecessary expenditure and save you a lot of money.

02. 6 inch Silver Filter by Phresh

Phresh deserves to be in our top ten list for a reason. Many reviews claimed that not only does it come with a unique design, but it is also made of a certified carbon bed that could handle better performance. The flange and pre-filter come together and cannot be removed.
It is exceptionally not really heavy, compared to other brands. We are sure that you will enjoy your FRESH experience with PHRESH, so purchase one now and get it in front of your door!

01. Carbon Filter Odor Control by VIVOSUN

The filter that ranks first in our list here is Vivosun. Unlike the previous version, this one has an extra inline duct fan that comes with the package. Not to mention the great quality filter, the fan can still operate as usual when the temperature increases to 149℉ or 65 degrees Celsius. The standard size of this filter is 6 inches and it produces 50 dB of the noise level.

The lifespan of this one is up to 24 months; however, it is recommended to change the pre-filter every six months. This device is worth using both indoors and outdoors. You can put it in your greenhouses, bathrooms, kitchens, or even in hospital rooms.


After going through each product in detail, we have noticed that each and every one of them come in different designs. Despite its unique design, all of them are made for one similar purpose which is to ensure clean and fresh air in your surroundings. We hope you find this interesting and useful for your home.

Buying guide

These are some tips and guidelines that you need to consider before buying a fine air filter.
Size: Choose an air filter based on the size of your room that you want to put it in. Different sizes of filters are used in different settings.
Life expectancy: You will need to know how long the machine could last. None of the air filters could last for eternity, of course, but the longest it could last is around two years.
Cost and Maintenance: During the period that you are using, you may need to replace or change filters, so make sure you know the price that you could afford. We recommend you buy a package that consists of some extra fans or filters. Warranty is also important!

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